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Monday, 02/27/2012, 01:00 pm

This Training Highlight Shows You How Awesome Ronda Rousey Really Is (Video)

Ronda Rousey training highlight for her upcoming title fight against Miesha Tate.


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38 Responses to “This Training Highlight Shows You How Awesome Ronda Rousey Really Is (Video)”

  1. guamy says:

    bet she gives a great flying HJ with all that resistance training lmao 0:01

  2. Donnybrook says:

    Well I watched that one because I figured I wouldn’t have to listen to her pat herself on the back and thank god I was right. This video just made me realize how amazingly good she really is!, I mean that slow motion footage of her getting up from that mat was the unreal!, legendary shit right there… I don’t think Anderson Silva could have pulled that off.

  3. Ryan M says:

    collapsing during a training session sure shows how tough you are. Stop for second against Tate and she’s gonna be in deep.

  4. Shawn says:

    Punches are all arm. Losing power and wasted energy. Decent foot work. But she does have a better form than Shields when it comes to striking. lol

  5. mIGGY says:

    By Awesome, you meant what? I am thinking you must have meant awesome body, because that is the closest thing i see to awesome in this video. sorry but i think your headline way overstates what this video shows. pretty, nice body that’s about it. oh Sweaty, awesome sweat.

  6. lol ok sure says:

    Anybody can look good shadow boxing. I was hoping to see some sweet Judo throws!

  7. donnie yen says:

    I can only hope the title was being sarcastic…

  8. tf says:

    Lol, now try watching it with no music…

  9. GSP says:

    Not impressed by your performance….

  10. Gil says:

    I didnt care for her opinion before but now she has my attention. She works harder than most guys do in the gym(in this clip).

  11. kap says:

    Wow the keyboard warriors are in full force on this post.

  12. Smells like Kap says:

    She looked like Kap!!

  13. guamy says:

    her potential spews threw this video. HATERS watch as she collects Tates arm this weekend. bad ass video man nice editing.

  14. Mick says:

    Any fellow judokas out there notice how sick and effortless her footwork is

  15. carlos says:

    Excellent marketing leading up to this fight…Ive never been exposed to so much womens MMA

  16. The way she slips that punch at 1:06 is so good it looks fake.

  17. Rob says:

    It looked like she hurt her hand at 1:15.

  18. Equalopp says:

    Come on…if this was a dude’s training reel he would get kicked off the card. There are so many more deserving girls out there who aren’t mouth pieces, girls who refuse to be held to a lower standards by promoting themselves so shamelessly that they look stupid in the process. Female trash talking Sonen without the skills.

  19. ry tay says:

    who could punch that pretty face 😉

  20. techno striker says:

    That video was not smart.It shows Ronda injuring her knee.Showing a weakness to her opponent?

  21. jonsey says:

    she is a beast,,,,seriouly a beast this chick is nasty..i would not fuk her even if i were half these losers online in here using fake gay names like GET RID FITCH or DOG CHAPMAN

  22. Jenn says:

    She punches with her wrists bent. If she ever actually hits anyone like that in a fight, she’ll break her wrist. Her judo looks fantastic, but her striking is low-level and needs a lot of work.

  23. Chris says:

    Dude, that music was so annoying.. worst video ever.

  24. guamy says:

    music was errri but i like it

  25. guamy says:

    why so much hate for such a aspiring judo bad ass with great looks and amazing skills. she beat julia budd who is a beast of a woman that trains out of tri star gym with the likes of GSP and many others. Ronda is also fun to watch as she has finished all her fights. i like miesha tate also but this is gonna be a rough one for her. wish them both the best nice to see talented women in the ring instead of steroided out transvestite girls like Cyborg.

    • Gack says:

      Amen brother on the Cyborg comment. Both these women are excellent ambassadors for female MMA, and wonderful role models for aspiring younger females with interest in MMA.

  26. Frankie Edgar says:

    I don’t want to fight Nate Diaz. Also, I do not want to fight anybody from the Jersey Shore cast and anybody else that likes to fist pump.

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