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Thursday, 02/06/2014, 08:36 pm

Thiago Silva threatens people inside jiujitsu school at gunpoint, barricades self inside home

Thiago Silva just got himself in a load of trouble.

According to sources close to BJPENN.COM, we have learned that upon hearing of his wife’s possible infidelities with her Jiu Jitsu coach, Pablo Popovich, the top UFC light-heavyweight barged into their school gun-drawn, looking for Pablo.

He then left the scene to barricade himself inside his home while the Broward Sheriff department SWAT team placed a perimeter outside the home.

This all went down tonight, just a few hours ago.

More on this as it becomes available.

Want more on Thiago Silva’s legal issues, including what sent him over the edge? Click Here.


0 Responses to “Thiago Silva threatens people inside jiujitsu school at gunpoint, barricades self inside home”

  1. dewayne says:

    women the root of all evil

  2. dewayne says:

    women root of all evil

  3. Guest says:

    So insane to be real. what the hell, dude. TS is one of my fav athlete in ufc… we need more details about it.

  4. david says:

    fucking dirty bitch! i hope Silva can get his hands on them both i would disembowel that dirty whore and remove the coaches head with a chainsaw along with fucking his still kicking body..

    • Christopher Lairdriver says:

      You went a little far with that. You would give up the rest of your life over a woman who cheated on her – just so you could disembowel someone and chainsaw someone else? You would go to prison for someone cheating on you?

    • James says:

      Something makes me think that the pussy misogynist in you would curl up like a little baby if someone called you out. You stink of insecurity! Almost as bad as a fatherless teen.

  5. Michael D Murphy says:

    thats sucks,, so many great fighters had there careers destroyed by women,, i when its all say and done the gun part isn’t true,, but get kick that cunt out his life,, dont chasem repalce them,,, words to live by,,,

  6. Easily Amused says:

    First, you don’t even know what the circumstances are, you don’t know the whole story. To say all women are evil and they destroy careers is just lame, like men don’t cheat!? Plenty do! LOL! Second, how unstable must he be to make such an extreme decision to go and try to shoot someone. He obviously has mental issues to act so irrationally. For you to defend him makes you just as mental! If someone cheats, then don’t waste time, just bail out! Why risk your freedom and livelihood on a lost cause?! It’s all about how you react to shit that happens to you, it’s your own responsibility to act as a rational person and do what’s best for yourself.

    • XXxxMacleodxxXX says:

      bow down to the white knight here…..

    • g-money says:

      obviously, rationality is what it is. one may want to consider the circumstances before passing judgment. if a person were driven by rationality, they probably wouldn’t make their living by going mano-a-mano with some of the strongest, fastest and violent men on the planet, trying to break their bones until they say uncle and smashing their faces into unconsciousness, while risking the same fate for themselves. a certain sense of territoriality and an expectation of respect comes with the package. if you have that kind of mindset, the idea that your wife is banging her jiu-jitsu instructor, who you pay for and who shakes your hand and smiles when he sees you, and then comes home to you, living off the fruit of your labors, basically means that she and her sex buddy are making an idiot out of you. granted, being carted away by a swat team is not the end of a well thought out strategy, but one could see how this would happen, and i don’t know that i can look down on him for that.

    • Elseed says:

      Shut up u fuckin pussy whipped bitch!

    • Juan says:

      Everyone cheats. But it’s always the women who STILL cheat when the man has worked his hardest to keep her happy. Look at the women who cheat on men on deployment.

  7. Hardkor says:

    David u may need help. Chainsaw + sex acts on still kicking bodies = ? I have no idea, but its bad. Japan has destroyed a ocean and maybe earth as we know it. Somebody has gotta get David over to Japan and quick! Cut em and poke em for the rest of the people of earth David.

  8. Xaninho says:

    Women….It’s best to keep it casual, keep them around while they’re still trying to win you over and replace them when they think they can start acting up.

  9. erik says:

    Messing with another man’s heart is the most dangerous thing in the world.

  10. john doe says:

    It’s called, “Crime of Passion”, and with the right lawyers he will probably do not jail time?

  11. Saku says:

    Maybe if he made weight his wife would be bang’n Pablo.

  12. B.Alkire says:

    if she did something-she needs to tell him-beautiful women will fool around-put the gun away-try to relax-go back to work

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  14. JJErler says:

    Attempted murder charges changed to aggravated assault with a weapon. Bail set at $2.5 million. Passport revoked.

  15. theundeadtalkinghead says:

    never rub another mans rhubarb and never love a whore.

  16. Victor says:

    Who gives a shit

  17. Crunch Time says:

    Poor guy, he couldnt accept her for the freak she is. Instead of profiting off of her and sticking with the pimpin, he wants to get all possessive and try to keep her from being who she really is. Sometimes you gotta let her go and let her do her what she was born to do, accept her for the freak she is, and tell her ‘dont come back until you got all his money in your hand, give me every single dime; you keep the sex and I keep the money’. Thats true love. Dont change the locks because she will be back. Know your hoe.

  18. Milosc says:

    Pablo Popovitch is a complete scumbag

    Never stick your hand in another man’s pocket. I wish ‘he’ had to get his life ruined for this

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