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Wednesday, 03/14/2012, 10:19 am

Thiago Silva On Vera | He Took A Beating And Cried Like A Little Girl, Probably Broke A Nail

“For me there is not much to change, but I actually wanted to get Brandon Vera because he talked a lot of nonsense. He took a beating like a little girl and was crying afterwards. I think [this time] he broke a nail, so he couldn’t fight. They offered the Croation [Prokrajac], then Nogueira was hurt — I don’t choose my opponents, so I accepted [the fight with Gustafsson]. I’m happy to be in the main fight of the night, and I will show why I should be there. I haven’t fought, but I didn’t stop [training]. I am 100 percent in full swing. I’m very excited; the anticipation is huge to fight again. I’m too hungry for a fight.”

Harsh words coming out of the mouth of Thiago Silva (via who was originally scheduled to fight Brandon Vera on the upcoming FUEL TV card before Vera was forced with withdraw with injury.

If you do not know the history between these two, this is a good place to brush up!

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0 Responses to “Thiago Silva On Vera | He Took A Beating And Cried Like A Little Girl, Probably Broke A Nail”

  1. SirHitsAlot says:

    Gustafsson is in trouble.

  2. danielrchargers says:

    im thinkin silva will get TKO’ed. A.G has pin point striking. im sure itl go down just like the Lyoto Machida fight.

  3. Gouldx87 says:

    Hopefully Thiago shows up in shape and ready to go, he needs to put some solid wins together this year or he may never be a contender

  4. Thomas Gard says:

    i gotta say in that pictures hes clearly not crying, his face is busted up from earlier in the round and hes probably in pain like a mother fucker

  5. pussies says:

    Thiago is in trouble….

  6. lex walker says:

    I wish him n rampage would of fought

  7. Magoo says:

    Lmao….Thiagos one cool mofo!!

  8. Diezel says:

    You Watch, Gustafsson is going to win, He’s been a well kept secret but not for too much longer. I’d love to see him vs Jon jones after he gets a few more wins/fights

  9. Jon Fox says:

    Guys before you all go Pro-Silva, who has he beat?

  10. Jb says:

    Gus is gonna crush the roid junkie

  11. bobby says:

    yeah wonder if Silva would of won if he wasn’t cheating. If i remember right Silva was crying he only did it cause he didn’t wanna lose. This is comming from someone who hates Vera to

    • Xaninho says:

      I’m sure he would have won. Vera is highly overrated. His standup is supposed to be world class according to Joe Rogan. Well, here in Holland you can just walk into any half decent thai/kickboxing gym and find better standup fighters.

      • Mike says:

        Like? Tell me someone who has better stand up in the light heavyweight division? Tell me more about these better strikers you’ve found.

        Like Vera or not, he does have great striking. Some of the best in the division. There’s a reason Thiago, a striker, kept taking him down.

        Funny thing is, I don’t like Vera. But don’t discredit the guy’s skills.

        • vera fucking sucks says:

          stop riding veras dick mike he is the gatekeeper for the light heavyweight division an that’s about it. he will never be a top contender for the rest of his days…

        • Mike says:

          When did I ever say he would ever be more than a gatekeeper? All I said is the guy has great stand up. Just never pulls the trigger any more.

          Like I said, not a fan of the guy. I just think it’s funny how many people hate him.

        • Xaninho says:

          Seriously? ok where to start…

          Jon Jones
          Lyoto machida
          Shogun Rua
          Thiago silva
          Rashad Evans

          Gegard Mousasi

          I’m sure there are plenty more but it’s around midnight here and I had a long day.

          He really isn’t that good. I’m not saying he sucks, but he’s not as good as some people say he is.

        • Mike says:

          Ok, Jon Jones striking is all about his reach. Not so much technique, not to say his is sloppy or anything.

          Rashad Evans. Go home. Rashad has power. That’s absolutely it. Any competent striker out strikes him. He just has that fantastic power, which he relied on up until Lyoto tested that chin.

          Thiago Silva, anytime they were in the stand up, I saw Vera clearly outstriking him. There’s a reason Silva used a ground and pound strategy to out muscle and dominate Vera. Vera is the better striker, not the better fighter.

          Lyoto, Shogun, and Gegard are the only ones who may in fact have better stand up. Three of the best mma strikers in the world. Even so, it’s only speculation on these.

          Also, please never, ever put Rashad’s striking any where near the same level of Lyoto again. It’s just silly.

        • Xaninho says:

          Jon Jones striking is good, still not a fan cause he’s a douchebag, but I have to admit he has skills.

          It seems as you haven’t seen Evans’ last fight dude. His standup has dramatically improved. he’s been training with Tyrone Spong and it’s showing. And ofcourse I am not saying Evans’ striking is better or even at the same level of Lyoto’s, but you asked for better striking than Vera’s. And the improved Evans has better striking than Vera.

        • Jagged knife says:

          to Mike. As far as Holland strikers that are better. Alister Overreem, Bas Rutten, Ernesto Hoost.Plus many many many more. Dude just wiki the history of K1 champions to get an idea of how dedicated to kickboxing those dudes are.

      • Jagged knife says:

        Hell YEah! real good strikers come from Holland. Also Vera has been a very big dissapointment as far as his striking game.

    • bravo dosalpha says:

      He may win just make sure hes under the Steroids power.

  12. jdubx says:

    going in with an unfair advantage and calling the other guy a girl for losing to you because of it… where’s machida i want him to knock this guy out again.

  13. Nick says:

    I got Gustafsson whopping him.

  14. Husky says:

    Says the guy who failed the drug test and sent in urine that was not even human.

  15. Rocky says:

    Sounds like Anderson needs to call an exorcist.

  16. hypehypehype says:

    gustaffson, that is all

  17. Donnybrook says:

    I’m rooting for the Swede!.

  18. Magoo says:

    All you people that actually think Gustafson can beat Jones are dillusional,Gustafson /Bader on the other hand would be a much more fair fight for the Mauler!

  19. Taylor says:

    Cheater, cheater punkin eater!

  20. Ruben says:

    I hope Gustaffson beats the bullshit out of that roiding faggot

  21. B says:

    Silva a MF beast and gonna prove it. Nuff said.

  22. B says:

    @Husky- Do you know that you can use synthetic piss? Maybe he smokes weed? Maybe he was juicing.. Lot’s of possibilities man, He’s always been a big dude and a beastly fighter. Stop trying to make it look like he’s some kind of cheater. Look at his winning record.. I don’t recall him having any past problems with testing at all before or after fights.. Moron people should not speak. Nobody knows for sure he did anything wrong.

    • Mike says:

      Could be wrong, but I think I remember him saying something about using a form of steroids for his back in the weeks before the fight. Can’t say for sure though.

      • stiffler says:

        he had shots for his injured back cos he didnt want to pull out of the fight, he had close to a year off after hurting his back just before the rashad evans fight. thiago didnt want to pull out of the fight so he used fake urine and didnt get away with it… he had bills to pay, cant hate on the dude for that.

  23. bigjoeftw says:

    silva vs rampage….enough said

  24. Boyet! says:

    It’s not that I’m acting as Vera’s lawyer, I believe Vera is on the verge of disappearing from the limelight, if he hasn’t already. But this clown didn’t even fight Vera Standing up! ha!

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