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Friday, 06/01/2012, 11:38 am

Thiago Silva Injured & Dana Wants Shogun vs. Glover Teixeira At UFC 149 | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Thiago Silva is out of UFC 149 bout with Shogun due to injury.

However the UFC wants another Brazilian vs. Brazilian match-up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Dana White comments on the situation.

“With Thiago hurt, we turned to Glover and asked him to go right back in to fight ‘Shogun’ at UFC 149,”

“But ‘Shogun’s’ people are adamantly refusing to take the fight. They want nothing to do with Glover.”

TATAME also got in contact with Rua’s manager, Julio Heller who says they have had no contact from the UFC and he guaranteed they did not turn down the bout with Teixeira.

“I just sent a message to the UFC. I’m waiting for their call”, Heller said. “(Turning down a fight with Glover) it’s not true at all.”

“We have to wait for the names they will offer, and then we’ll see what we do.”


48 Responses to “Thiago Silva Injured & Dana Wants Shogun vs. Glover Teixeira At UFC 149 | UFC News”

  1. Mike says:

    Shogun vs machida pl0x

    • Reality says:

      Shogun vs. Gustaffson is what I think they should do. Glover only beat Kyle Kingsbury…not a big name. I don’t blame Shogun’s camp for perhaps wanting a bigger name than Glover.

      • Jc says:

        I Agree with ‘reality’ shogun lost a close decision to hendo who is now fighting for the title. And now shogun gets someone who is relatively unknown Glover has had one win, although impressive was against Kyle fucking kingsbury please Dana leave the fights to joe silva. Gufstasen makes 100 times more sense

    • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

      why not shogun vs rashad. Rashad has been able to avoid both Shogun and machida for last 3 years why not?

    • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

      Shogun vs machida WHY???? they already fought TWICE and regardless of what judges said Shogun won both times hands down. Why should Rashad keep avoiding them both? I want to see Rashad vs new guy Glover Teixeira.

  2. The Ass Murderer says:

    Jesus fuckin christ why are so many fighters getting injured!!??

    • RoyceGracie says:

      dude im getting tired of it !!!! Everyone is fucking getting injures that is messed up

      • BRobs says:

        Its unfortunately the nature of the beast. They train to fight, not prance around and slap each other.

      • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

        I’m starting to think that all these fighters know that with new insurance that they can get out of fights now that they easily would have had to just suck it up just a few years ago and fought anyway. Kenny Florian was busted strsight up for faking an injury to get out of fighting Evan Dunham after coming off maynard loss because his camp convinced him not to fight another wrestler. The only reason anyone or should i say the person that exposed it Melvin Guillard found out about it was because at that time Florian was affiliated with Greg jackson and Guillard who has taken fightw ith Dunham over heard Greg or someone at theri camp saying Kennys brother made up the excuse of his knee being injured because they thought Dunham would use same gameplan as maynard. Anyway Guillard was pissed and called out kenny for it and even went as far as to asdk the UFC for his next fight to be against Kenny. So whats kenny do announce he’s dropping another weight class (to avoid Melvin). After that Kenny never had Greg Jackson in his corner. If you don’t believe me ask Melvin via twitter if Kenny faked an injury to get out of fighting Dunham

  3. Diaz says:

    Dont be scared homie!

  4. Greg says:

    Penn is my all time favorite fighter but this website sucks due to the asses that can’t report all the facts, or taking something out of context…….. Here I’ll Do YOUR JOB ……READ THIS……………………………. Not hard to report everything

    TATAME called Rua’s manager, Julio Heller, who guaranteed they never turned down a fight with Teixeira. In fact, Silva’s injury is not official to them yet.

    “I just sent a message to the UFC. I’m waiting for their call”, Heller said. “(Turning down a fight with Glover) it’s not true at all.”

    Julio said they’ll wait for the UFC before making further comments, and the decision to fight Glover, or any other opponent, is in Shogun and his coach Andre Dida’s hands.

    • Hey Greg says:

      if you read the story above, it says that Dana White said that Shogun’s people turned down the fight. It doesn’t say that Shogun’s manager turned down the fight. did they change the story since your comment? it doesn’t read like you said it does (above).

      • Yes says:

        Hey dummy they edited the report after I quoted tatame but I guess commenting after the fact I what u do! None of this was in the earlier version where they turned the fight down, which wasn’t the real story.

    • Im Greg and i am a dipshit says:

      Sorry i should have read the article before going on a diatribe..i am truly a dingleberry

  5. Eric says:


    Did you even read the post the guy reported and you did a retarded version …… did you read the part where Dana commented on the situation and the Brazilians were practically denying everything saying they did not know …………….YES IT IS NOT OFFICIAL TO THEM BUT IT IS OFFICAL TO THE REST OF THE WORLD & UFC AS THEY RELEASED THE STATEMENT SILVA WAS OUT …………….Gets hostile as F**K here sometimes with trolls like you

    On a note about the article Im gutted Silva is out would have loved to have seen that fight !

    • Yes says:

      This wasn the article from earlier dipshits, they edited it dumb fucks and they only quoted tatame after I did.

      • Dont Talk Shit Greg says:

        I was on this article when it got put up and it never chaged home boy ! Mayb your computer was f**ked or something but it never changed that I am sure of JUST TAKE IT LIKE A MAN BITCH BOY YOU JUMPED THE GUN !

  6. Hunter says:

    Tiexeira vs shogun would be a good ass fight

  7. DW says:

    Whats with Brazilians making excuses ! They know fine well what’s happening and Dana called them out !

  8. EBM FTW says:

    I’m actually happy this fight ain’t happening… I wouldn’t like to see Thiago or Shogun lose again and they both are in big need of a win…

  9. yeah budday says:

    Glover would retire this Lay and Pray fag. ShoBUM is ShoDone.

  10. Faaris Sheikh says:

    Shogun vs lil nog?

  11. Nick says:

    Sounds like they’re scared of Glover. I’d love to see that fight. Dude is the real deal.

  12. Lol says:

    This injury shit is driving me nuts!!! S

  13. Matias says:

    Shogun vs Ninja

  14. Clay says:

    Shogun is going to dominate this fool he’s a legend

  15. Ryan kelly says:

    Its like a pandemic of injuries lately fuuuuuuck !!!!! Wtf is going on ??

  16. Tapitout21 says:

    Shogun vs lil nog in a rematch from their epic pride battle would be great!! But I don’t think lil nog is back from his knee injury….shogun vs rich find wandy some one else he has a chance against instead of feeding him to rich

  17. Bruce Buffer says:

    Thiago Alves just pulled out of the same card due to injury too.

  18. Brend0magic says:

    I like Shogun vs Rashad, or Gusty. I think Rashad would win by ground and pound, and Gusty by decision after a stand-up war.

  19. Ko_King says:

    Shogun v the axe murderer?

  20. Hydro says:

    UFC needs 2 book Shogun vs. Machida III & theres ur brazilian vs. brazilian fight at UFC 149 & book Bader vs. Gustaffston for a shot againest the winner of Jones vs. Henderson fight for the title

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