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Wednesday, 11/09/2011, 08:00 am

Thiago Alves: “I will be a world champion”

“I’m definitely a new person with a new mentality. I learn a lot throughout this camp for this fight and I’ve got the right people with me. I’ve got Mike Dolce doing my strength and conditioning as well as my nutrition and I’ve got the best coaches in the business over at American Top Team and the best training partners. It’s just a matter of time now for me to become everything that I said I was going to become. I will be a world champion; it’s just a matter of time.”

After his first round knockout victory at this past weekend’s UFC 138 event, Thiago Alves took to an interview with and discussed the changes he has made as an athlete.

A new diet and new mentality mixed with his team and coaches, Alves believes he has finally found his recipe to attain world domination in the UFC’s welterweight division.

Having fought and lost to champion GSP for the world title back in 2009 at UFC 100, he has failed to capture a success rate to earn him back atop the contender ladder.

Will things change going forward? Can Alves get UFC gold or is he just another in the long line of welterweight fighter’s to be road blocked by their dominant champ?


18 Responses to “Thiago Alves: “I will be a world champion””

  1. Knock out victory?He won by rear naked choke.Sort it out Pedro.

  2. Daniel R says:

    i like alves but just dont see it – unless his wrestling improves significantly or someone (Diaz) takes the belt of GSP , hes not gonna be champ.

    • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

      Dang that would be a very good fight to have! Diaz the boxing striker vs. Alves the Muay Thai striker, wonder how that would pan out? Hope Diaz will be too stubborn to take it to the ground and try and prove something by standing w/ Alves!

  3. Chartmonster says:

    I hope so ..Thiago has good skills just needs to get it together and switch camps (AKA) is more his style!

  4. John M says:

    Thiago has defiantly grown on me in the past year, I feel if he truly is “a new person” the sky is the limit for him and by new person I hope that means his wrestling is legit and he’s gonna scrap like he use to!

  5. Fox says:

    i like him and i wish the best for him and hope he can string a couple wins together but even if he does and even if diaz beat gsp alves would still have to get through gsp to get to diaz and i just don’t see that happening he gsp threw him around like that for 5 rounds 4 was with a pulled groin i don’t see him getting past him on a side note i don’t think diaz will win i think gsp would just jab him keep him at a distance throw kicks counter and do takedowns and win but if diaz does win maybe just maybe it would make gsp sees that you can still lose by playing the safe game and goes back to trying to finish people like how he did before matt serra tapped that chin

  6. Lino says:

    im a big fan of thiago, if he gets his wrestling game tight he will have a shot at the title. He needs some big wins to get the shot but the sky is the limit OSU brotha.

  7. learntoread says:

    If he can’t beat guys like Fitch or GSP, he’s never going to become a champion at WW, let alone get to the point of another title shot.

    He’s most likely going to remain as one of the “gatekeepers” (like Koscheck) at Welterweight for the foreseeable future.

  8. David says:

    Hes never gonna be champion cause he wont fucken be able to make weight, he will pull a travis lutter.

  9. juanito says:

    Yeah he’ll be a world Champion if he starts making weight!!!!

  10. sideasoundlab says:

    Guys, Thiago did actually make weight last week.
    His only problem is his wrestling… He needs to train with the best wrestlers in the business if he wants to become a champion.
    Go Thiago !

  11. Nick Diaz says:

    He’s gonna be world champ at getting taken down by GSP.

  12. alex says:

    You guys, you have an hour to make weight if you’re over at weigh ins and thiago was 1 pound over, he went and cut the 1 pound and made weight fine..

  13. Karl says:

    A few years ago, maybe. Now? With Diaz, Condit, Jake Ellenberger and Kos in the division, I highly doubt it. But then again, anything can happen.

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