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Friday, 03/16/2012, 08:18 am

The Unbelievably Invincible Chin Of Anderson Silva (Video)

Anderson Silva has always been known for his unmatched striking ability, but what this video highlight does is take a different look at one of the less mentioned tools of the pound for pound king… His chin!

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74 Responses to “The Unbelievably Invincible Chin Of Anderson Silva (Video)”

  1. true that says:

    he usually doesn’t take strikes to the face, but phael clipped him a few time & couldn’t put him away. so either anderson has a good chin, or his opponents don’t hit clean due to his head movement, or they don’t hit hard enough.

    • t says:

      +1 my thoughts excatly

      • Yeah this.

        His chin is weak, its his good head movement.

        Demian Maia got a knockdown on him, chael sonnen did the same, and they’re average strikers at best.

        It’s just that he fights a bunch of cans, like this video highlights lol.

        • kevin says:

          chael hit him behind the head

        • snoop says:

          Do you know Dan Henderson ?

        • Go look at Silva’s entire pro career.

          Dan henderson is the ONLY worthwhile name he’s EVER fought. And had he not tried to stand with him, Hendo could have easily wrestled him to a win (as displayed by their first round, and later by his protege Sonnens efforts).

          Also MAYBE Belfort (only other fucking name on the list lol). Who was WELL past his prime when they fought, after silva ducked him for two years (and then took the fight when belfort had all that ring rust).

          31-4, and he’s only ever fought ONE comparable fight. ONE.

          IN HIS ENTIRE CAREER, HE HAS ONLY EVER FOUGHT ONE WORTHY OPPONENT (and yet still gets knocked on his ass by guys like Sonnen, Maia, and Cote LMFAO).

        • charlie bronson says:

          “a bunch of cans”…like chris leben, rich franklin, forest griffin, dan henderson, phael sonnen, vitor belfort, ushin okami…lol, you just called some of the best middleweights (at least 2 hall of famers) cans…
          haters gotta hate i guess.

        • Jujitsu Player says:

          You know fuck all. He has a chin like granite and good head movement.

        • jbeamazing says:

          he ate a h bomb

        • Ruben says:

          Hahahaha you clown, the “knockdowns” you are referring to are shots he took while being off balance. Some were slips, and others were more push downs more than anything, you of course won’t understand this cuz you have never taken a hit to your face, the only training you do is with your fingers on a keyboard

        • mean170 says:

          Brandon Wheaton. Where do you live? I’d like to challenge you to a fight if you are in the Illinois/Indiana/Michigan/Ohio area. I’ll be willing to drive to a city in one of these states and kick your ignorant ass. I’ve only fought twice inside a cage, so it should be fairly easy for someone who is such an expert to figure out how to beat me. Pick a time and place you clown.

        • Jonesblowsbones says:

          Rich Franklin(was suppose to be the best middleweight ever at is time) Forrest Griffin(Former UFC light heavyweight Champion got wins over Shogun,Tito,Rampage) Vitor belfort(Former UFC champ, runs thru everyone at middleweight) and Dan henderson it’s not because he makes it look so easy that they are cans. Imagine middleweight without Anderson Silva, they could easily say it’s a stacked division… btw what have u done to say all those fighters are cans ?

    • zoeldog27 says:

      Wait till we get Hector Lombard in the Cage with him he wont be able to take punches like that from him the UFC will sign this guy in June/July to the MIDDLEWEIGHT Division with the intention of testing him against Silva look up some of Lombards videos on utube i promise you wont be dissapointed this guy punches like a fuckin freight train He’s destroyed everyone in The CFC and XFC probably the best fighter weve had fight in Australia Ever he’s not australian but he’s been here for quite a few years If you asked Kyle Noke I Dont think he’d be keen to fight him he’s got all the skills and the youth to beat Silva or at least give him a crack (and not need to be juiced up to do it)


    THE G.O.A.T.

  3. Big Show says:

    you can´t be a champion if you cant get a punch….

  4. sorab says:

    Looks like the h-bomb was a firecracker for Silva. And the look in Roaches eyes tells you all. You can hate on Silva as much as you want, but that man will be the GOAT no matter what.

    • sorab says:

      And i forgot, his secret is, hes not trying to stop the punch with his chin, he is following it through, loose neck, takes so much power away from the blow. And it takes your opponent off balance enough for a good counter combo.

      • You’re supposed to roll with a punch, not turn your head with it. If that were the case, shots to the chin would do nothing, instead of putting your lights out (it’s not the fist touching the chin that has that effect, its the way the head snaps side to side that rattle the brain).

        He’s great, but he’s no GOAT. HINT:

        The GOAT will never be a UFC fighter.

        Because the UFC recruits talent based on their ability to generate ticket sales, not their actually fighting ability.

        I could name a hundred fighters right now who fit this description, but you all would have the same list.

        There are many fighters outside of the UFC, and the US in general, guys who will never get their shot because they’re not marketable, but would wipe the floor with silva.

        Lets not forget he’s scared to fight half the guys IN the UFC lol.

        • kevin says:

          ufc hires the best fighters they can, theyve even had boring champs.

        • Yes thank you for backing me up on this. =)

          GSP is a great example. It’s not about how good a fihgter is, or even how exciting he is (GSP anyone? Even Silva had a reputation for getting booed out of the stadium, until Dana started lining up these cans for him to look spectacular against.)

          He’s boring, pretty talented but 170 isnt an exceptionally strong weightclass. He’s scared to move up and fight, he ducked silva forever, and matt serra ktfo him.

          There are much, MUCH better welterweights out there, but GSP brings in the big bucks, so he’ll get
          top billing all the time.
          But he sells untold numbers of tickets.

        • Sorry, dude says:

          but you’re a retard.

        • Harmz King says:

          a hundred fighters better than Silva?! Name 10!

        • Worldwide? I assure you there’s more than that.

          In the UFC alone you have Lyoto Machida, Jose Aldo, Jon Jones (all guys he’s admitted being scared to fight).

          Seriously, besides Hendo, who has he ever beat that mattered? I could go beat up a bunch of cans and call myself the GOAT, but it doesnt make it true.

          He’s in the weakest division of the UFC, and has fought the weakest competition out of any champion.

        • Anderson Silva is G.O.A.T. says:

          Brandon Wheaton.. You are a reeeeetard. Of course out of his humbleness he said those guys are better than him. He trains with Lyoto and Aldo is a friend of his. You must be on serious crack if you consider Lyoto, who couldn’t even hold his belt past 2 fights is better than Silva who holds the record for most title defenses. Jose Aldo went on TV, when asked who was the best fighter in the world, no hesitation, Anderson Silva. Enough said. Anderson Silva #1, then it could be Jones or Aldo #2. As for UFC not having the best fighters in the world… are you on crack? Look at all these guys from Pride that came over. Besides Henderson which one has made an impact… Where are these best fighters in the world you speak of that are better than Anderson?

        • Xaninho says:

          lol the UFC is paying top dollar compared to other organizations just to lure in the top fighters. I don’t think you know what you’re talking about.

        • Brandon Wheaton sucks dick says:

          I have never seen someone put so much effort into looking like an idiot. Congratulations on that Brandon. You just called Jon Jones a better fighter!? Talk about someone with a weak fucking chin. Lyoto tagged him once and had that bitch scrambling for dear life. Go take your seat on the short bus, retard.

        • andy says:

          Christ THANK YOU for this! All the time I was thinking I was the only one who saw Jones look up and go “fuck that!” when Machida hit him!

    • zoeldog27 says:

      u cant say that till him and GSP fight look at the quality of opponents beetween the 2 id have to say GSP has had much better opponents in his career the Middleweight Division is quite weak compared to say the Lightweights or Welterweights so in my book untill GSP and Silva fight you’d have to say GSP is the GOAT

  5. Xaninho says:

    Well we know Arianny could take Sonnen’s best shots if she wanted. But absorbing the H-bomb without even a stagger is very impressive!

  6. Turkeykneck fun chav says:

    if hendo can hit him clean like that twice and not knock him out, others have no chance.
    hendo connects with that and people go down. not silva

  7. hanggloves says:

    that’s why his boxing skills are great it’s because the pound for pound trainer of Manny Pacquiao Freedie Roach is training with Anderson Silva. Roach is really a dedicated trainer and trains his athletes well.

  8. Jason N says:

    The look on freddie roachs face was funny.

  9. Vince Vuong says:

    so fuckin impressive. The dudes got a chin, but what actually really surprises me is his neck twist. As someone said in an earlier post, he does this to reduce impact. Like its almost second nature to him, its probably why he isn’t scared to bob and weave.

  10. the original steve says:

    someone needs to post the video of silva vs osmar luiz texiera if the video exhists.

  11. Thomas Gard says:

    was that bader punchin the shit out of him a minute in?

  12. Hightower says:

    Chael put him on his ass with one of his pillow punches.

      • Mo says:

        Anybody can be knocked down by a punch…fuckin idiots think champions are invincible?? These are merely men just like you and I. Anderson is the best Middleweight the UFC has ever seen…period. If you think any different get your fat ass down to 185 lbs and get in the ring with him, otherwise just realize you are nothing more than a spectator and fan like the rest of us, but unlike you, I give credit when its due. Now go back to your mama’s basement or pedophile dungeon and think about what you have learned.

    • Xaninho says:

      Silva wanted Sonnen in his guard so he could submit him for the shittalk about his Nogueira BJJ black belt, he went to the ground willingly cause he knew the roided Sonnen would follow him there.

  13. m says:

    So Goood. The look on Freddie Roach’s face at the end says it all.

  14. Christian says:

    Anyone else here think that Brandon Wheaton is an idiot? Just sayin.

  15. Scary says:

    Dan Henderson taged him good a few times. Anderson Silva gets in a zone where he becomes a completely different fighter. I am sick and tired of people who say he sucks or is overated. He has accomplished more then anyone else. Randy Couture is loved by millions but he is nothing compared to Anderson Silva. People need to be honest with themselves. He’s simply the best and there’s many things different about him that make him better then everyone else.

  16. Nat says:

    Well I am a huge Spider fan and I have to say in the Chael fight I was concerned when he did kinda falter when Sonnen connected… that was my least favorite fight of his to watch I only like watching the end of that fight

  17. Gomay says:

    I think his chin is more immune to strikes than most considering most BlackHouse Fighters don’t wear headgear unless they’re kickboxing. Bj has been seen to do the same. I think its the same effect as a person breaking boards over time the bone hardens to defend itself from such blows in the future.

  18. EP says:

    Brandon Wheaten … Lmao what a fucking idiot. Did Silva f*ck ur girlfriend or something???

  19. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    In sparring how does this help you (00:45)? Wouldn’t you want to take less shots to preserve your chin, especially as an aging fighter?

  20. BobbyLemons says:

    To those refering to those hendo shots, they were hooks from inside the clinch, not a big overhand “H-Bomb”. Regardless, Silva has a great chin, but best pound for pound? That’s the epitome of debatable.

    Haters gonna hate, but Sonnen gave him the biggest test of his career if you ask me, and we’ll soon see how the second fight pans out (my money is on Silva).

    Haters will hate again, but I also think Bisping matches up really well with Anderson, and I would like to see that fight next. Despite Bispings questionable loss to Sonnen (I had it as a draw) I think Bisping will put on a spectacular fight with Silva.

    • Rob says:

      sure did give him the biggest “test”….levels thru the roof

    • Angry Pirate says:

      Bisping is going to get pwnd by Silva.

    • zoeldog27 says:

      i have one name for you all HECTOR LOMBARD he’ll be snapped up by the UFC in June/July and from what im told (i have a friend that works for the UFC) there very very excited about getting this guy he’ll destroy Sonnen Bisping Munoz & Weidman but he’s being brought to the UFC for one reason only to have a crack at Silva and a lot of people in the game think he can win im not sure but after checking this guy out on utube man he’s a beast he reminds me of Fabricio Werdum but he’s not brazillian and hes a middleweight obviously Watch this space and check out his vids on utube i promise ull be as excited as we all are in Australia ive seen him fight live a few times and ive seen Silva fight and the atmposphere is the same he may be truly the only guy who maybe can beat Silva (unless ur juiced up like a horse hey Phael)

  21. Angry Pirate says:

    Silva’s just become an asshole and that’s why people want to hate and see him lose.

    I think realistically, Sonnen or Jon Jones are currently the only people who have a shot at stopping him.

    During the Hendo fight, I don’t think he got a complete solid, clean Hendo shot on him either.

    I would love Silva if he wasn’t such an arrogant dick.

  22. Troll Guy says:

    AS is bigger than Ryan Bader

  23. tony rogers says:

    haha fuck some people have no idea, he obviously has a awesome chin , just cause he has been put on his butt a few times does not mean hes chin is weak obviously you people never been in a fight i have seen my best mate in so many street fights and seen him cop so many big hits and not fall then one night a left jab put him on his butt and he got back up and kept swinging,, that has nothing to do with him having a bad chin its good ol physics something hits you hard enough you fall over.. and hasnt faught anyone good in the ufc he has faught the wole ufc division and everyone who has earnt there shot at the title who just because anderson has made them look bad does not mean there bad fighters… anderson silva is a human being and can be beaten just like everyone else but come on people how can you not see how amazingly he takes people out its insane and if you had ever been in a fight you would know thats because of his calmness and he doesnt fear being hit which trust me fear runs you in a fight and the man whos not scared does not worry and instead of swinging and hoping with your head down you see oppertunities,, its something that i can tell you right now everyone in the ufc envys about anderson.. i dont think anderson is arrogant but can you imagin being undisputed champion 9 times or what ever and tito ortiz doubles your earnings for the year and you expect anderson to suck up dana whites arse ? plus some people are just not talkers he doesnt get into the arguing cause he would just make himself look bad.. everyone is different and if you ask me i like how anderson presents himself and i think people like chael are just wankers i know who i would rather hang out with

  24. Doos says:

    Some people keep saying sonnen knocked him down.. which is true but not the point. Silva was knocked down but wasnt phased at all. Which is the main point of the this clip. When have you seen silva stagger after being hit. NEVER. Hendo didnt connect flush, but silva knows he can take a hit hence why kept going after Hendo despite the flurry of punches he was throwing.

    I remember silva saying after sonnens fight or some other fight he takes punches from “Cigano” I’m guessing JDS thats why he not scared of getting hit.

    To all the saying sonnen beat the shit out of silva… funny thing is that sonnen did all that and couldnt put him out – all silva did was his leg around him and made phael tap like a bitch.. if u pause the match while sonnen is in the triangle..its priceless the pain in his face says it all. after he was release u can see him asking the ref “what happened” he blanked out. to all sonnen fans with ur head up his ass. Anderson wanted to make sonnen tap for dissing the nog brothers and he got it done. Phael Sonnen couldnt get the job right the 1st time, Sonnen is a dillusional, he always i dont care about anderson yet he always brings him up. Hope Sonnen goes to LHW after “losing” to silva – im sure alot of LHW wanna kick his ass for trashing that division

  25. Meathorse says:

    Silva has a weak chin, argument over.

    We are talking about Wanderlei right?

  26. Pijan says:

    I know there are a lot of haters here, but those shots from Hendo looked like a pretty decent right-left combo square on the chin. I know he was off balance but believe me, that doesn’t make much of a difference when their trying to take off your head.

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