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Monday, 05/14/2012, 07:48 am

The Ultimate Fighter Winner Retires | UFC NEWS

By Evan Stoumbelis:
TUF season 9 winner James Wilks announced his retirement on Twitter a few days ago following speculation as to when his next fight would be.

“A few of you have been asking when my next fight is, Unfortunately, I have had to retire due to injury. Now coaching at Lightning MMA”

Following TUF James lost his next fight against Matt “The Immortal” Brown. In his next fight he scored a unanimous decision victory over Peter Sobotta, making his record 7-3 The last time Wilks fought was in October of 2010 at UFC 120 where he lost to Claude Patrick via unanimous decision, finishing off his career with a 7-4 record MMA, 1-2 UFC.


24 Responses to “The Ultimate Fighter Winner Retires | UFC NEWS”

  1. Super Gochu says:

    At least he’s retiring with a winning mma record 😀

  2. Gould says:

    any idea what the injury was ?

  3. Mr.Rusk says:

    I’d guess knee or rotator

  4. John says:

    Thats a real shame. Injury ending a career has to be awful for that guy. I thought they were referring to TUFs Andre Winner at first though lol

  5. Josh says:

    I believe no matter what injury you have , if this is your life , this is your passion … u would not give that up because of a injury. im not going to doubt what injury he has , but dude BIG NOG got his shoulder broken. Tim Sylvia had his arm broken , their is torn ACL’s left & right , concussions , cuts , tears , breaks , everything. What can hold you back from your passion is an excuse and you just can’t handle that kind of a lifestyle.

    • Hates broc and kimbo says:

      U really think one of those injuries made him retire??? If so u r not to bright. It would have to b an injury that can cause irreversable damage at least he showed up and wasnt just some guy talking shit from his moms computer.

    • andy says:

      Or maybe it was the type of injury that leaves permanent damage? Maybe he decided it was a better idea for his health to call it quits instead of agitate an injury that could turn into a disability? Your logic is retarded. It’s like saying “I keep betting money on craps and lose more than I win but since gambling ia my passion I’ll suck it up.”

    • otter says:


      It could very easily be eye, heart, concussion related. There are quite a few injuries that any sane person would walk away from.

      The guy is still coaching which is an active role in MMA. That’s like saying Freddie Roach who retired from fighting at 26, isn’t shit in the boxing world since he had to stop fighting. Wilks might go on to be MMA’s Freddie Roach, who knows. I’m glad the guy can support himself and still be apart of the “lifestyle”.

      I love MMA, but we have some of the stupidest fans.

    • drew says:

      Your a moron. You have no idea what injury he has so who are you to give medical advice. Besides that its his life not yours. I have a friend who got a spine injury while training. After the surgery he was told he can never fight never play sports couldn’t even run because its possible to paralyze him. Sometimes injury sideline you for life

    • Joe says:

      Omg. R u that ignorant? U have no idea what injury he has. It could b something that could paralize him or disable him. U have no idea what u r talkin about. So without even lookin into it, u assume its something like a broken bone. Oh, dude must have broken his arm or shoulder. He has no passion. I never leave comments, but this is one of the most ignorant, moronic comments I have seen. And there are lots of stupid comments. Congradulations. U r officially the most stupid person I have ever came across. And I’m sure ur a professional fighter, right joss? Or a serious amateur fighter? Oh yea.. u have a right to an opinion and a comment. Right? I mean, u have been injured, and kept fighting because nothin can stop u from continuing ur passion, right josh? Ill look u up.. so what’s ur name? What gym do u train at? Where do u live? Oh wait… ur fat? Ur 18 years old? U don’t fight? U never been injured or in a fight? Yea.. oh and ur a virgin? U r so moronic. I tore myy left pectoral muscle liftin weights. Which is not even that major of an injury. But it has been 9 months and I can still not even attempt to lift heavy weights. 135 feels like 400 pounds. But I should just keep droppin heavy weight on my chest right? I mean, it shouldn’t stop me, right? I should just continue to injure myself more and more until I am never able to do anything again, because nothin can stop me if I’m passionate right? U r dumb.

      • bebop says:

        it is in fact a neck injury that he has been fighting with his whole career. Doctors told him he is putting himself at risk of permenant paralysis. That sounds like a good a reason as it gets to pull the plug on your career.

    • cntybollax says:

      got to be trollolol

    • The_Gooch1 says:

      This has to be the most retarded post Ive ever read from an Internet warrior.

  6. The Diaz bros like it in the butt says:

    +1 to Hate lol

  7. JBroce says:

    I train with him. Its a spinal injury. Something with the bone growing in around the spinal cord, and one punch could paralyze him. I cant remember the exact name of the condition. He went to two different doctors, one being a friend and they both told him the same thing. Surgery wont work either, and is to risky.

  8. razz says:

    unfortunate, you hate to see anyone leave the sport early because of things like this, but that’s the nature of contact sports. it is a good thing he left before it became something major like paralysis or worse.

  9. StoneMason says:

    I trained mma for 4 years, not at compatible level but as a sport, interest and passion. I have a spinal injury that made me quit. I have Osteophyte Stenosus on 3 Cervical Vertebrae. Bone spurs putting pressure on spinal cord. One punch, knee or elbow etc is not even paralysis its death. My neuro surgeon said the C3, C4, C5 verterbrae keep you alive. So fair play to this guy still doing something and giving back to the sport. This injury can be operated on, but with over a year rehab to move head and raise arms and knowing its partly a degenerative disease, it’ll be back. So keep your comments to yourself until you know. Cheers :)

    • andy says:

      Maybe you should keep yours to yourself? The only person who was out of line here was Josh and I’m sure he feels pretty stupid after the verbal lashing everyone gave him. Don’t come on here and try and put everyone on blast like it’s some kind of thread with nothing but hate.

      • StoneMason says:

        Andy, incase you didn’t recognise, their was nothing agressive nor hate like about my comment. I was simply educating some of the people on this thread as to a reason why someone with an injury would give up some they love to do. There’s no return for this type of injury as compared to aforementioned broken shoulder or arm. And for the other people slagging him off for his record or what not, he made it to the highest tier, what have you done!!

      • cntybollax says:

        andy, i think he was kinda speaking to josh?

    • James says:

      Cool story bro.

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