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Monday, 02/27/2012, 08:55 am

The Ultimate Fighter On FX 'Evolution' Trailer (Video)

THE UFC’s “Ultimate Fighter: Cruz vs. Faber” is set to debut on March 9 on FX.

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13 Responses to “The Ultimate Fighter On FX 'Evolution' Trailer (Video)”

  1. Pijan says:

    Honestly they should have quit after season 7. I stopped watching when they put on Kimbo. They’re just over doing it. Making it live and putting it in another country isn’t going to change anything. There’s not even any real talent coming out of it anymore. The show did it’s job and made the UFC big, it’s not pulling in new fans anymore, the UFC is already in the mainstream. It’s not really interesting MMA fans either, maybe UFC fans, but not MMA. The show gets dumber and dumber every season, just give it up Dana.

    • Bovice Warren says:

      WOW be quiet your sooooo wrong… shh

      • danriverapv says:

        what the FUCK! whos that guy who commented first!? there thinking about doing a Globad Tourney. how sick is that!? jeez commenter on top dont b such a slice hater haha.

    • Steven says:

      All I can say is shut up. The last season was amazing. tuf brazil and tuf on fox will be the most successful tuf season since tuf 1

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        I agree TUF has gotten really stale. Faber as a coach is going to be a joke. He acts like a 12 year old kid most of time. TEAM ALPHA MIDGET IS LIKE A MIDGET DAY CARE CENTER. Miesha Tate is by far the tallest person that trains there and she is only 5’5″. I stood within 5 feet of Faber and Benevidez and I can tell you with about a 99.9% positive eitehr one them is over 5’3″ even with there stupid pink and flouresent green high tops with shoes laces dragging a foot behind them. I’m only 5’11 but me and my buddy both had a foot on them easy. so anyon e who believes those exaggerated UFC stats need to get a clue. Any bets Faber sets it up so he has about 5 of his own students from TEAM ALPHA MIDGET all set up to be on his team on TUF

    • Dick Diaz says:

      although i don’t agree with you, there is a point i’d like to bring up that makes TUF somewhat problematic. you have to sacrifice an hour a week to tune into the show and for many fans, that time requirement is way too much. we all have lives outside of being mma fans.

  2. Corinna says:

    I still watch n love the show doesn’t hurt if they change it up a bit

  3. Pijan says:

    Name the last good talent that came out of TUF. It’s Bad Girls Club on steroids. It was stale after the fifth but the talent was at least good enough to keep it going. Now they have nothing. They knew they had nothing, that’s why they took Kimbo, after Dana made it perfectly clear Kimbo was not going to take any part in the UFC. Now TUF Brazil may produce good talent, but let’s face it, they show is paid it’s due, it’s long past time to get rid of it. Come one, Kimbo, Brock, what the hell is Dana thinking, about ratings, because he knows people will tune in to see it, same reason he’s saying Edgar won that fight. Who cares if they’re good fighters, as long as they pull in views right?

  4. Dick Diaz says:

    does anyone else here not believe in evolution?

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