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Monday, 03/26/2012, 03:27 pm

The Ultimate Fighter Live On FX Episode 3 Ratings Report

Ratings for the third installment of “The Ultimate Fighter” Live on FX are in and they are up slightly from episode 2.

According to the official numbers released by company executives, the show was viewed by approximately 1.2 million households (average). That is slightly up from the 1.1 million the show garnered in its second episode just a week prior.

“The Ultimate Fighter” Live on FX features bantamweight champion, Dominick Cruz as he squares off with his upcoming opponent, Urijah Faber as they both work opposite each other in hopes to find the UFC’s next big star.

“The Ultimate Fighter” Live on FX airs every Friday at 9pm. Check your local listing for availability.

We will keep a tally of this season’s ratings as they come out; here is what we have so far:

Episode 1: 1.3 million viewers
Episode 2: 1.1 million viewers
Episode 3: 1.2 million viewers

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29 Responses to “The Ultimate Fighter Live On FX Episode 3 Ratings Report”

  1. Eric says:

    i love the live fights, but i hate that the rest of the episode is all story telling. I would love to see more training footage, not just a total of 20 minutes worth of them walking in the gym, out the gym, and hanging out in the team rooms. then the next 5 minutes is clips of them talking to each other at the house and the gym. another 10 minutes is of them playing pranks of each other and other drama. Probably 8 minutes of commercials.. and maybe 5 minutes total of FILLERS of them rolling, sparring, bust mostly warming up or stretching…

    i personally would like if they made it more raw training than TV. i liked how they showed the weight cut part of it. they would also show conditioning, and drilling game plans and there will be couple of minutes where you can actually learn a technique from the instruction of the coach…

    • Nuitari X says:

      “there will be couple of minutes where you can actually learn a technique from the instruction of the coach…” That would be cool.

    • Nuitari X says:

      I really loved it when cruz was showing james vick how to work the bag in episode 2, it was only like 2 minutes but it was awsome

    • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

      its a reality tv show to encapsulate the masses that are into reality TV much like the contender and other fight based reality tv shows were.
      people like to get a feal for the personalites in the house and pick favourites over who they like as a person rather than just fight style
      it gives a story to back the fighters and will generate them some form of exposure in a way they didnt have before.
      it also means that the champ has a “Story” behind him and people are likely to tune into his fights once they are in the ufc as they feel they know him.

      Its good for the ufc, good for TV and good for the fighters.
      I would rather have it the way you want it tooo, however im realistic and not everyone is hardcore fans like we are

      • Bla DeBla says:

        So what you are saying is you are a captive .

        You have no personal power & no choice .

        The Media dictates to you what you like .

        You claim its good for the UFC , Good for TV & good for the fighter but that is only true in the current case where Media is marketing a regimented product toward you & alienating you because of your preferences due to your genuine interest in the sport & not the commercialism involved .

        Basically what you are saying it is Prison Issue TV , served up for the benefit of the “House” & not the benefit of the “Customer”.

        Good For the UFC ?

        In terms of cash yes but I question how long The UFC cash Cow can be milked before its forced to disband due to the necessity for a MMA World Governing Body to protect the sport from the likes of those who have profited hughly by very successfully promoting MMA within the UFC .

        How much money is enough money for the greedy gangsters ?

        Is a high quality & very entertaining promotions event more important than the sports long term credibility ?

        I say no .

        I say what you claim is good for the UFC is only good for the UFC’s smash & grab attitude towards profits .

        It is not good for the long term credibility of the UFC’s version/presentation of MMA .

        Good for the fighter ?

        Only if he wins it or comes a very close 2’nd .

        Good for TV ?

        Who gives a fuck ?

        TV is going to survive no matter what .

        If they deliver a product marketed toward genuine fans of the sport they will survive & turn a massive profit .

        If they deliver a wishy washy Popularity contest disguised as being marketed toward genuine fight fans but in reality is being marketed towards impressionable , fickle womin & children they will survive & turn a massive profit .

        Its not about hardcore anything its about quality product & consumer preference .

        I personally have only ever watched one series & that was season 3 .

        I now only watch the Finales because the show itself leaves me feeling alienated within my own home & I as a man will not permit anybody or anything to do that to me .

        • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

          im saying i enjoy the fighting aspect but this is for a wider audience. if it wasnt then they wouldnt be doing it, plain and simple

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Thats not what you are saying at all , It may be what you would like to have said & it may be what you tried to say but what you actually did say is what I have already stated in detail , namely …

          That it isnt for a wider audience it is for immediate profits with little or no regard for the long term health of the sport .

        • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

          eh, you are just enjyoing your own opinion.
          thats not what i said
          i do think its geared for a wider audience that are couch pototatos and can focus on long fights with the level hardened mma fans are used to.
          the fact its been going for years and still recieving a good viewing base and arguably the fighters that have won have done well since winning the show tells me that its good for the ufc and good for the wider audience
          this is my opinion. whether or not you want to take something else from that and make it into something for you to have a big debate on is up to you.
          for ufc’s perspective it is a good investment as yes it gives a good return in revinue and ends up with a good fight with a potentiallly long term ufc fighter.
          If ufc doesnt make money ufc wouldnt be what it is today and we would be sat with the likes of pavelic on mfc.
          As much as people have issues with the way the ufc run things its the best at what it does and we wouldnt be here debating over petty shit in regards to it if it wasnt the case.
          I enjoy the shows. i dont miss any of them and i watch every ufc fight
          Ive been to the o2 arena to watch it live too.
          i like mma but i also like easy watch TV, this combines the two convincingly.
          only think i dont like is that the pranks now are just a bit expected, they are staged

        • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

          but i dont want to return it as to me its not sour milk.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          That is not what I am doing at all , I am only making sure that the atmosphere within MMA isn’t polluted by the mindlessly subservient likes of you .

          You are making sweeping statements that you arent qualified to make & you arent morally qualified to make .

          Which basically amount to ,

          “Thats the way it is so thats the way it has to be”

          If we all lived by that philosophy we would be still living in caves impressed with ourselves for making fire .

          If it is geared toward anything it is geared toward profit , the consumer is being disregarded as a mindless moron , you said as much in your opening statement so quit trying to rehash it now with an added context .

          Wider audience = immediate profits .

          Immediate profits from a wider audience = Marketing a Fad or a Fashion , cool today but gone tomorrow .

          Its been going 20 years which isnt long for a sport , Boxing has been going on for hundreds of years by comparison & I have alreay acknowledged that the UFC is the market leader in the Promotions of MMA business , that doesnt mean that the UFC is irreplaceable or that we are dependent upon them , it only means the likes of you who surrenders his personal power to those who want to force feed him a product accepts what is put in front of him unquestioningly .

          That may be good for sweaty Bertha round the corner who loves soap operas & gossip & now likes to see drug enhanced bodys competing in a razmatazz promotion of a blood sport on her tv because of a personality clash … but it is not good for the SPORT of MMA.

          If MMA had a respectable World Governing Body or two who allowed respectable promoters to bid for the rights to put on fights sanctioned by the World Governing Body then the UFC would only be one of many high quality Promotions .

          Because right now they are the most established company is only due to them being the 1’st in the market & because of gangsterism & crooked politicians cashing in on the gravy train that has been chugging along since 1993 .

          It may be your opinion but I didnt ask you to publicize it & I suggest if you do not like having your words crammed down your throat because of their harmful stupidity that you in future either keep them to yerself or post them in front of less intelligent or less responsible MMA fans .

          The UFC & MMA are not the same thing , you do not seem to realize that .

          Because they are the market leader today & have established the sport of MMA into the mainstream does not mean that they are always going to be the market leader or that they should be the market leader .

          I have pointed that out already as I have pointed out that I believe that unless The UFC progress’s along with the sports development that a rival , possibly from Europe , will soon establish itself within the main stream which will lead to competition which will lead to the UFC in its stagnant ideology being cast aside as a memory regarded kindly as being the sports foundation .

          Its the logical progression of things , unless of course there is no such thing as a free market & we are all Caged humans being force fed a product as you would like us all to believe ?

        • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

          also the 1st episode of this season was all fights and was fucking awesome.

          its my opinion, its subjective. you can go on a big rant but my opinion differs and neither of us have any facts to base our opinion on what this means for the long term.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Dont you know your own mind ?

          Cant you tell me what you would do if you were presented with a glass of sour milk or a plate of under cooked food in a restaurant ?

          Surly , unless yer an idiot junkie like yer comments on the Cesar Gracie thread suggest you are , you would refuse to consume what was presented to you & you would refuse to pay for such an insulting presentation would you not ?

          If so ?

          Then of course we both have facts to base an opinion on the long term because I , knowing my own mind would refuse to accept my intelligence being insulted by a promotions company trying to present “Marketed” bitch fights based on personality clashes toward me as genuine sporting contests between two rivals at the very top of the sport .

          I tolerate it at the moment due to the fledgling state of the sport , I accept the possible necessity of it & I trust the promotions company based on its results so far .

          However just like the fighters have had to develop with the progression of the sport so to do the UFC , otherwise it will be 1’st rivaled , then overtaken , then disbanded & lost forever , that is the nature of a free market which the US is , The UFC is only the present day market leader in its field which is a growing sport .

          What you have no facts about is how its profiting the UFC in the short term but you made no mention of that .

        • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

          you can call me idiot junkie however its your opinion. its the internet, you cant win on the internet, everyone can chat shit. you do this well.
          would i pay for sour milk? no i wouldnt
          its not remotely the same thing
          you are comparing it to sour milk as you deem this as junk
          i dont therefore the sourmilk analogy doesnt work

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Of course its the same thing .

          It is a product you are being sold & you have the choice to either buy it & consume it or refuse it & demand better service .

          You are obviously struggling to understand the concept of a free society .

          “Yesterdays Men” , anyone ?

        • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

          but i dont want to return it as to me its not sour milk. like i said, its subjective

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Now you are contradicting your opening statement when you stated …

          “I would rather have it the way you want it tooo, however im realistic and not everyone is hardcore fans like we are”

          So what is it ?

          If its an unflawed unspoiled product, like a glass of fresh milk , to you then you have proved yerself to be a liar in your opening statement .

          If as you claimed in your opening statement that it is a flawed & spoiled product , like a glass of sour milk , then you have proven yourself to be a liar by contradicting that very same claim ever since .

        • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

          no, you are just looking for an argument.
          put it like this
          I would much rather have a rib eye steak from a restraunt cooked by one of the best chefs available to exactly how i like it.
          However im not being realistic in this approach as it is much cheeper and while not as enjoyable to get a rib eye steak from a local supermarket for a fraction of the price and still enjoy it.

          so no its not a lie, i still enjoy it and still like to watch it. however yes i would enjoy the more serious side of it all and not all the drama that goes with it. it doesnt mean i cant understand why they have done it and hate it in its current state.
          its not black and white and not clear cut.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          It is black & white that you are chopping & changing yer opinion on this , that n the other the more I pressurize you .

          Back tracking is all you are doing now .

          You have now at least acknowledged it is a product that we buy & consume .

          I’ll take that as progress considering I am dealing with a Chav .

        • Bla DeBla says:

          P.s ,

          that uneasy feeling inside you all throughout this encounter ?

          You have just been “Coutured”

        • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

          eh im not chopping and changing at all. my views havent changed and im not backtracking.
          you make up bullshit and im responding to it.
          I never denied this wasnt a product we buy and they sell.
          its a comercial product ffs.
          im bored of you now. you are far too repetative with your self belief.
          the ultmate troll, ill give you that. you are very good at trolling.

  2. dave says:

    I am curious how the ratings compare to the Spike seasons?

    • Vaygus says:

      So far, comparing to Season 14, which for obvious reasons is probably a good comparison because of the two personalities, one being fairly mainstream.

      TUF S14, EP1: 1.5mil
      TUF S14, EP2: 1.6mil
      TUF S14, EP3: 1.3mil

  3. BJC says:

    Not a fan of the new format

    • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

      it seems a little overly structured. Dana doesnt like how fox do this “over to you” business you can tell. its awkward smiles and shit

  4. Little Big Man says:

    The first episode of TUF Brazil, which aired close to midnight, had something like 8 million viewers. What a crazy difference in the interest in MMA between the US and Brazil.

    The live fights add nothing to TUF, in my opinion. This looks like a good group of fighters, so it’s a shame more people aren’t tuning in to see them. I think that airing on Friday nights isn’t a great choice and I bet they’ll return to a taped broadcast on a different night for future seasons.

  5. refundeddreams says:

    Bla, after reading ur comments in multiple posts its become clear ur nothing more than a fanboy with a butthurt hipster view of the world. Some little fag that sits on his couch and think he knows best. Thinks he could fight “if he really wanted to”. Stop trolling and go die ina fire

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