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Friday, 04/06/2012, 03:26 pm

The Ultimate Fighter Live on FX: Cruz vs. Faber Episode 5 Discussion Thread

Tonight plays host to the latest installment of the UFC’s new season of “The Ultimate Fighter” series.

With the new “Live” format on FX there will be much to watch and discuss about this evenings show.

This week Team Faber will try to keep control of the house and win their second straight match. Last week Urijah Faber chose his unbeaten prospect Michael Chiesa to face who is deemed as the wink link on team Cruz, Jeremy Larsen.

Discuss, share thoughts or debate the action as it unfolds with your fellow BJPENN.COM community.

The show starts tonight at 10:00pm live on the east and tape-delayed on the west coast.

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9 Responses to “The Ultimate Fighter Live on FX: Cruz vs. Faber Episode 5 Discussion Thread”

  1. BJC says:

    Cruz is a douche bag

  2. Joe "High Kick" Rogan says:

    Fight was weak boring episode. Jones Vs. Evans special wasn’t bad. Something about Jones make me want to see him go to sleep. His goofy fake ass personality makes me want to see someone just unplug his ass.

  3. Xaninho says:

    I thought the fight was boring and I thought there would be a third round. How the hell can Chiesa get a unanymous decision after a point deduction in the first round and a second round that was Larsen’s? wtf did he do in the second round to deserve a 10-9 in that one? two half ass takedowns with Larsen getting up right away and some fencepushing…..

    Some MMA judges probably have wrestling backgrounds and are getting hard-ons from wrestling techniques.

    Oh and Cruz has lost my respect. What a sneaky douchebag pressuring Chiesa’s buddy to rat about his skills.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Well he did attempt a submission but this seasons fighters aren’t as good as the 135 and 145ers of last season.

      At first I was annoyed with Cruz but he’s trying to get Intel for his teamate to win. After Sicilia said he was uncomfortable he didn’t push the subject. He’s right they might have to fight each other down the road our in this competition.

      • Xaninho says:

        That’s something different. If you gotta fight eachother, then it is what it is.

        But helping some guy you just met a few weeks ago to kick your longlife friend’s ass is something Cruz shouldn’t ask for.

      • k says:

        I agree. At first I was like wait that’s not right, but it’s a competition, and at the end of the day if they both make it to the finals they gotta fight each other.

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