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Friday, 03/16/2012, 03:44 pm

The Ultimate Fighter Live on FX: Cruz vs. Faber Episode 2 Discussion Thread

Tonight marks the new episode of the UFC’s new season of “The Ultimate Fighter” series.

With the new “Live” format on FX there will be much to watch and discuss about this evenings show.

UFC president Dana White has come out and said that tonight’s episode is the best and most emotional “Ultimate Fighter” in the shows history.

Discuss, share thoughts or debate the action as it unfolds with your fellow BJPENN.COM community.

The show starts tonight at 10:00pm live on the east and tape-delayed on the west coast.

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15 Responses to “The Ultimate Fighter Live on FX: Cruz vs. Faber Episode 2 Discussion Thread”

  1. Joe "High Kick" Rogan says:

    I hope someone gets raped in the showers. Speaking of gay shit, wasn’t it almost ironically comical that the wang polishing butt pirate last week was a clinch fighter. I honestly pondered for like 15 minutes if that was his game plan to kind of make the other guy uncomfortable. Though when you’re trying to wreck someone’s shit I don’t think you can even really have that mentality. Anywhoo I’m stoked and ready to watch this shit like right now instead of these shitty bellator replays I’m watching on laMeTV 2. This Brian Rogers (not sure if the names right) “flying knee” knock out was the first time I called a KO weak as shit. The form killed it for me it looked handicapped like the fat kid in middle school trying to do flying karate kicks with a 1/2″ of elevation.

  2. The King says:

    looks like Joe ^ needs to get laid….

  3. #teamcruz says:

    o shit… “you got.. KNOCKED THE F*** OUT!!!” .. nasty knee. #teamcruz

  4. Sick Brah says:

    DAmn son, nasty, he got caught, was a good fight though

  5. Joe "High Kick" Rogan says:

    That guy tried to play Jet Li and got bodied….good episode.

    • yinyang says:

      The premier seemed a little off, but going live for two hours plus in no easy task. The format for this episode was good. Having the fight live on each episode is great TV and I’m looking forward to the season. Excellent fighters.

  6. , says:

    fuck faber an his ugly ass butt chin It looks disgusting

  7. yinyang says:

    Bro gave himself the Kiss of Death. We have a real old saying about the last words coming from someones mouth before they got beat down. If you listen before the fight, Cruickshank told the camera: “Hey, I’m a black belt in TKD…” Whenever you utter those words (with any style martial art) you have just completely screwed yourself. I knew immediately he would lose. Great fight for Vick, hats off.

  8. jonesy says:

    i have not been following the seassons me its like watching shitty bellator fight or soething.i only watch finally..but i sounds like the first show was amazing…i dont like faber but i hate cruz…i hate the way he talking acts an really hate the way he fights..i hope faberr wins the season the wins the rematch

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