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Friday, 03/09/2012, 05:37 pm

The Ultimate Fighter Live on FX: Cruz vs. Faber Discussion Thread

Tonight marks the dawn of a new era in MMA programming.

The UFC is set to debut their first installment of “The Ultimate Fighter Live” on FX tonight.

In addition to the first show off of Spike and on new programming partner FX, tonight also marks the beginning of the new live format and the first ever bantamweight coaching staff.

It’s a new beginning all around, so follow along with us tonight on BJPENN.COM and discuss the show as it unfolds with the rest of our community here.

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30 Responses to “The Ultimate Fighter Live on FX: Cruz vs. Faber Discussion Thread”

  1. dave says:

    First to comment!

  2. Brah Cunt says:

    I’mma wank to this so fucking good!

  3. Dana White says:

    I’m not watching this season of TUF because of the gay porn star. I do not support that lifestyle and if I were a advertiser I’d pull all of my advertising.

  4. jared says:

    That is messed up Dana – he isn’t gay he just takes it in the but for cash

  5. lewis9965 says:

    he may of taken it in the ass but im sure he could make you his bitch in the cage dana! Get over it everyone has a past, this season is gunna be epic

    • Dana White says:

      This season of Bellator will be as equally epic. Do you even watch any other MMA or are you just a UFC nuthugger?

    • Dana White says:

      Thats a pretty generic and unoriginal response…”he can make you his bitch”. And by the way I didn’t knock his MMA skills. I won’t watch because I disapprove of his past choices. This season of Bellator will be as equally epic. Do you even watch any other MMA or are you just a UFC nuthugger?

      • scooty puff sr says:

        what is nuthugger? i bet you know ! it seems to be all the pussy fanboys who use that term so tell me someone who knows

        • Dana White says:

          Pussy fanboys toss around the term “fanboy”. And when you look in a mirror I am sure you will see a UFC “nuthugger”. Just Sayin…

  6. Wasabi says:

    Link live stream pls.

  7. blake masters says:

    this shit is hardcore to the max

  8. jack says:

    I just hope the gay dude wins so everyone can shut up

    • Dana White says:

      It wouldnt bother if he wins. Even if he loses tonight Im not watching this season. Im sure Uncle Dana is getting exactly what he wanted…any press is good press.

  9. Nick "Mount Everest" Diaz says:

    Faber and Cruz sucks at live commentating and so does Dana …

  10. Dana White says:

    Do yourselves a favor and find a way to watch Warren vs. Curran. Helluva fight.

  11. 808 says:

    I always figured that TUF was about bringing in newer prospective talent. What’s a crafty veteran like Cristiano Marcello doing in there? This entire season is a huge mismatch.The only thing he has going against him is that he’s kinda old at age 35.

    I’m calling it now, Cristiano Marcello takes this season.

  12. Ruben says:

    Cockreign said “ive been working my butt off for the last few years”….yeah we heard about that too man

  13. Brah Cunt says:

    Cochrane should of went in naked, and just got a massive boner half way through. Then the other guy would be too scared to fight him.

  14. Ruben says:

    Imagine Cockreign coming in with some Denis Hallman type of panties, that would have been comedy. Despite all the jokes ad whatnot im pissed he didnt get the decision, he did enough to win the round in my opinion and with him in the house it would have added a whole lot more laughs

  15. tuf says:

    ahhh lose money johnavan vistante..was really rooting for another hawaii prospect…still get eddie yagin

  16. Sweet game plan says:

    Sicilia looked nasty. Good luck who ever meets up with him in the house.

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