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Saturday, 03/24/2012, 08:58 am

The Ultimate Fighter Brazil Is Set To Air Tomorrow On TUF.TV (11:30pm ET)

The first ever international edition of the UFC’s reality series, “The Ultimate Fighter” is underway and it is set to air live to North American audiences via internet stream located at TUF.TV at 11:30 pm ET.

“The Ultimate Fighter Brazil” features UFC middleweight fighters Vitor Belfort and Wanderlei Silva as they coach opposite each other to try and push one of their fighters to be the first ever international TUF winner.

Brazil’s top middleweights and featherweights make up the shows cast.

If you are in Brazil tune in to Globo and check your local listings for times.

16 elimination bouts are set for the first episode and only 16 of the 32 fighters will make it into “The Ultimate Fighter” house. (8 from middleweight & 8 from featherweight)

Here are tomorrow night’s matchups.

Leonardo Mafra Teixeira vs. Samuel Trindade
Daniel Sarafian vs. Richardson Moreira
Francisoc Drinaldo vs. Charle Maicon
Delson Heleno vs. Gilberto Galvao
Sergio Moraes vs. Thiago Real
Cezar Ferreira vs. Gustavo Sampaio
Joao Paulo de Souza vs. Thiago de Oliveira Perpetuo
Renee Forte vs. Fabio Luiz Vital de Costa

Alexandre Ramos vs. Hugo Viana
Giovanni da Silva Santos Jr. vs. John Teixeira
Marcos Vinicius Borges Pancini vs. Pedro Mobre
Rodrigo Damm vs. Fabricio de Assis Costa da Silva
Rony Mariano Bezerra vs. Dileno Lopes
Anistavio Medeiros vs. Rafael Bueno
Wagner Campos vs. Fernando Duarte Guerra
Godofredo Pepey vs. Johnny Goncalves

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16 Responses to “The Ultimate Fighter Brazil Is Set To Air Tomorrow On TUF.TV (11:30pm ET)”

  1. Eric says:

    i read on MMA Junkie that it was going to air on Fuel TV also… anyone else know if this is true?

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      This be true!!!!!!! It’s a shame! Not to be stereotypical but the Brazilian fighters are probably better than the American fighters…. Just keeping it real.

      • jonesy says:

        i dont agree…why is there not more brazilian champs?? there is only 2 the rest all american…i think the american wrestling is normally stronger then the bjj.. they should do usa vs brazil..if they have not done that yet,..i dont watxch the show anymore..the brazilain are better mma but they i think fighting they would lose the americans point fight more

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Well the Brazillian fighters live in a tougher setting so they’re natural fighters and it’s part of their culture. The UFC has Anderson Silva, Jose Aldo, and JDS as champions right now. Soon they will have the addition of Renan Bareo as the champ at 135. You have Edison Barbosa at 155, too early to say if he will be champ. The only weight classes that won’t have Brazillian champs in the foreseeable future are 125lbs and 205lbs weight class. But Barao could move to 125 if he loses a title shot match.

          There are going to be more an more Brazillian contenders/champs as the years go by. I am not biased I’m an American just keeping it real. Look at Bellator 80% of those fighters come from Brazil.

        • k says:

          not if he goes against cruz

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          We’ll see I’m a Cruz fan too.

        • Joe Bidden says:

          Look how many more Americans there are in the UFC, too…Of course there will be more champs from America on average.

          I don’t know as if Brazilians are naturally better, but most every one in the UFC are top-contenders….

  2. Twatty Mc.Twatface says:

    what about the rest of the word?

  3. jonesy says:

    i feel bad for wando he is going get ko by vitor for sure then i bet dana will make him retire…he is alot of money from what i hear anyways

  4. dougie says:

    I believe wanderlei still gots it. he demonstrated that he can be a smart fighter against cung le, and yet still be exciting. just as long as he choose his shots wisely and not try to bullrush everything like he usually do.

  5. DBKlein69 says:

    its not on fuel. only replays of the last 2 weeks of TUF with cruz and faber

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      WTF, that’s so lame! Where is TUF Brazil being televised?

      • learn2read&check the webbernetz says:

        come on dude, read the article….
        obviously shot in brazil
        obviously Portuguese is spoken
        televised on Globo in brazil
        “set to air live to North American audiences via internet stream located at TUF.TV at 11:30 pm ET”

  6. thebigv57 says:

    I’m def watchin this one. Anyone else hate the new live format of the US one. it seems rushed the sound is bad and I havent seen much fighter interaction in the house or gym compared to regular.

  7. Piroqui says:

    thanks god I speak portuguese :)

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