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Monday, 04/23/2012, 07:42 am

The Ultimate Fighter Brazil Episode 5 Recap | UFC NEWS

By Jamie McAllister:
TUF Brazil returns with this weeks episode. Team Belfort are still in control after last weeks bout where Rodrigo Damm beat Macapa. Team Belfort now have a (3-0) lead with the Middleweights set to face off this week. If you have not had the chance to catch up with this weeks episode look away now.

This weeks episode opens with Wanderlei admitting if he had control of the fight picks he would choose Massaranduba from his team to face Cezar Mutante.

Wanderlei feels Massaranduba would do well due to his rough upbringing and Mutante having a more privileged background also referred to as a “playboy“. Wanderlei also makes reference to Belfort also being a “playboy” as he claims he is too fussy and likes having his nails done.

Next up the fight selection, Belfort congratulates both competitors from the previous week Damm & Macapa however Damm is not present. Wanderlei enquires if Damm has an issue but Belfort reassures him all is well.

The fight pick for this week is Macarrao (5-0) facing off against Team Belfort’s Mutante (4-2). After the pick has been announced some of Team Belfort have a problem with the choice and feel Belfort is protecting his friend and training partner Mutante by choosing Macarrao. However he states he has everyone’s best interests at heart when making his decisions.

We get a more detailed picture of each of the competitors lives, Macarrao from Sao Paulo who informs us he began training in Muay Thai at an early age. Mutante who’s mother had died of cancer when he was just twelve years old and met Belfort at age seventeen and has since relocated to Vegas.

At the official weight ins Macarrao comes in at 182, and Mutante comes in at 186.

In the pre-fight talk Mutante says he doesn’t care if Macarrao is a ninja or can throw fire, he’s going to lose. Macarrao says they made a bad fight choice, and he’s going to win.


Mutante comes out south paw and looks to use his karate based striking style, Macarrao takes the centre of the octagon and both men trade leg kicks. Mutante lands a big left and Macarrao may be hurt but he is too slow to capitalize on it and Macarrao manages to recover. Mutante throws a few shots but it is Macarrao who lands solid with a punch and drops Mutante. Mutante manages to work a takedown dragging Macarrao to the floor & eventually manages to take the back but Macarrao manages to work his way back to his feet before the end of the round.


Mutante closes the distance quickly and gets the takedown slamming Macarrao to the canvas securing side control, Mutante attempts to move to a north south position Macarrao manages to roll back to his knees but leaves his neck open. Mutante sees the opening and controls the neck pulls guard and locks up the guillotine.


After the fight Macarrao is disappointed and Wanderlei tries to console his fighter. Team Belfort celebrates the victory and now move to (4-0) in the competition.


6 Responses to “The Ultimate Fighter Brazil Episode 5 Recap | UFC NEWS”

  1. Jay says:

    I read this weekly thanks ! And I think Belfort is for sure trying to protect Mutante to some degree !

  2. Rick says:

    How come they don’t have this on tv here in the states? I would def watch it and I’m sure millions of others would to.

  3. Gabriella says:

    I think it’s important to say that Macarrao is fighting at MW only for TUF, he’s actually a WW. Mutante is much bigger and he still was getting owned in the 1st round.
    I think Macarrao is a great prospect in WW, hope to see him fighting again soon.

    • Jay says:

      I thought Macarrao looked not bad in the Mutante fight but in the fight to get into the house he was pretty raw looking ….Dude has an awesome chin though !

  4. Liam says:

    My player on UFC website kept buffering today and was unbearable to watch thanks

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