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Tuesday, 09/25/2012, 09:30 am

‘The Ultimate Fighter 16′ Episode 2 Ratings Report: TUF On The Decline? | UFC NEWS

Last Friday the UFC and FX aired the second episode of ‘The Ultimate Fighter 16’ and in what can only be described as a disheartening showing, the longtime reality series has taken yet another hit in ratings.

Last week’s episode drew a total audience of 872,000 viewers which includes a 0.8 rating among the male 18-49 group and a 0.7 among the male 18-34 bracket.

This number is a dip from the season debut which hit the mark at 947,000 viewers.

In comparison, last season’s episode two, which also aired Friday’s on FX drew in around 1.1 million viewers.

The one-hour episode highlighted the in-house tournament format with its first official quarterfinals bout.

Team Carwin’s Neil Magny was able to notch the first victory of the series with a unanimous decision over Cameron Diffley.

While the show may be consistently showing a decrease in ratings, UFC President Dana White described the series as a “Homerun” for FX’s Friday programming schedule during last weekend’s UFC 152 post-fight press conference.


10 Responses to “‘The Ultimate Fighter 16′ Episode 2 Ratings Report: TUF On The Decline? | UFC NEWS”

  1. stephen riddle says:

    Change the f*cking night its on, they havent figured out yet! Come on man!

  2. Dick Diaz says:

    that sucks…

  3. Shawn says:

    Not as good as earlier seasons. Same ol, same ol. Group of guys fighting to make it into the house, some cool quiet guys just trying to make the best of TUF and win. Some immature douche bags, who thinks it’s all just fun and games. Maybe they should have had mandatory finishes for making it into the house. You HAVE to finish your opponent to make it in. Those who don’t win or lose, don’t make it in. If there aren’t enough fighters that make it in, bring the other fighters that didn’t make the cut for Episode 1. I’m sure there are guys that were just edged out in making it into the first episode.

    First impressions of the coaches so far…

    Nelson: Makes no sense at all. I don’t think he knows how to coach at all. He’s just telling them what they shouldn’t do. There is no explanation of technique or tactics.

    Carwin: He hasn’t coached at all. His assistant coaches have been the one taking lead. And he was just training along side his guys. And he hasn’t cornered his guys so far. What’s the point of being a coach?

  4. MellowFellow says:

    They need something more exciting like coaches Pettis & Cerrone. both big names both on the verge of title shot & alot of beef between each other

  5. Jlynn says:

    Friday nights are ridiculous the age group is usually out with friends/family or bar hopping. Also, Nelson I can’t stand looking at him for 5 minutes let alone an hour.

  6. MMApersonalJESUS says:

    TUF is a horrible show. I enjoy the fights but it’s like a Big Brother sausage-fest otherwise. I don’t care about all the highschool drama, it’s nonsense.

  7. Drew says:

    Your going for young people or atleast men and or women from about 16 17ish all the way up to like 32-35…. Do people stay in on Friday nights even in a recession? Yes they still do for the most part. Put it on a Wednesday or Thursday and u got it.

  8. L4LMMA says:

    Where i stay in the Pacific Northwest the TUF is not on till midnight on sportsnet need to change time and date still a big fan though

  9. Clay says:

    It doesn’t take a marketing genius to figure out how to get more viewers.. Come on man

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