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Monday, 09/17/2012, 04:16 pm

The Ultimate Fighter 16 Debut Ratings Report | UFC NEWS

By Evan Stoumbelis
The Ultimate Fighter season 16 kicked off last Friday with Roy Nelson coaching opposite Shane Carwin. The premier episode drew a total audience of 947,000 viewers. The UFC has been struggling with The Ultimate Fighter ratings lately, with Season 15 kicking off with 1.28 million viewers.

What did you think of the premiere Pennation?

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22 Responses to “The Ultimate Fighter 16 Debut Ratings Report | UFC NEWS”

  1. James Wolfe says:

    Get back to Spike TV.

  2. Smackuround says:

    Should have Never have left spike

  3. Pepper says:

    Friday is the problem.

  4. KIDD433 says:

    Hope the rest of the season is better than the first épisode.bunch of boring ass Fights

  5. stephen riddle says:

    Weds night! Put it back where it should be! Smh wtf?

  6. machinegunkelly says:

    Spike TV on Wednesday = better ratings

  7. Nick says:

    Honestly, I think it’s Friday night. Everyone is going out and what not. Wednesday is so much more convenient.

  8. Emilio says:

    What makes you think that single guys want to stay home Friday night to watch TUF! I love it but friday night, really…

  9. Clay says:

    I gotta Dvr it, but looks like a great season

  10. catrachito says:

    What a horrible start to the season. some really bad bad fights. none of the fighters seemed well-rounded and too many of them said I am here because I like to punch people in the face. wtf???!!! that is the dumbest shit. and way way way way to many wrestlers not attempting to pass guard or submissions and what I think was not effective ground and pound. just laying on each other. or out of shape. I do not understand where they get these guys. some were just 3-0 or 4-0 there have to be guys out there with more experience. to me it seems like the talent of last seasons was much better. i hope it gets better…

    • stephen riddle says:

      Amir sadollah won his tuf and had no fights prior.

      • catrachito says:

        that is true…. but do you think that it was a memorable TUF season? it did have some good fighters like cb dolloway, matt riddle and matt brown but i do not think it was competitive as the last 2 seasons. I really thought that the caliber of fighters had gone up. But i might be judging the show to early, they might show more of their skills but I thought that a lot of matches went 3 rounds and they were not very competitive that the winner got in because someone had to get in not because they were what dana white was looking for. but it is too early i should just see how it goes.

        • Not You says:

          Why don’t you give the fighters a chance passed the fights to get into the house before you judge their skill set and entire career? Or you can train, get on TUF, and be the best ultimate fighter ever.

        • catrachito says:

          valid point….

    • Mo says:

      I agree Amir Sadollah was one. its not about how many fights the competitors have. Its the skills. I myself have been training MMA and May Thai (Dutch Style) for awhile now. the guys tried to pass guard and remember the guy on the ground couldve been really good. U wouldnt know cause u werent fighting the guys. Also TUF should go to Wednesday.
      #UltimateMartialArts #TeamUltimate

  11. Ironfist says:

    Dana didn’t say a word to Roy when they were watching the fights.he only talked to Shane.LOL

  12. TigerUppercut says:

    Not sure why people are saying the fights were boring and it was a horrible start? 11/16 fights ended with a KO or Submission… There were a couple boring fights, just like there would be on any fight card with 16 fights….. I’m not really impressed with a few people’s interviews or previews of how they get drunk and break stuff in the house, but it is still entertaining, and I’m not going to tryout and fight anybody, so it doesn’t matter… The ratings killer #1 is moving to Friday nights, the demographic they are targeting has better stuff to do Friday nights, it’s not like a PPV with title fights every week. #2 was moving from Spike to FX, although FX isn’t bad, Spike has pretty much nailed the demographics. I will still watch most weeks because I’m home most Fridays, the ball and chain and I have seen our clubbin’ days.

    • Mike b says:

      Good post man,I hear ya got my wife into the UFC now,it’s good.we just order out some food and watch fights or movies Friday party days are over,even tho I’m only 29 I’m done.anyway I thought the show was pretty good.i’ll be watching it for sure.

  13. TGIF says:

    More people are @ TGIF’s than watching the show! WEDNESDAY’s it the KEY!!!!

  14. jon smith says:

    Haven’t liked it since it moved to FX. Everything about the show feels different. Having it on Friday is also a bad idea since enough people have stuff to do that day. Friday is the day shows go to die but I guess we should have expected this move when it switched to FX

  15. carter_juniorT says:

    Why it not showing in south africa and why is here no scouts

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