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Thursday, 02/02/2012, 11:22 am

The UFC’s Nick Diaz Explains Why His Extreme Conditioning Gives Him A Mental Edge

“Fighters are afraid of conditioning, they are afraid of getting tired, but I don’t want to have anxiety or be afraid of anything. I can go 100 percent out there and never have to worry about getting tired. Everybody says fighting is 90 percent mental, and it’s true. Knowing you can go 15 minutes or 25 minutes without any problem can help you sustain that mental advantage over your opponent… I just like to race. It gives me something to build for. During the triathlon season, I’ll probably race every two weeks. I get stronger and stronger when building up to the race. After a race, a lot of people will crash and take their foot off the gas, but I’ll keep building and building until I have to fight. I have a reason not to crash, and I try to keep the ball rolling until fight night… Doing the races keeps me in shape. By the time a fight comes around, I’m already in shape and ready to go. I don’t have to get in shape for fights. When I am in the gym, I train mixed martial arts, I don’t need to train to get in shape. I am already in shape… If I’m not running, I’m going to go for a swim or go on a bike ride. I don’t like being stationary at any point during training.”

The self-proclaimed hardest worker in Mixed Martial Arts, Nick Diaz recently told the reason why he has chosen to be a two sport athlete and how that helps him perform once in the cage.

Triathletes are cardio machines, they stretch the limits of endurance with every competition and Diaz credits that type of cardio and training to his mental toughness once inside the cage.

Other MMA Fighters go through circuit training and have a strength and conditioning camp prior to fight night, but Diaz lives this lifestyle instead of isolating his endurance training for fight camps.

It’s hard to argue that he has an unmatched gas tank, but will it do him any good this weekend against Condit?

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34 Responses to “The UFC’s Nick Diaz Explains Why His Extreme Conditioning Gives Him A Mental Edge”

  1. cody says:

    i used to despise nick but i gotta say not that he would give a shit lol but i have a ton of respect for him and hes becoming one of my favorite fighters he reminds me of mr t in rocky 3 just a straight fighter dont give a shit about anything else and hes there to BEAT u not just win i would love to see him beat gsp

  2. ThaGreenBandit says:

    As a figher, you gotta love his attitude. Fuck the haters

  3. CCW.Gun control=Government control. says:

    Cannot disagree with his training. I have never seen him look tired. And he just gets better as the fight goes on because the other person is getting tired, even if its just a little tired. Diaz vs GSP would have zero cardio issues for either fighter, just fighting at full gas all 5 rounds.

  4. Donovan Magyer says:

    Gotta admit that he has a very good point. If you stay in shape all you need to do is focus on technique. He is a mega prick,but his approach to fighting is second to none and it seems to be a natural desire to stay in great condition, he doesn’t seem to need any other motivation either.

  5. Tsimanga says:

    I call BS on this article. That doesn’t sound like Nick Diaz in any way, shape or form. His speech, choice of words, and cadence are totally different than that. Unless this article was heavily edited…. no way that is Nick Diaz.

    • James Toney says:

      In interviews he does sound a little slow but if you watch any of the videos of him teaching techniques to someone he sound like a totally different person. He seems like a great teacher in the videos

    • tom23 says:

      He pretty much says the same thing in an interview in last month’s issue of Triathlete magazine. So, I have no doubt this is Diaz.

  6. the original steve says:

    diaz and condit are the best FIGHTERS in the welterweight devision. gsp is the best winner.

  7. Christopher says:

    yeah I don’t think this is nick either where’s all the “you know” but nonetheless the article has some truth behind it, and if it is Nick Diaz then its edited. I wish all fighters would work on their cardio I hate seeing fighters cut weight and look really tired during their fights especially when you know their not at 100%.

  8. lex walker says:

    thats was up more fighters should do this…. i wanna start

  9. i wud bj bj :) says:

    i think ur right m8 if only he spoke like that haha. yea hav 2 say his attitude 4 fighting is gr8, as cardio is key but his mouth 4 me ruins it! thats wat i love about bj he dosnt feel he has 2 talk shit. i wana c condit ko diaz but not as much as i wana c gsp dry hump the shit outa him

  10. simoh says:

    No wonder Nick hates doing press events and interviews with all of you Nazi’s talking shit about how he talks. Like others, I used to despise both of the Diaz brothers, especially Nick, but over the past couple months I’ve gained a huge amount of respect for Nick. I honestly don’t think there’s anyone in the fighting world that can keep up with him, let alone go as long as he can. I’d talk shit about his ground game if it wasn’t some of the best in the business. I’d talk shit about his striking if he didn’t land 95% of them. How can you not respect this guy? He’s a grade A douche, but his work ethic is second to none.

  11. Xaninho says:

    Of course the written interviews are edited! The way he talks is hard enough to understand as it is. Written down would be virtually impossible to get through the damn thing!

    But that doesn’t just go for Nick Diaz’s interviews. Most are edited so we the readers get an easy to digest interview.

    His cardio is second to none, that will give him an edge in lots of fights. But his body is still as vulnerable to damaging attacks as any other. If not more vulnerable, cause the scar tissue around his eyebrows is insane.

  12. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    WAR DIAZ WAR!!! As someone who does some of my training in these same events in central and all over cali, all I can say to Mr. Diaz is RIGHT ON!!! I heard Diaz also swims the Alcatraz swim which is 1.5 milesor so, timed and with sharks. He is a little nuts, but he seems to live life. “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift” -Steve Prefontaine. Continue to live your life as you please…Mr. Diaz, and excuse me while I kiss the sky! WAR DIAZ WAR…From the city of “NO” in central cali. ALoha!!!

  13. Chartmonster says:

    He’s a hard worker and understands conditioning is very important in this sport. You can have all the abilities In the world but without gas you no chance.

  14. Steve ward says:

    It seems that nicks best defense is his offense!! Pure scrapper but could and will submit u if unmake a mistake! He is one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world and he’s only getting started!!

  15. slacker says:

    This is the end for Diaz. Carlos will finish him.

  16. nick is a soldier i bet on condit on kountermove but its the only fight i cant truly decide on you never know what happens wen nick fights lol he is capable but if condit connects with a punch knee or kick nicks gran ite chin could gt snapped hope nt though just a condit w will do dont want to see either fighter fall 2 high from grace they both u there defo

  17. dave says:

    what is with all these new losers,…all the new people use stupid names…like cheal sonnen….or nickdiazsuks..or nickdiaz…just get real loser

  18. super games says:

    Magnificent points altogether, you simply received a new reader. What would you suggest in regards to your submit that you made a few days in the past? Any certain?

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