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Sunday, 02/05/2012, 11:14 am

The UFC's New Pay-Per-View Introduction "Evolution" (Video)

Last night the UFC unveiled their new introduction to pay-per-view broadcasts. With the “Gladiator Man” finally retired, the new and improved introduction highlights the evolution of the MMA fighter in the cage.


21 Responses to “The UFC's New Pay-Per-View Introduction "Evolution" (Video)”

  1. CrAzyBK64 says:

    This shit is SiCC, much better than the gay ass gladiator intro, i could watch his all day

  2. Nick says:

    It will grow on me. I’m so used to the gladiator. I liked that they kept the same song.

  3. moziboy75 says:

    I think the new beginning is awesome, they had to come up with something pretty god damn good to takeover the Gladiator scene but I reckon they cracked it, I’m just not too sure if the “face the pain” intro music goes with it, maybe they should try some other track….great effort none the less

  4. war goth666 says:

    the link doesn’t work

  5. Ricky says:

    It was intense. Beautifully done. Anyone else notice that some of it, if not all of it looked like it was redone with CGI?

  6. Abe says:

    This is awesome!!

  7. dave says:

    ROYCE GRACIE WAS NO MORE THEN A PURPLE BELT IN can se see sub of ken shamrock and withh his kimo triangle he just purrple belt who was at the right age to step up fpr the gracie fam

  8. learntoread says:

    Great new intro, very well done. Definitely got me pumped.

  9. slacker says:

    I liked the gladiator man, but it was time for a change. This intro. is awesome, showing some of the absolute best moments in great fights!

  10. DAMN! says:

    The best part of the intro is when Chuck was demolishing Tito and the brick wall was crumbling behind Tito

  11. fredo says:

    Glad to see BJ in there…

  12. ryan says:

    I liked it! Good Job! We just now need to get rid of face the pain with something good

  13. Night-Wind says:

    Gives me chills. Can’t get any better than this!

  14. pretty awesome besides Nick Diaz’s ugly face at the end…

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