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Thursday, 01/31/2013, 08:07 pm

The UFC set to launch divisional fighter rankings, but still plan on making “the fights the fans want to see” | UFC NEWS

In almost every major sport you have some kind of ranking system that almost anyone, fan or not, can understand. For as long as the UFC has been around they have not officially recognized any ranking of their fighters. That is about to change, and Dana White is actually onboard with this change and has announced that the organization would establish a system to begin immediately after UFC 156.

Only UFC-promoted fighters will be included in the rankings provided by the UFC official statistics provider, FightMetric, and will be voted upon by 90 media member worldwide according to Dana White. He stated that he hopes this will make the UFC product easier to understand for people new to it.

“When you have a top 10 ranking, that’s literally what we all go by,” he said. “For as long as we’ve been on this planet until today, when you open the sports section, you see the Boston Red Sox in first place, Toronto in last place. There are rankings in every sport. It just makes sense.”

Dana White was also clear that the rankings wouldn’t have any real significance in terms of matchmaking, but consideration would be given to fighters who get to the top of their division. This could be a positive for fighters like Jon Fitch who went on an eight-fight win streak in the UFC before getting his title shot. Then after losing to Georges St-Pierre, he won five in a row, and was considered by many the No. 2 welterweight in the world. Fitch had also been criticized by some fans and labeled as “boring,” which many people also thought was the reason he didn’t get another shot at the champion.

With the UFC recognizing this new ranking system, maybe it will make it tougher on UFC matchmakers to overlook fighters like Fitch. Dana White says that he’ll still focus on the entertainment factor as much as the fairness when deciding championship fights.

“No matter what the rankings are, I’m putting on the fights the fans want to see,” he said.


7 Responses to “The UFC set to launch divisional fighter rankings, but still plan on making “the fights the fans want to see” | UFC NEWS”

  1. Dustin says:

    Ranking system would work perfectly. It will make fighters work harder for victories.

  2. Stephen says:

    I think it is a catch 22. I kind of have to agree with Dana though. There are certain fighters who I just will not watch because they are boring to me (Jake Shields is the first that comes to mind). While he may be a “high ranked fighter,” his fights put me to sleep. But with the catch 22 aspect, I think that there should be some sort of ranking system. I’m tired of hearing Goldberg and Rogan say that every other fighter is the “best in the division”.

    • slickrick says:

      The UFC can put on the fights we want to see, but if the fighter hasn’t earned the title shot then it should just be a 5rnd main event fight, not a title fight. If Jake Shields beats 3 top 10 fighters then he deserves a title shot over the guy ‘the fans want to see’. Whether or not fighters are boring IS up to us, but that shouldn’t excuse the fact that they have worked their way up to being 2nd best.

  3. VirsTyson says:

    DW changes his tune like a DJ with A.D.H.D.

  4. Kyle says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA the Boston Red Sox in first place for as long as we’ve been on this planet??? Dana… they enjoyed a few good years in the middle of the 2000’s. And that’s. About. It.

  5. fightfan333 says:

    A ranking system is fine with me. But they need to come up with a system that ranks the fighters that finish more fights higher than the fighters that take you down and lay and pray for the judges to pick them as the winner, frankie edgar comes to mind.

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