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Tuesday, 07/30/2013, 02:27 pm

“The Spider” Heading to Thailand to Sharpen Striking Skills


| Following his loss to “The All American” Chris Weidman, Anderson Silva knows that he made some mistakes in that fight and he is not going to let the same thing happen again come December 28th when the two rematch for the UFC middleweight title.

Silva, for the first time in his UFC career, will be coming off of a defeat. We’ve never seen “The Spider” come into a fight inside the octagon following a lose and it seems that Anderson is taking the rematch very seriously as we have gained word  that the former champion is packing his bags and heading to Thailand to work on his Muay-Thai and striking skills to better prepare for Weidman.

Silva has always been a master of Muay-Thai inside the cage and it looks like he is going back to his roots in an effort to get back what he lost to Weidman on July 6th; The UFC Middleweight Title. In a report by Brazilian sports outlet Esportes Silva explained that he is not blaming his corner or camp for the loss to Weidman at UFC 162 but is rather taking the blame himself and is now looking to correct those mistakes by heading to Thailand to train with some of the best strikers in the world. Here is what Silva had to say in the report:

“I did not have to put the blame on my team. Who made the mistake was me. I’ve made a technical error, I cannot put the blame on my team. Now is reviewing what I did wrong technically, that is something we are already doing, and think forward. We have a nice workout calendar, soon going to Thailand to spend time there and then back to finish our training in Rio.”

“I will train and be focused to do my job well done.”

Silva will have a chance to regain the strap that he held for so long on December 28th in Las Vegas at UFC 168 as he faces off with the man that dethroned him just a couple weeks ago; newly-crowned Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman.

Silva’s passion for fighting seems to have returned as the former champion is heading overseas to sharpen his skills before he tries to regain his title in December. What do the fans here at think? Is Silva’s training in Thailand going to help him in the rematch against Weidman or is the same fate awaiting “The Spider” on December 28th, regardless of what adjustments he make? Let’s here what you think, Penn Nation! Sound off!

To read the entire interview with Anderson Silva on Esportes click here.

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86 Responses to ““The Spider” Heading to Thailand to Sharpen Striking Skills”

  1. 767 says:

    He should be going to wrestling school to learn some wrestling, but whatevs

    • Goblin Striking says:

      Not like Chris could keep him down anyway. Plus its hard to shoot when your taking a nap

    • Dee says:

      And he should be polishing up his boxing. His mistake came from boxing. He knows what he did wrong though. That’s what’s so weird about Silva. Most guys get caught and has no clue how they got clipped.

      • kevanalvarado says:

        I honestly can’t wait till Anderson Silva wins ^____^. Then it’ll be amusing looking at all these comments haha. And it’s really funny when people hate on Anderson Silva for his style of fighting, but people LOVE and are amazed when Muhammad Ali would fight exactly like Anderson? Hands down, ducking under and back. And seriously? HE.WAS.NOT.JOKING.AROUND. BOTH WEIDMAN & SILVA claimed it was part of Silva’s gameplan. He did EXACTLY what Ali would do in a ring. Get into fighter’s head and mentally get the edge. Like really? But whatever ^___^. Coming December i’ll be sure to come back to this article and other articles full of hate comments and read them and laugh.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          And when he loses, will you come bqack and laugh at yourself? Because I’m laughing at you now!!!

  2. Goblin Striking says:

    Sounds good. Not like he really needs it tho, he woulda KO’d Weidman in the 1st fight if he wasnt acting like an idiot. Time to get the strap back.

  3. magoo says:

    I thought AS was joining Barnum@Bailey…..lmao

  4. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    It’s obvious all his little sycophants who rely on Silva for their living are feeding this narcissist what he needs. Poor delusional old man will look worse than last beating.

    • Anderson Silva would own you says:

      So I’ve been reading your comments for about 2 weeks now and all I have to say is you are the absolute dumbest trailer park piece of shit I have ever come across on this website. You claim to be “the smartest man on this site” and yet you prove every time you open your mouth just how fucking stupid you are. Your replies make absolutely no sense and you have no brain. Chris Weidmen caught Silva end of story. He didnt out wrestle him, he didnt submit him. He caught him with a good flury that k.o. him. Also you talk alot of shit for knowing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Get out of your moms basement go find a job, take a shower and get a fucking life you piece of shit

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        Now Now Nancy, don’t get your panties all in a wad over this. Sheesh. Lighten up baby sister. First, I am an highly superior educated badass Black/White Hybrid beast. (Black/Hispanic Mom and a White Dad). We have never lived in a trailer park, but I don’t see why you are soooo RACIST towards those that do? Probably need to see a shrink over that one. Do you see racists everywhere? Do you really hate this much? LOL. Also, my parents do not have a basement and I haven’t lived with them since I was 18 and I am know 27. So far you are not doing too well with your assessments. Next Weidman schooled joke Silva and won every minute of that fight and he HAD RING RUST. Oh my can’t wait until December when he doesn’t!! Uhhh, yes dick pimple, he DID out wrestle him duh! You know nothing kidds are so funny with all your girly emotions and no experience. I shower daily thank you very much. BTW: do you know much about basements and not showering??? As far as a job, I own a home, plus a beach house in Destin and looking at a cabin in Ruidoso. I own 13 rental properties and 1 apartment complex. I build 500k+ custom homes and invested 50K in Apple stock when it was at 72. So yes I have a life. Now, to address one point about me that you might be right and that is if or if not I am a piece of shit. Could be but I prefer to being known as a fucking prick.
        Now let’s look at you. I see you you have a problem with others expressing their opinions! Yes? You hate people who live in trailer parks! Yes? And. I see you get all girly mad emotions about reading something on a post you disagree with! Yes? You have no idea what goes on in a fight! Yes? Finally you are COWARD for not posting under your name you always use! Yes?

        • Boring says:

          So firstly your a mongrel version of the human race. Secondly you can’t be superior educated because you don’t know the difference between NOW and KNOW. It should read “I am NOW 27″, not “KNOW 27″ you retard. And as far as your assessment of yourself as a ****ing prick, I have to agree with you on that 1.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          ^ @Boring…Yes, yes you are boring. Also, I am superior because I KNEW that the ‘know” would bring you out from under your rock to scold me. Think about that awhile kidd.!? lmao. What do you have against Hybrid Vigor intelligence? Are you a Racist towards the mongrels??? Face it, COWARD I AM superior to you and YOU NOW IT!!! But at least we can agree that I am a fucking prick, Lol…There might be hope for you yet.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          @Boring…Oh and one last thing. I was going to let this pass, but then I remembered I am a fucking prick so I decided not to. Little suggestion, when you scold someone for a typo and/or misuse of a word, MAKE sure that you DON’T do it yourself dumbass kidd. Your should be you’re. KNOW don’t follow dufus.

        • Boring says:

          Once again you have demonstrated how stupid you are. If you look at my comment there are no mistakes in my grammar or any typo’s, unlike you you idiot. Then you call yourself a “Hybrid”, but you can’t be a hybrid because a hybrid is a mixture of 2 breeds, and as you have pointed out you mother is black & Hispanic and your daddy(If he is your real daddy)is white.So NOW we have established that you are of 3 mixtures by YOUR OWN evidence that makes you a MONGREL.By pointing out that you are a MONGREL does not make me racist, yet again proving how stupid you are.In no way have you demonstrated that you are more superior or intelligent than me, and yet again I have shown you that I am more intelligent than you. You tried to correct me with the “You’re” comment, well in fact YOUR wrong again.I am happy to always educate retarded MONGRELS like you so I have prepared an example for you, so that in the future you do not make yourself look like a pimple dick.EXAMPLE Write your as the possessive form of you, referring to something that a person has, something that belongs to the person in question, or the person you are talking to. “Your” reflects ownership, as in “yours, mine, and ours”. Once again I have proved my intelligence over you.The last point I like to make is that the name BORING is referring to how we all feel about your comments, you were to stupid to work that out.

      • James Brasco says:

        Chris Weidman out wrestled him, pounded him on the ground to the point where instead of just continuing to do so had the confidence to finish the fight and go for the knee bar and foot lock….they came back up…Weidman stalked him. Weidman wins first round. Second round, silva tried the same shit he always does and got cocky. Its cool when it works except when it doesnt. KO baby !!! Weidman will come in as the champ, not off an injury, and now there is zero aura surrounding Silva…IT WILL BE WORSE THE SECOND TIME AROUND

  5. GRT 3000 says:

    Round 2 will be an easy win for the GOAT. The fluke champ can enjoy his little day in the sun, but they are numbered & short.

  6. maddkillah says:

    AS has always been more of a counter striker type and on dec he’s going to be the challenger so i think the reason behind thailand is to improve his aggressiveness, after all he’ll be the one who should be chasing the champ now..but of course i could be wrong, so just saying…

  7. 757 says:

    I agree with the person^^ who said he should be focused on his wrestling. He is going to get worked. Weidman has his number. It just works out that way sometimes. Personally I think we got to see the real AS when he woke up and blamed his team for the loss……..JUST AN FYI AS USHER DOESN’T KNOW SHIT ABOUT FIGHTING!! Weidman by Ko or straight ass whippin in fight #2

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      ABSOLUTELY AGREED!! Silva has been a joke for awhile now and Not only does Weidman have his number, guess what SO DOES EVERYBODY else!!! He will probably go out like Tito.

      • Dana White says:

        Oh ya, the most dominant fighter in MMA history has been a joke for some time now. Shows us how much you know, or how hateful you are. Silva will destroy Weidman in the rematch and we won’t be seeing you for some time after, since you will be hiding.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Ok Let’s make a deal. If Weidman wins, you get your sorry ass off of this site forever WITH NO NEW NAME FOREVER and if joke Silva wins, I will do the same. You up for that kidd?

        • Dana White says:

          Deal, Gargoyle Wresting. If Silva wins, you leave the site. If Weidman wins, I will leave. Forever.

    • bryan says:

      Where did you see Anderson blaming his team for the loss? Just like in this article, he’s shouldering all the blame on himself. He got caught because of his clowning around. But before that, when he threw some kicks and punches at will, and basically unanswered. Also, in the first round when Weidman took him down, everybody said that would be it, that Silva wouldn’t get up from that. But he did wit relative ease. I think if Silva drops all the clowning and head games, which he doesn’t even need, he wins the rematch. I’m hoping to see a more focused Silva this time. Either way, I think we’re going to see a great fight no matter which one wins.

  8. Jason says:

    AS will put up a better fight, but hes gonna still lose..>Weidman was strong on the ground and was putting strong GnP out. Silva was able to block the takedowns cuz he hands were at his hips, so he could react quicker, but he has to worry and put his hands up now cuz weidmans standup isnt shit like a maia….Silva will get taken down and pounded and possibally submitted…

    Just wanted to also say its amazing how the delusional silva huggers are just brushing off weidmans skills and just saying, “Fluke”, “joke champ”, “will be demolished in the second fight”, “Woulda won easy first fight”….you guys need to learn to analyze a fight without emotion your all pitiful…

    P.S: IDGAF about grammer…

  9. ullysses31 says:

    AS is gonna leg kick his way to victory…… me

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      You are actually right. This is his ONLY chance. It won’t work but yah it’s joke Silva’s only chance of slowing Weidman. Believe me, Longo and Team Weidman KNOWS EXACTLY what Silva’s plans are. He will be well prepared with NO RING RUST too. Scary, how bad Silva will be beat down this time.

  10. confucius says:

    Another idiot roll post for gargoyle wrestling. silvas 7 year reign 10 title defenses were a big joke i guess? Silva breaking every record the UFC has ever had was a total joke too. silvas counter punch KO of forrest, silvas knee to the chest of bonnar, silvas front kick to the face of vitor, all pretty much a joke. Silva will go out like Tito? Tito held the belt longer then anybody else until jon jones. Thats coming from somebody who never was a tito fan either. Why you such a hater Gargoyle?

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      That’s your main problem and every other Silva nutlicker on this site. Is you keep looking at the past and you have an illusion of who and what Silva has been and is now. Dude he is an old man who has lost a step. Quit looking to the past see what actually happened in that fight with a opponent who came back form a somewhat serious injury and hadn’t fought in a year and whose family lost everything in the hurricane. You think Weidman was at his best??? Of course not, But Silva WAS at his best. Weidman will so much better and he will be ready to go and the ring rust will be gone. Silva will take a bigger beating than before. Just think GSP vs BJ 2. As far as Silva goes, I hate his attitude and his narcissism. He is a douchebag personally and if you ever look at his fighting, all his skills are mediocre. The only skill he has that is superior up until now is that he is good at reading people’s patterns and then has great timing. But everything else is technically awkward. I have boxed longer than I have wrestled and I have been wrestling since I was 3. Silva has poor technical skills. Sorry to say that he is finished and most of the mma fighters knew this before the fight, it seems to be only the Silva nutlickers who are still in denial. So I ask you, are you a hater? Or more specifically, what do you hate?

      • MichaelRyan says:


        1. If you’re going to tell others not to focus on the past then do the same because all you do is go back to one past fight while others go further back to Anderson’s past fights. Definition of past is ANY time before this moment.

        2. Your criticism of Silva’s technical skills only make him look more spectacular. Now someone with “poor technical skills” knocked out and submitted virtually all his previous opponents?

        3. You (or anyone) talking about how long they have wrestled or boxed is joke.

        First, NO-ONE gives a f**k because you’re a NOBODY, so who are you trying to impress, you’re mommy? If you’ve fought in a premier MMA league fine. If not, don’t waste everyone’s time.

        Second, you talk so much inaccurate shit that NO-ONE believes you’ve ever even watched a live fight let alone participated in one.

        Third, no-one has the “problems” you reference. Everyone supports who they love watching. If Anderson supporters are Anderson nut lickers, then you are a Weidman nut licker. And Weidman might actually like it. He said Anderson’s got “nice lips” maybe he’d say the same thing about you after you licked his nuts…and maybe you’d say “Nice nuts Weidman” after licking his.

        But jokes aside. Silva will destroy Weidman with knees the second time around and no-one will need to talk about Anderson’s knees in past fights just the knees he used to destroy Weidman and get his belt back. And hopefully you’ll be a man and go find yourself another site in which to make a fool of yourself. Because God knows you’ve outlived your welcome here.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          I guess you told me dick pimple. And Huh, who are you? If you ONLY knew who I am. The facts are Silva sucks and so do you. Quit your whining bitch. lmao.

  11. cold steel says:

    peter go-in-butt, sounds like your the only person on this post who is really thinking bout fuckin lady boyz seeing you r the only one who made such stupid fuckin statement. you probably have not had pussy since pussy had u.please go back to watching “pro” wrestling and jerkin off to your nick Diaz posters above your bed. if you are truly against anyone trying to better themselves you haven’t accomplished anything in your 13 years on this planet.Fuck off loser

  12. die hater!!!!!!! lolololololol says:

    for a 27 year old gargoyle is still a dumbass and still proves that no matter how much you own or claim to own, you can still be retarded. hopefully, this clown gets run over by a truck in the near future. god knows the world needs less idiots like him in it.

    anderson silva nutsack > gargoyle’s accomplishments!

    suck it you piece of shit!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  13. 757 says:

    AS great fighting skills. Showed however that he is a classless clown. Sorry guys he could have been the GOAT but he looked like a stupid clowning idiot. He got his ass knocked out not beat, and tarnished his great record. Classless clown…BTW Weidaman will win again. When you are the GOAT you don’t abuse your sport and position. His ghetto attitude and actions of being cocky and not respecting his opponent got him humiliated

  14. MJ says:

    I am a huge fan of Chris. I am happy he won the fight, but if he stands with Anderson I do believe he will lose. Anderson is far ahead standing, but it is a fact that even Silva’s team will say “Chris can tap anyone in the world”. That’s per Roger G… Chris isnt going to get subbed and if he take Silva down, I think he can GNP the shit out of him. IMO But like I said, Anderson will find a way if you stand with him. Oh and funny thing, Silva didnt play around with Belfort. Nice kick, but he took that very serious.

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