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Sunday, 07/29/2012, 09:20 pm

The Saga of Nick Diaz Continues I Editorial


Nick Diaz has a habit of trash talking and calling out just about any fighter he wants to on any given week. Most recently, he has called out middleweight champion, Anderson Silva in a bizarre move that would lead fight fans to assume that Nick Diaz is out of retirement and looking for an opponent.

With the namesake of this site, B.J. Penn, and recent opponent, Carlos Condit already booked for fights, there is little in the way of anticipated rematches for Diaz to partake in under the UFC banner and for all intents and purposes it would seem that Diaz doesn’t want to be thrust back into the mix as he had enjoyed champion status in Strikeforce and number one contender status in the UFC for quite a long time.

Although being held back from a title shot can lead one to look for a worthy opponent as a stepping stone back to the title, a bout with Silva just doesn’t make sense.

Now when I say that it doesn’t make sense, I don’t mean that it wouldn’t be a great fight. Silva hates being talked down to and Diaz loves to do just that. Also, Diaz will not stop coming forward and hasn’t lost by way of punches since his 5th professional fight, ten years ago. Attacking Silva isn’t the best idea but Diaz will do whatever he wants in the Octagon to whomever happens to be standing across the Octagon from him.

Surely Anderson has the ability to finish but Diaz will not stand in awe of the champion and wait for him to dictate the fight. Instead, Diaz would, no doubt, attack Silva and throw his patented ‘Stockton Slap’ as he attempted to humiliate the champ by out working him with his ridiculous cardio all while breaking down the champ from the outside in until Silva wilted under the pressure in what would be ideal for Diaz however unlikely that occurrence may be.

This is all just talk for the potential fight however. In reality, this fight just doesn’t add up.

For starters, the middleweight division has its fill of contenders and by no means does it need a new one. There is a line around the block for fighters waiting for their shot at Silva to try and dethrone the greatest fighter on the planet and putting Diaz at the front of the line is an insult to the division and gives wins for other fighters little to no meaning if they can be uprooted as the number one contender by a fighter from another division.

For Silva, a drop to welterweight serves no justice to his natural division as contenders still have to wait. Not being a large middleweight, Silva could probably drop down to 170 without much incident but why bother? Especially just to appease the desire of a fighter who, in his most recent stint in the UFC, has been anything but professional and the farthest thing from a respectable fighter who deserves to be the champ in the UFC let alone fighting for a title.

Diaz needs to rethink this comeback and come to terms with the fact that he isn’t close to a title fight in either weight class and for the first time in a while isn’t really even in the title picture as he stands behind the long list of active contenders for both divisions.

This seems more like a call for attention rather than a legitimate challenge and should be treated as such as the UFC brass and Anderson Silva need to get back to giving true contenders title shots in the divisions in which they belong, all while turning a blind-eye to outlandish statements such as this as Diaz should take a number and wait his turn.


56 Responses to “The Saga of Nick Diaz Continues I Editorial”

  1. coy says:

    i agree to some extent but as a fan (and im sure i speak for many), i would rather watch nick diaz fight the spider than like a weidman, munoz, belcher etc. i think he will put on great fight as well. those other guys just dont have the drawing power. anderson even said himself that those guys dont interest him. im a huge bj penn fan but it seems like the reporters on this site are really bias when it comes to guys that bj doesnt like. give nick diaz a chance. hes a great fighter and hell of an entertainer. i know for damn sure, i would pay to watch it

    • Yo papi says:

      Totally agree Coy

    • mrburnz84 says:

      yh defo hatin on diaz on ere lol he did punch bj lots n lots lol spyda v diaz would make more money than weidman belcher combined thats almost a fact so to say it doesnt make sense is wrong i think you will find it is YOU who is not making sense lol

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Say what you want about Diaz but at least he is a “REAL FIGHTER” something most fighters arn’t these days. you will never see Diaz running away exploiting the lousy rules and pussy ass pointfighting or lay n pray. I would pay to see either Diaz fight any day before i would ever pay to see GSP, condit, guida and all the other PUSSY ass pointfighters. For the 3or 4 Fitch fans in world Fitch is a disgrace to MMA and thank god he never fights anymore because he knows his days are numbered in UFC

    • Honestly,
      I never thought about it till now but I think Diaz and Silva makes sense. Both have good reach, good BJJ….

      Fun fight and Nick has fought at 185.

  2. Nick says:

    Although he would be cutting a bunch of dudes, and it might seem disrespectful to do so, I would much rather see Nick Diaz fight him than any of the potential contenders.

  3. gvgv says:

    i do think diaz lost the fight with condit but even with that this a fight that i would love to see, its almost a superfight, diaz is a beast and anderson is well hes anderson silva the best fighter ever, would definetely fork out the extra $10 to watch this in HD

  4. shaven maven says:

    Adam Conklin, you suck (as a writer).
    Your points are weak. You take things out of context. You print hearsay as fact.
    Don’t look too far into your future, you might not like it. You have no chance in MMA journalism. Stay in school and learn something.

    • T Dawg says:

      How is Anderson not a large middleweight? When he moved up to Light Heavy Weight to fight Griffin he hardly looked any different than 185. By the way Griffin is a pretty big light heavy weight.

  5. thug says:

    Grammar, dude. Learn it. #runonsentences

    • T says:

      Says the guy using sentence fragments. See…correcting grammar on message boards is pointless and doesn’t advance the discussion. Nobody cares or is impressed by you. #Keepittoyourself

  6. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    As a fan, I could care less who holds the belt. The fact that someone has a belt and is defending it does not make me want to buy a pay per view more: It’s about who is fighting and what each fighter is going to bring to that fight.

    So Diaz “cuts in line.” Ok then. Plain and simple, don’t make it a title fight. Silva has moved up on two different occasions, neither of which was a title fight. Make this fight happen, not because Diaz is ahead of anyone else for a MW title shot, but because it would be a fight to look forward to. I think UFC owes the fans that much, especially with the number of overhyped letdowns that come to recent memory.

  7. albert says:

    I want to see it cuz all thats left for the spider is people hes already beat

    • TD says:

      I’m so pleasantly surprised at everyone who thinks this would be as awesome as I do. True MMA fans. I need to keep better company when I watch fights apparently… since I was the only one out of like six people who thought Diaz beat Condit. I think this would not only be a sick fight… it would be an extremely refreshing display of someone who will actually stand with anderson and not dive at his ankles the whole time.

  8. Heath says:

    Sounds like this author is still bitter about the beating BJ took at the hands of Diaz. I for one would rather see Diaz VS Anderson instead of any of the so called top contenders in that division. At least with Diaz we know we will see a FIGHT and not a hump fest. Maybe everyone is scared that Diaz may just have the tool box to dethrone the so called best in the world……I doubt we would see Anderson running around the ring instead of exhchanging and we all know Nick would be in his face to test him and himself…This is a fight that every MMA fan would purchase and love to see, thats why it makes perfect sense!

  9. A.James says:

    This fight is for the fans. If they meet at a catch weight the middle or welter weight division contenders don’t matter. Silva wants big names from now on. GSP is tied up and do is Bones. If Silva agrees, which he just might, this will sell like his last PPV. Maybe more.

  10. M says:

    Horrible article. This fight makes all the sense in the world. Anderson’s manager said these other MWs don’t have any drawing power for ppvs and aren’t ready.

    You put nick Diaz in there it’s just as good as putting Chael sonnen in there. Tons of skill heart and shit talking.

    It makes the most sense and would be a very interesting fight

  11. Gabrielmaul says:

    So to sum up these comments, Adam you are dead wrong (again), we really would love to see a Diaz-Anderson fight. Oner more thing, please stop sucking up to BJ with your editorials.


  12. slacker says:

    No, Adam is right. Nick needs to eat his humble pie, which he knows nothing about, and get in line. After the way he has conducted himself since coming to the UFC, and his loss to Condit, he definitely needs to EARN a title shot, with one or two good wins. I am not interested in seeing a fight with Silva that will last 2 minutes.

  13. Mike B says:

    The fight don’t make no sense?i think it would make sense cause the fans would wanna see it.and nick would bring it to silva.but let’s be honest here everybody knows that fight ain’t happening.

  14. Benthemaster says:

    This fight will absolutely happen. Silva has nothing to gain by fighting any other ww, it’s likely he will eventually get caught even if his opponent gets lucky. Silva knows he only has a few fights let before it happens. He has nothing to gain by beating anyone except bones or gsp, so his last fights need to make him the most money possible. The Diaz fight will be a huge payday and gives him some cred if he wins. It will have more buys than the sonnen rematch.This fight is gauranteed to main event the new years show.

  15. Benthemaster says:

    Ed Sorros tweeted that they would accept the Diaz fight. Diaz said if they fight 185 he would be fine with a non title, said its not about the title.

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  17. truth hurts says:

    Diaz always gets caught with a right hand to the face. If Penn can blast him in the face and put him on his heals. ANderson will blast him and put him in the dark. He cannot beat anderson.

  18. Jb says:

    Belcher will stop Anderson. Mark my words but I’d like to see Diaz fight, least he’ll bring it. May be over in 1, screw it

  19. Cesar Saenz says:

    your retarded A. no one has ever tried to push silva in boxing thus why they get dominated only time is maia in the end of the 5th when he actually did good and sonnen attacking which gave him an almost win the first fight so i think this would be a great fight everyone is so hesitant when they fight solva maybe thats hwy he keeps winning hesitation here with length over there gives silva a very good base to win. remind you when you fight you dont have to be polite and lick ppls asses you go and fight he doesnt have to respect anyone bow to anyone so go bow to that. Diaz is a a great fighter and got kicked out for a dumb reason and shouldve already fought for the title. I think they should leave this to silva instead of anyone else if he hears the challenge and says hes the best lets ee him prove it.i think they should go with the fight man what a fight it would be i think it would be amazing

    • Justin Trakas says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Stylistically this is one of like 5 or 6 potential fights (in all weight classes combined) with the potential to be one the greatest fights in UFC history. Silva’s boxing/striking is better than any fighter he has faced in UFC. That being said, Nick’s boxing has improved as much over the last five years as anyone MMA. I wish he’d move more (feet and head) to avoid punches, but his chin is second to none so he generally just trades. The “stockton slap” has evolved into more of a grinding flurry of combinations. Now Diaz sits down on his punches where he used to just be an arm puncher. From a pure boxing standpoint they are close to a wash. Silva has better movement defense but Nick has more gas in the tank/cardio. BJJ, once again, its hard to give the advantage to either person. While Anderson has more creative striking/diversity, I’m not sure that is enough to make him the prohibitive favorite. Most people make the knee-jerk reaction of Diaz having little to no chance against P4P champ, but I wouldn’t run out and bet on that. Boxing=close, BJJ=close, size/diverse striking=Silva, Cardio=Diaz, Chin=close. OK I know there are early exceptions to this statement, but for the most part: no one knocks out Silva or Diaz, no one submits Silva or Diaz, neither man runs, and in his heart of hearts-Diaz thinks he better than Silva in every area. Besides Bones vs Silva, there is no MMA matchup that is more intriguing (in my opinion).

  20. Jeff Kahn says:

    Man this would be a damn good match up. Hope Dana pulls his gay rabbit outta the hat and make it happen!

  21. El Gran Chingon says:

    Diaz v Sonnen….then let the sh*t talking begin

  22. larris says:

    the guy that wrote this article dont seem to like Nick very much and thats why the whole piece is crap.Nick is the most exiting fighter in the world with an attitude to go.let him have the fights he wants because he is a real fighter who is far more exiting than anybody from the greg jackson camp with their pointfighting crap

  23. johnyfz450 says:

    how the fuck can they say he isnt anywhere near a title shot if that bullshit suspension was lifted then he would more than likely have gotten a rematch with condit and gsp still wants to fight him…. nick is still in the top 3 W.W and i cant wait till he gets back in the ring

  24. Pijan says:

    I say give Nick what he wants. There’s no legit contender waiting for Silva and I don’t see Nick even coming close anyways. It could be a good filler fight while the MW contenders set themselves apart a little more. Anderson wants to fight now and there’s no one to fight. Have it at catchweight in the rare event Nick pulls of the upset the title doesn’t change hands.

  25. tom mandich says:

    Umm Diaz did beat Condit.I watch the fight over and over again.Nick lost on the compu-strike,but your not judged bye that.You are judged rd,bye rd.Nick one 1,2,5.I love Condit,but he didn’t do what he said he had the ability to do.He didn’t stand in the pocket.I’m not saying he should of.Anybody who wants to stand with Nick better be a Daley or somebody.Condit isn’t a Daley when it comes to power.He’s a way better fighter,but not a striker like him.Condit did fight a very strategic fight bye scampering and sticking,but one again he lost 3-2.

  26. mike says:

    I thought the whole fight wasn’t for a title anyways.

  27. Chris says:

    He’s only looking for a big payday. Sad, but true…

  28. JerodR says:

    One thing that this does not mention is that Silva is not interested in fighting anyone currently in his division. With the exception of the Chael fights (which he won), he has dominated every single person put in front of him. At this stage he is asking for a challenge, and someone with a name behind them as well. Diaz would fit that bill nicely. Aside from maybe Bisping there should not be anyone in his division upset by this because they feel they should get the shot first. There is currently nobody in the division that could really argue that they should be or could be the champ.

  29. Fuck You says:

    The Diaz brothers are true warriors unlike many mma fighters, win or lose by silva I will def watch and I’ll def root for nick! I’m a loyal fan!!! Fuck the haters!!!

    • Clint says:

      Win or Lose? Nate is a warrior, but his older brother Nick is a cry baby when he loses. Pure example the Carlos fight, he let the fight go to the hands of the judges and then he cries about the loss that they gave him. I hate watching fighter complain after they loss a fight that they leave in the hands of the judges.

  30. Jeff says:

    Who wrote this article? I cannot believe the number of people who write MMA editorials that dont know their head from their ass. I can see the point that this fight doesnt make sense because there are others in THIS DIVISION that have earned it, but I think this would be a real good fight. Id like to see Silvas reaction when Nick takes his best and keeps coming forward! HaHa! This fight makes A LOT OF SENSE FROM THAT PERSPECTIVE! BTW, I think Joe Silva is a SHITTY MATCHMAKER. He is a little man with a huge ego and also, who the hell is the black dude, “Babysitter to the Stars”??? UFC needs to hire some legit people.

  31. james says:

    What ignorance buy the author of this article ” Not being a large middleweight, Silva could probably drop down to 170 without much incident” …… The guy has a light heavyweight or heavyweight frame, he would have to saw a leg off to make 170, amateur writing……

  32. scott says:

    Honestly, i dont like either diaz brother, i think their both punks on their best day! BUT, when it comes to fighting, i’d pay to watch either of them because they come to fight everytime win or lose, they wont run and wont just lay on the ground and stall, if they go to the grounf they are always busy! SIlva VS diaz?, hell yea, count me in!!

  33. Krinkle says:

    Finally a sensible group of fans. I posted on another forum that this would be a great fight back when Zuffa bought Strikeforce. Everyone there tried to laugh me away like it was a bad joke. This fight has always more sense to me than Diaz vs GSP.

  34. Adam Conklin says:

    HAHA mma fans are crazy. Diaz would make it a great fight. Match-up makes no sense to make with all the contenders and Diaz being a middle-of-the-road welterweight. :) Also, calling someone a namesake of the sight is a fact, not ass-kissing, with that said, WAR BJPENN

  35. fkawau says:

    I’ve been surfing online more than three hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours The Saga of Nick Diaz Continues I Editorial | MMA News | Mixed Martial Arts | UFC News | BJPenn | MMA Fight | UFC Fights. It’s pretty worth enough for me. Personally, if all site owners and bloggers made good content as you did, the internet will be much more useful than ever before.

  36. Yo says:

    I think Diaz would definately give Anderson a hell of a fight,I dunno if he would win but he would definately give silva a run for his money.I still dont understand why so many people look past this guy,hes the real deal fighter.

  37. mansoor says:

    lol nick diaz is nothing compared to silva he might have beaten a couple of good fighter but he has a long way to go before stepping in the octagon whit such greats as G.S.P or Silva…. To be really honest i do hope he steps in the Ring with the spider so he could retire him for good

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