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Saturday, 10/29/2011, 10:33 pm

The Post-UFC 137 Victory Article

Somewhere in Stockton California there are celebrations going on this evening. But here in my hotel room in Las Vegas and in homes and bars across Hawaii we mourn.

BJ Penn took defeat to Nick Diaz tonight in their UFC 137 main-event clash. Diaz was able to put a pace on Penn that eventually broke the two-time UFC champion and battered his face worse than any of us have ever seen.

From my standpoint, just so everyone knows, BJ trained hard for this fight. I talked to him nearly every day and he was training hard, was mentally focused and did everything he could to put on the best performance of his career. Unfortunately, fate had a different plan for our brother in tonight’s battle.

For 10 years BJ Penn has gone out and put his heart and soul into his work for his fans and homeland. He has been an ambassador for fair and honest fighting and the picture perfect example for showing how to love his fans as much as they love him.

Every time BJ steps in the cage, he brings all of us with him. The nerves set in, hard to breath, hard to walk, the anxious inability to talk. You want him to win so badly, but the thought of a loss makes the fight almost impossible to watch. But we owe it to him, to stay glued to the cage or TV screen while keeping our fingers crossed he can blow through the guy in 30 seconds and come out untouched.

I walked out of the Arena tonight at the conclusion of round 2. I knew BJ still had a chance to win, but to see one of my best friends and someone I consider a brother be tired and bruised and bloody was something I was not willing to do. I saw the look in BJ’s face, I knew the Diaz victory was a foregone conclusion and I had seen enough.

I titled this article “The Post-UFC 137 Victory Article” because BJ is still a champion, still a winner, still victorious. We are talking about a man who fights with his heart, who defies the odds and who challenges himself with every breath he takes. He is a natural light-weight fighter who just took on a reigning, major promotional champion at a weight class above where he should be fighting.

A street fighter from the streets of Hilo Hawaii, born to fight and captivate millions across the world, BJ Penn has been an inspiration to everyone who has ever seen him step into the cage. From my standpoint, he is the reason I watch MMA. When I saw him run out of the cage after destroying Uno I was hooked on the “Prodigy” for life.

A regular member on BJPENN.COM, BJ messaged me one day and asked me to help with the website. I didn’t know how to act, I remember just jumping up and down and screaming like a little girl. Now I sit here as an employee, someone who’s voice, sometimes matters to thousands of readers every day. He changed my life forever, and that’s just a testament to who he is and how he operates.

BJ may have lost tonight, in fact, he lost badly, and we have never seen BJ take such a whooping before. But if he had to lose, at least it was to a real fighter like Nick Diaz and not some roiding, cheater of a fighter who has no respect for the martial arts. He put on a valiant effort in what I have been told was one of the very best Mixed Martial Arts fights of all time.

The sky is the limit for Nick Diaz; he very well may take over the division and be the next big thing in the sport. He has looked unstoppable for a number of years now and tonight was no different. BJ did what he does and took the challenge, tested himself and put it all on the line in one of the gutsiest performances I have ever seen and for that alone, he is still victorious.

Thank you for reading everyone, and from our entire team, thank you for your support!


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  1. Chris J, says:


      • Fortyb4five says:

        Come on man really? Alot of guys on here are diehard penn fans and you people gotta be ignorant and hate…the man is a legend weather you think he is or not.

      • Chris says:

        Anthony- Hardly? Let me see you step in the cage or even on the mat with BJ and tell him that he is hardly a fighter. BJ has been in MMA for a long time and is the only non-Brazilian to ever win the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Championship. I think he is a legend and has contributed alot to the sport.

        • JDMartialArts says:

          It wasn’t the Brazillian Worlds, it was the Mundials…and I once heard that he won as a white belt…BJ is the greatest lightweight of all time, and I hope that he comes back for one last fight against one of the “old guard” lightweights…just to say goodbye…we love you BJ…

      • MenehuneJ says:

        then why don’t you fight him?

    • BJ > Diaz says:

      Yep well said Pedro, the part about how it feels watching him fight and how nervous you get during is spot on. Its to the point that it makes me sick before and during his fights, my legs are shaking and my heart-rate is way up as if i’m there as well. I don’t know what it is that he is always getting tired if he is training hard like you said. While I believe you, their is more to this issue because it shouldn’t happen this way and if it didn’t happen many of his losses would be wins, as much as the haters will deny. But tonight like so many other he came out looking great and he won the first round no question with slick combos, a takedown to back control followed with good shots to the head. Then a minute in to round 2 he was done, and round 3 was all heart where he actually had some moments while clearly exhausted. I have been a die-hard BJ Penn fan since he stepped on the scene and I hope this isn’t it because while I love MMA I’m not sure it will really matter anymore without BJ. I live in the GSP loving nation of Canada and have to defend BJ as if he were family to all the haters, but I love it that way and I hope it continues. If not I certainly respect your decision BJ and god bless.

      • Jason O says:

        I could not agree more brother. My fiancee always knows never to speak to me during BJ’s fights, I am always standing up from his entrance until the final decision. I love MMA as a whole as well, but it will be nothing without the spark and passion that BJ brings. He is such a good person too, so nice when me and my dad checked out his gym on Kinoole street. I hope and pray he will be back. But if not, it was an honor and a pleasure to watch him be a fearless warrior no matter what the challenge was. Win, lose, or draw……he always was and always will be a champion. We love you BJ. HANA HOU!!!!

      • SHOOTtoKILL says:

        fuck the haters!! Truth is that BABY JAY is not a legend he is THE legend…1 of 2 men to hold 2 belts in 2 different weight classes(ufc). First pro fight is IN the UFC and against the top lightweights in the world at the time,and fight in multiple weights. not to mention ALL of his fights were against big names and a few who were champs ,future champs, or were champs. Thats a pretty fucken awesome resume. GAYSP is only known for being the best blanket ever, AS is up there to and a few others. but come on haqters and fans alike have to by law say BJ is the FUCKING MAN!!! so comment likes or comment hate but before you come into PENNS house and start hating, you better remember NO BODY MOVE NO BODY GET HURT! BJ PENN SUPERFAN FOR LIFE!

    • 808nation says:

      thanks for the ride B………….

    • Raj says:

      Hi BJ. What to say besides being the greatest fighter of all time!!

    • Mike McMack says:

      I say top 5 greatest for sure but he’s not the greatest IMO. He’s not as dominant as Spidey.

      • Barn says:

        I’d put Spidey on the top of my list if i see him make a run at 205.

      • John says:

        Mike there is a reason that he is Spidey’s no 1 pick this guy has done so much its incredible he has only ever took top compitition and out of his comfort zone to the only other fighter to capture 2 title’s in different weight classes and to be fair Couture dropped down to get his Second title not taking anything away fron Randy but bj Stepped up a weight class a bigger a challange imo…

    • pk9grrr says:

      just watched the fight,not your night bj but too see you reach down and make diaz linger back for a moment in the 3rd is the stuff legends are made of .you are up there with the best !!

    • Kalaeboi! says:

      Its a blessing to see everyone with so much love for BJ… brings tears to my eyes… Thx everyone for the aloha… Penn Nation!

  2. Fortyb4five says:

    Very nice read Pedro. Its so upsetting to see BJ go out like that but us true Penn fans will never stop believing in him. I wish the best for him and his family. Congrats on your second daughter B. Penn Nation will always be my home away from home and BJ will always be like family. Keep your head high, your career has been legendary. People champ BJ “The Prodigy” Penn.

    • kenji says:

      i dont understand why people are disappointed how bj went out. to me it was a great fight. bj kept on coming even after absorbing diaz’s best, he kept on coming. to me it was even greater than edgar vs maynard. bj absorb diazs best and didnt fall but kept on coming back. a regular figher would be down. look what diaz did to rob lawler. to me bj showed how great of a heart he has. he may not have the tools as he did when he was younger but he did show that he truely is a warrior. remember bj is still young but in an olders fighters body. these young fighters like edgar, diaz hasnt peaked like the penns nor the gomis nor the courtures, nor the hughes…it was a great fight to cap a great career but everyone gets down on his conditioning. i really think his conditioning was superb. no one can last that long and take that kind of punishment and still deliver punishment and not be in great condition. go ask the diaz opponents that he took out. bj showed that his heart is as big as they come. what a great warrior!!! lots of respect for bj and his family. before i was his worst critic…but now i see that he is truly the prodigy…thanks bj for all the heart and respect you and your family has given to the islands….kenji

  3. kamoiilim says:


  4. dDMG says:

    gsp will destroy nick diaz homie

  5. 32hunter says:

    as happy as I was that Nick won when I saw BJ I started tearing up. the dude is a legend. and he’ll always be my second favorite fighter.

  6. michael says:

    Like u said, bj is a natural lightweight. If he so chooses to retire I would totally understand. But I as I’m sure so many mote fans believe he has mote than just a run left in him at lightweight.I believehe still has greatness. Good luck bj in whatever you choose.

  7. e says:


  8. Chris W. says:

    Thank you, BJ, for showing us how to be a champion with class, with passion, with love, and with the heart of a lion. If it is true that tonight was your last fight, then despite your loss in the Octagon, you have won over the hearts of MMA fans worldwide. Thank you for the legacy you are leaving.

  9. tim says:

    His comment about not wanting his daughter to see his face like this, made my throat squeeze.

  10. ThankYouBJ! says:

    “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat. ” – Theodore Roosevelt
    Mahalo BJ…you are the Man in the Arena!

    • kenji says:

      to me that is the most greatest fight i ever saw bj fight in years. he never quit. he kept on swinging even though he was up against a great opponent. a taller opponent who had been a welter weight for years. i really was proud of bj tonigjht. he showed his fighting spirit. diaz couldnt put him out where he normally does to other opponents. i am really really proud of bj. really proud.

  11. AJR80 says:

    Great article. I’m a HUGE BJ Penn fan and I’d be dissapointed to see him retire but if he does retire I wish him the VERY best in all that he does. It just shows how talented BJ is to be fighting at WW against the devisions top guys when he’s actuall a natural LW. I think BJ’s far from done and I think he has unfinnished buisness at LW. He could DEFINITELY be a champion at again at LW the problem was he’s just too small at WW.

  12. Twayne says:

    Great article braddah Pedro!


  13. Mitch Drewett says:

    Thankyou BJ Penn and your whole family for allowing us to enjoy this part of your life all the best for your future you are a legendary fighter great person and great ambassador for your sport

  14. DyNoMiTe says:

    Hate to see you go BJ. you’ll always be remembered as one of the greats

  15. YG Han says:

    Still champion. still winner.

    I want blessing his another life after retirement

    But I’m miss his fight already

    I just wanna say this “Thank you for I can be your fan BJ”

  16. Chris Avery says:

    Awsome article. It was hard for me to watch also my favorite
    fighter and always will be. Thanks bj for your illustrious career.
    God bless you and your family. U r a True warrior!

  17. Fredo says:

    Thank you BJ for all these years you kept us entertained. You showed us that you care about your fans and put all the effort in any events your in. Your my number one fighter, whether if this was your last fight, i hope not, I will continue to follow you and go to BJPENN.COM

  18. Thank you for your comments guys! I really appreciate it and thank you for giving me an outlet to release my emotions! You guys are the best!

  19. Tikler says:

    I too have been a Huge BJ fan and supporter since his KO of Din Thomas. He has been my @1 favorite fighter in the UFC and always will be. Tonight broke my heart seeing him get beat up that badly and then to hear him say he was done. It actually brought a tear to my eye. I hope we haven’t seen the last of him, but I would hate to see him go through what Cro Cop went through.

    I love you BJ, thank you for so many great fights, you have the heart of a lion! Return or retire you will always be a Champion!

  20. alexis mallo says:

    well done saddens me for the lost but i know there’s a bigger purpose for you…the octagon is too small for you that you have to go out from there..the world is your playground now..God has something in store for you…i always admire the charisma that you have whenever you enter the ring…the power..the courage..especially the heart, you always have the heart of a champion..i hope to see you someday soon in penn academy…im always your fan…mahalo BJ! …OHANA, were always a family..God Bless.

  21. michael says:

    Bj. Let ur emotions settle down b4 u make the decision to retire. We fans believe in u and believe u get still get that lightweight strap. If retirement is truly what u want we will understand but don’t give up on ur self, ur fans haven’t. Much love bj

  22. fin4life says:

    i’ve waited for this to come. BJ has finally realized that he cannot compete at this level with the cardio and stamina that he brings to each and every fight. His pride is so large that he cannot control and deserves whatever he receives in every fight. I’ve idolized BJ for so long but i knew that one day he will come to his own. It didn’t have to be this way but BJ chose this route. His stubbornis lead him to this kind of defeat and it was embarrassing. I’m actually embarrassed for him. I hope you die hard fans can understand coz right now it sucks typing this shiet. BJ, i hope you enjoy the rest of your life with Ava and your upcoming newborn but i sure hope you decide to hang it up coz i would hate for you to end up looking like u did tonight! Peace…..

    • RHendO says:

      I wouldnt be embarrassed for BJ thats the was and the only way a fighter will ever want to go out and thats FIGHTING ! unfortunately it was a loss but in fighting u win some u loos some.

  23. BJPennrules says:

    Great article!, in all reality we all know that BJ can drop to LW and still be very competitive and perhaps win the title back..but I know what we all love about BJ is he likes to test himself against guys that walk around at 190 pounds then drop to 170..if in fact this was his last fight…it will be a very big loss to the MMA world
    thanks BJ for developing this website so us as fans can enjoy MMA…

  24. Djb80 says:

    Bj went out like a champ he fought his heart out. So many emotions in the main event ,Bj tearing up on the way to the cage was a pure emotion only a fighter of his magnitude could get. I’ve also never seen diaz that pumped after a fight I’m a fan of both guys and being from the 209 I dodnt expect it to so bitter sweet happy for Diaz but sad because its the last time we see the prodigy. Best wishes to to BJ and his family much love from the 209 !!!!

  25. RHendO says:

    BJ your my boy. Best fighter to ever do this thing and will always be my favorite fighter. When fighters like Anderson, Matt, and yes even George say your the best to do this, that damn well means your the best to ever do this!!! Now its time to get your rest be with your family and bring your little brother into the spot light. PENN NATION !!!

  26. joe says:

    Tonight seems like a sad night for MMA, but it’s not. BJ went out the way all the greats should; battered, bruised, and bested by another top fighter. BJ left it all in the octagon, like a true warrior.

    Five, ten, fifteen years from now we’ll still be talking about how BJ would fight anyone at any weight. How when his time came he went out on his shield, slugging it out with arguably the best boxer in MMA.

    To paraphrase the dying words of Augustus Caeser: Did Baby J play his part well? If so, clap your hands and take him off the stage.

    Deafening applause.

    • Tom Ryan says:

      ^ Stupid internet thug.

      BJ stepped toe to toe, blow for blow with Nick Diaz, and before that Jon Fitch and Hughes, Edgar, Sanchez, Florian, GSP, Sherk, Joe Daddy, Jens Pulver, Renzo Gracie, Lyoto Machida, Gomi, Caol Uno, Matt Serra and others.

      BJ redefined what it means to be a fighter and a martial artist. What the fuck have you done with your life?

  27. Robleh says:

    Carlos Condit vs Jon Fitch at UFC 141

  28. ajay says:

    really guyz…..all the same guyz that before the fight all up on penn……”war penn”……”kick his @&^”…..”bj the best”…….”bust nick up”…..pssshhhhhh……..ah c’mon……now wat!!!!!!!

  29. Justin K says:

    Much Love to you Brother BJ, Thank you for remaining as a true warrior, it’s been an honor to watch you fight and wish you the best, from N.Y.

  30. Hendrix says:

    BJ isn’t retiring.

  31. fin4life says:

    u guys are jus fricken hilarious

  32. Ed says:

    Wha wha wha wha :'( ….. Bj lost wha wha STFU all you bj nutt huggers talking all that shit now what!
    WAR DIAZ!!!!

  33. Jason says:

    HOW MANY OF YOU DIAZ HATERS ARE STILL TALKING SHIT?!?!? Goes to show if you are, that you don’t know ANYTHING about MMA.

    • C'mon Get Real says:

      All talk… All HIS Accomplishments, 1st Non Brazilian in history to Win the Black Belt Division in the Wotld Ju jitsu Championship,1of 2 Fighters 2 Have The Balls N Fight in 2 Different Weight Class & Win the Tittle. (Actually fought in 4 different weight Class) See if Diaz Can Have Half the Balls to do That.. As for the Damn Haters of BJ, I Don’t See U in the Damn Ring, He not only trains, got family, he also gets involved with his community and children’s Foundation, which few fighters do that.. If BJ Does Retire, He made the Damn Best Decision, Family First.. If He Does Come Back Hope He Fights in His True Weight Class…

  34. gra says:

    pedro u missed it. bj came out like a warrior in the 3rd. never seen him like that.

  35. ivan says:

    B.j. you are the reson i started watching mma and win or lose i was always in your corner. Thank you for always puting your all into the fights. Even tho you were the one fighting when you won i felt as if i had won and felt all the happiness, and when you lost i felt as if i had had lost. You will always be the peoples champion and always be my Idol. You have gained so many fans and i myself will always be part of the PENN NATION! Thank you so much… Mahalo for everything!

  36. learntoread says:

    HUGE respect for BJ Penn, there is absolutely no argument that he is one of the all-time best fighters in MMA history.

    The man has given us MMA fans countless classic moments throughout his career, I mean, some of the things he’s done inside the cage/ring (when you think back) are mind-boggling.

    Cheers to you BJ, all the best man.

  37. cody says:

    Yes i was going for Diaz but it was hard to watch Penn get beat up like that. I know Penn has the heart of a fighter and he took on all comers win,lose, or draw he gave it all and as a fight fan thats all I ask for and for that i give him the upmost respect. #truewarrior

  38. BJisnotpau says:

    he’ll be back one more shot i think for the light-weight div. before he fully retires. I HOPE he does make ONE more run for the fans.

  39. el george says:

    THANK YOU BJ! i was delivering flu vaccine to Tarin-Kowt in Afghanistan in December 09 and was watching the Diaz-Malignaggi fight on PPV. i started up a conversation with a MAJ how i look forward to watching guys like Hopkins and Pacquiao BUT i was really looking forward to BJ vs Diego Sanchez the following week because of how BJ fights. long story short the MAJ was like “idk i like Diego’s hands. he has improved a lot since when i used to beat him up when we were kids. he’s my little cousin” LOL thank you BJ for a memorable career and great memories!!

  40. Dev_NY says:

    BJ, thank you for all the great performances. I followed your career from day one and win or lose, you’ll always be one of the greatest and my favorite fighter of all time. Best wishes to you and your family. Mahalo.

  41. e says:

    much respect to the REAL PENN FANS on this website. each and every one of you.

  42. ajay says:

    made anykine to him at the weigh ins…….still gave him cracks…..eye him out during intros……still gave him cracks….talk crap while they fighting…still gave him cracks….fight bj’s fight (up n up) and still give him cracks………………..oh and @gra…….i know…..he looked in great shape too………not that i hate penn……i cant stand his fans.

  43. jDanger says:

    BJ Penn: the reason I watch MMA. Inspiration, legend…Thanks for all the great finishes!

  44. Izaura says:

    I am Brazilian and to me you’re the best! Ever!!!

  45. Joe says:

    i didnt watch the fight had other things to do but seen the weigh in from what i seen and i really like BJ it seems like his heart wasnt there??maybe he took fight to honor dana white or wot ever reason the fire wasnt there?diaz is a great fighter but to meet BJ at his best, fight would have been one of the all time greats!being a great fighter, and a great father, and a coach, running his gym, opening new gyms just trying to be the best at everything he does it will take it toll on a person mentally and physcially!all im trying to say is alot of the great fighters are having a harder time to get that fire they once had and still make a successful living for their family!but i still believe BJ is one of the top 5 fighters in mma all time because of wot he brought to the fights and what he had achieved gud luck on your semi retirement who knows wot happens next???

  46. Matt says:

    Thank you BJ. You are best that has ever been.

  47. ajay says:

    much respect to the real penn fans…..the ones who admit that he got his @$$ handed to him…..the ones that dont understand why he doesnt train hard…..but still stand in his shadow cuz its bigger than all of us… all the delusional nuthuggers……… worry ……unko get plenty tissue.

  48. dustin says:

    BJ should fight as the main event on the UFC Hawii card. He should make his return to lw and get the belt. He looks really small against the 170lbs.

  49. barb says:

    Missed but never forgotten. Thank you BJ for all the great memories in the cage and many more I hope to see out of the cage.

  50. bobalu says:

    Bj Penn has never been a champion,

    There are too many homos out there living off BJ like parasites writing hyped up articles.

    when the competition got tough BJ fell down, he is emotionally weak, remember when he quit against st pierre, he is 1/10th the man of frankie edgar

    Big deal he got a black eye…and a million dollars….lets start a charity for BJ Penn….donation, tears, cuddles,

    • Tom Ryan says:

      BJ won and defended the Lightweight Championship three times. (Stevenson, Sherk, Florian, Sanchez) ALL FINISHES (last champion with at least 3 defenses to finish all challengers since Chuck Liddell).

      GSP used to be my 2nd favorite fighter. For real. And I was disappointed with the outcome of UFC 94. But I’ll tell you something, BJ didn’t go into the octagon that night to grab shorts and negate a a world-class ground game with vasoline, but GSP did. And it’s dishonorable. That’s why I [and probably everyone else here] doesn’t like GSP. It was (at the time) the biggest fight of both of their careers and GSP cheated — never reprimanded for it. The whole thing just got whitewashed.

      As for Edgar, he’s a tough dude. My only objection is that he runs around the ring like a monkey on speed, which is not fighting.

      IF you knew shit about fighting, you’d know the goal is to end the fight. Not dance around or grind out a decision “victory”. It’s finish or be finished. They fight in the ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP; that’s gotta mean something. That’s gotta mean that “fighters” who hardly engage or go for finishes don’t belong.

      BJ is the original “I’m here to fight and finish you”. He’s fought Nick Diaz, Jon Fitch, Matt Hughes, Frankie Edgar, Diego Sanchez, Kenny Florian, George St-Pierre, Sean Sherk, Joe Stevenson, Jens Pulver, Renzo Gracie, Lyoto Machida, Takanori Gomi, Caol Uno, Matt Serra and others over the last 10 years.

      BJ redefined what it means to be a mixed martial artist. Period. And I respect that. I suppose YOU don’t have to respect that, but then again you ALSO don’t have to fucking post your hatin’ ass opinion on the guys website either. What does THAT say about you?

      Nothing good.

      • jonsy's mamas lover says:

        haha hey JONSY, AJAY dot dot dot “true dat” #FUCKINGIDIOTS

      • ajay says:

        wrong bro…..a fight is a fight…….stand up and ground……if somebody can take you down and hump you for 5 minutes……..tough crap…….maybe you shouldnt fight.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          idk ajay if a fight is a fight than maybe the rules are too one sided for guys who hold their opponents down. upkicks to ppl on their knees should be allowed so guys who like to camp in the guard have a reason to be scared to stay in the guard- see anderson v okami 1 to see what i mean. illegal move but like u said a fight is a fight rules are designed to favor wrestlers.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          *current rules in place favor wrestlers i mean.

    • ajay says:

      that is “THE TRUTH” bro.

  51. lcampbe7 says:

    Well said. BJ is a little guy for 170… I would like to see him switch up a little training, drop to 155 and give that a shot again. Great fighter, needs to stop carrying the fate of those around him on his shoulders and get back to scrapping.

  52. Aaron says:

    BJ Penn you are one of the greatest fighters in the history of the sport and one of my idols. Seeing you tonight was hard as a fan but I respect everything you have done and only hope the best for your future and your family’s. Thank you for all of the unforgettable fights.

  53. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Keep your head up BJ! You’re a dad and tomorrow’s a better day.

  54. Lorelei Sakugaww says:

    BJ Penn will always be the greatest MMA fighter, the reason I watch UFC.
    So much respect for him!!!

  55. Kevin says:

    BJ Penn running thru Caol Uno was also the first time I saw UFC, or even MMA for that matter. From then on, I was a BJ Penn fan. He is one of my inspirations to train BJJ (the other being Royce Gracie). He is forever my idol and is a legend of MMA. No doubt a UFC Hall-of-Famer. Mahalo BJ.

  56. Fortyb4five says:

    Keep it real Penn Nation…these haters are just dust in the wind..they come and go. They’re nothing. Worth nothing, have no purpose in life.

  57. C-dogg says:

    Like the article said, “He is the reason I watch MMA.” BJ you are truly an inspiration for me and everyone that has ever seen you fight. Whatever your decision is, just know that you have the support of all of your fans. BJ Penn is and always will by my inspiration for fighting and my favorite fighter. If this is the end of the road for the “Prodigy”. Thank you for all of the hard work and dedication to this sport.

  58. bobby says:

    I’m sorry you lost tonight BJ but hold yur head up man you are the greatest.If you never come back to MMA guess ill just have to watch all your old fights over and over again:)Good luck with what ever you decide and congrats on the baby.Hope ya just take some time off and come back even harder but if not It’s been great.

  59. sOppie says:

    Always my number 1 of all time …. regardless of the outcome he is the Greatest of all time!
    Thanks for everything u have done and continued to do for not just urself but for ur fans….

    Love from Down Under

  60. Leighton A. says:

    Thanks BJ for all the fights you put on!!! It’s one of the few things all of us from this small islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean really got excited about 2 or 3 times a year. Whether you were Champion or not Champion at-the-time, Won, Loss, fought to a Draw, were In-Shape, or Out-of-Shape, Light Weight, Welter Weight, Middle Weight and Heavy Weight we just couldn’t wait for the next “BJ Penn Fight” to find out. You only fought the big names that were willing to oppose you and put a lot of them away, Never taking an easy Fight, that just didn’t seem to be your style. You and Jens set the standard of what the UFC Light Weight Champion should be, then did it again against Joe when Sherk got caught ‘roiding. You fought 9 fighters who were UFC Champions or became UFC Champions, Never did the PFD’s and never went out their to fight to a decision. Champion in Two Divisions! Truly in my opinion of of this young sports greats, and a Legend in Hawaii and a Great Role Model for our youth. I hope to see you in the UFC Hall of Fame SOON.
    Aloha my Braddah….

  61. Timothy Torres says:

    the only reason bj ever loses is because of his cardio. its terrible i admit, with so much talent, he has potential to do everything. he was also a lot smaller than diaz as opposed to someone in that regular weight class. i give bj credit for standing toe to toe with such an elite striker. i love diaz, but Penn was my hero since i first started training jiujitsu. he will always and forever be a part of who we are as fighters, fans, and trainers. people can talk, but we the people the ones who are loyal to our idols even if they lose, we know who won inside. with power comes great responsibility. the power to have courage and never give in even when the game seems to unfold in difficult manners, diaz and bj are the type of fighters any person could learn and admire.

  62. HI til i die says:

    How the f*** you know how we were feeling in the bars tonite in HI??? don’t speak for HI!!!! yeah BJ won the first rd but got hi ass handed to him for the last 2…..f*** you if you hate on me!!! bron n raised HI, BJ fan for life but tonite he got his ass beat!!! happens dont mean shit, if you tryin to be sensitive towards BJ then you obviously dont understand the man or HI, losses happen, BAD losses happen, we just take them and move forward. BJ will be back, Diaz will have to lay on his back for the next 6 months and train nonstop for GSP, cuz his back is where he will be and if he beats GSP that will just validate the loss tonite as another loss to a world champion…nothing wrong with that….in fact losing to a World Champ is an honor….almost as good as beating them(if you fight you know what i mean).

    p.s why dont you sign off on who writes these articles????

  63. bobalu says:

    Listen guys, BJ Penn is great at Jujitsu, but he has no heart, he proved it againts JSP….he is emotionally weak as shit….when times get tough there are a million excuses even Dana white knows this about Bj penn……Bj Penn talks like he is a gladiator that owned the streets of Hawaii before his UFC days.. he gets in a scrap in the school playground after someone throws an orange at him… And all you fagots eat this shit up…put posters on your walls..
    Bj Penn gets paid to fight, not because he wants to entertain you….because he wants to get rich…Dumb ass fans thanking him like he is a god…fuck me.
    Brian stann is a true hero. If you are homo just say i like BJ because I am a homo,
    A true champion wouldn’t quit because they got a black eye.

  64. chris wyman says:

    Thank u BJ, for all passion, sacrifice and commitment you have given the sport & your fans…we all love u down under!!!!!

  65. cazzo says:

    we love u BJ you are a true champion, true man, Australia loves u.

  66. dontworryaboutit says:

    BJ you inspire so many of us! Thanks you!

  67. harris says:

    One hell of a dude, warrior or not, he’d still kick the shit out of haters!! But BJ if you wanna return to your family do it bro, nothing more important than that, your name in MMA will always live on, however you could do jiu jitsu tournaments? 😀 anyway weather you do or you don’t, your still the best!!!! BJ PENN 4 LIFE!!!!!!

  68. Officer Nigger Hater says:

    Fuck dirty spics, gooks, and niggers!

  69. zuperior says:

    I really liked both fighters going into fight. I did not pick one to win either. I did not want to see either lose. Diaz’s cardio has been proven time and time again. Bj Penn, even after this loss is one of the top 5 exciting fighters to watch in my opinion. Will be missed!!!

  70. TunisiaMan says:

    I was so devastated that I stopped watching the fight one minute before the end of the fight.
    BJ, you are and will always be the man.
    I hope that BJ won’t retire
    Now time for Diaz to throw GSP out of the octagone

  71. guamy says:

    bj penn the peoples champ forever!!!!

    anthony gofuckurself

  72. Mikey Carandan says:

    BJ, you are the greatest fighter out there. I really hope this is not it and you make a run at lightweight again. But if it is, it was a pleasure watching you fight. You are true champ! Mahalo and Aloha brotha!!!

  73. frank says:

    The prodigy forever!…you are a true fighter, a true champion, a living legend.

  74. one more round says:

    I’ve been reading all the comments…so here’s mine: BJ did get beat up, and to certain extent, let us down. Then, he says his going to retire, not go back to LW, but retire. I would like to believe that BJ’s up and down in weight is affecting his cardio, but we saw with the Marv brothers that his cardio was at its best against (Diego and Florian).

    For whatever reason, no matter who he brings in, he gets tired. BJ’s become a 1 round fighter and its become quite sad. Yes, he did well against Fitch in the second but was gassed in the third. It’s disappointing, I get up to watch every single fight of his and lately, it hasn’t been what I expected. BJ does not have the cardio to fight today’s WW, period.

    In BJ’s road to 137, he casual says he wants a few more good wins, so what if you lost to Diaz??? What about LW??? Losing was disappointing, but retiring was sad. He went down on his shield, but stop fighting big WW??? BJ’s done every cardio workout to date, what has been the most successful? MARV Bros.

    BJ shouldn’t retire. He should go back to LW. If anything, he should retire where he began. I don’t know, I felt like I lost the fight… BJ will make the right decision, but a few more LW bouts is what the fans really want. I read all these comments on congrats on your career! this and that… No! So you lost to Nick Diaz, So what… pick yourself up and have some fights at LW. It doesn’t have to be a title run, just a few more wins for the fans.

    In any event, it was good to watch you when you’re on! It was nice to see you fight even in a loss albeit, it was disappointing. Whatever decision you make, take care and good luck.

    • What the Sh!t says:

      @ Onemoreround. Who the hell are you to talk about what he should do?? i understand that you are a fan, and have your oppinions but he has made his own decision for himself and his family. and how can you say he is disappointing?? if you know so much and can tell the professionals how to make his cardio better why are you not a professional yourself? it is easy to sit and make comments from your couch isn’t it? BJ doesn’t OWE us anything. he has given his body and blood for our entertainment and I appreciated every fight. I will never sit on my couch asking for more from him. Godspeed B.J.

      • tony says:

        one more round before he gasses!!! hahahahaha

      • one more round says:

        That’s Right, BJ’s last word… I will be back! BJ does not OWE me anything… I just had a daydream, ~~~BJ walks in his house, tells JD call up the MARV brothers, I’m going back to LW~~~~ BJ makes the run to the LW title, win or lose (hopefully wins) the title and retires on top, that’s what BJ PENN deserves after his awesome career. BJ is insatiable (never satisfied) and I want him to feel good when he retires, not the way he felt after the Diaz fight… and yes, I was disappointed how the fight turned out despite his heart and granite chin. How can you not be disappointed when your favorite fighter, team loses? it’s a natural feeling. Anyway, I’m a fan still… regardless of his performances…

  75. king ru9 says:

    Great article!! Much love to BJ, cant believe all these Diaz fans have got the nervs to talk shit about BJ. He fought like a champion and he will mos def be remembered as one on the best fighters of all time. But i still think hes got some fuel in him left, he would easily earn himself a shot at Frankies belt. Id like to see him bust lil prick Frankie Edgars face up.

  76. Beast says:

    BJ penn will always be one of my favorite fighters- I wish him Nothin but the Best- thanks Pedro and thanks BJ!!!

  77. Ron DeLeon says:

    Did ” one more round ” really just say BJ let us down ??? You are watching a living legend putting it on the line each and everytime while you sit and judge him from your couch ??? Lol

  78. Drccestrada says:

    Thanks BJ for all the great fights over the years.

  79. Greg P says:

    BJ, no matter what, you were always my fav fighter, and still are. You are a legend and will always be remembered as such. Now, go take care of yourself and your family. You’ve earned it.

  80. Steve says:

    Take some time off, reflect, and come back BJ. Hopefully Dana will offer you a big chunk of money to fight down the road. All the fans would love that.

  81. Jason says:

    Thanks Baby j for the ride…after seeing you defeat mat and joe you got me hooked to all the fights. Meeting you on the way back from UK was also an unforgetable memory. You poured your heart and soul in this last fight. He was just taller then you but u still took the fight above your weight class. You both are warriors. I wish you the best on your new daughter and your entire family. Heal up and hopefully one day all of us will ride with you again. Hana ho Bj penn!!!! and much mahalos!!!

  82. Raj Sharma says:

    You really think we’re celebrating in Stockton? Did you not watch the press conference? Man, we are in a city that is ranked the number 1 worst city to live in. To even hear of this city is an astonishment. We just try to go to Hawaii for vacation. I respect BJ Penn to the max. He’s my idol and one of the greatest fighters of all time. You should give credit to Nick Diaz too. My heart was broken after that conference and how underpaid our trainers our. Little to know the shit that’s going on in our neighborhoods. I wish Nick all the best in the future and same with BJ.

  83. jimmy says:

    BJ Penn is with out a doubt the greatest example of a true warriors spirit. Fighting for years on pure emotion and talent and remaining dangerous in several weight classes. The biggest truth in this article was that everyone of BJ’s fans are in there with him. Every time he steps in the cage i personally get excited and nervous, no oneevokes and exudes so much emotion when they fight. i knokw the haters all to well everyone has an opinion on htis fight and BJ’s performance and has their ideas of how he could have bettered Diaz. The fact of the matter is that if BJ has to go out with a loss it should rightfully be like this. A true “SCRAP” going out not like chuck lidell, or randy couture(both legends) but going out your way (BJ Penn’s way) still fighting to the end of the fight. Displaying what true mma fans and BJ penn fans all ready knew that he is the man accomplishing so much in the sport and though he doesn’t always win we feel like he does by putting up one hell of a fight. To the haters; the so called mma fans and critics BJ Penn is MMA check your history, no one has done what this guy has in the way he has done it. an example and an inspiration to us all thank you so much for fighting all the way to the end BJ you may have lost this one but i guarantee you won so much more with this fight not that it would matter much and will get lost in the ruckous of the site but you definately inspred me as an every day person my work days and training just got easier through the gift of motivation you gave me. OUT

  84. Taimanglo says:

    BJ your the G.O.A.T and you went out like a champion. I am happy that it was a scrap all the way till the end. As a fan I watch MMA becuase of you and I dont know if I even care or want to watch it now that you wont be fighting. I’ve been following you through out your career and want to thank for the ride. You’ll will always be remembered as a beast in the octagon, a natural and a two time Champion. We love you braddah, from the Taimanglo family.

  85. Henry Kobitchsky says:


  86. bjfann says:

    Great story Pedro. BJ is the reason I watch the UFC. His fight are usually the only ones I pay the ridiculous pay per view prices to watch at home. For all of those who think they know a person or can judge what’s in his heart just by watching him fight on tv, you have really miss judged the most important part of the fighter… his character. I have visited Hilo several times and BJ’s gym in hopes of meeting him. BJ is the pride of Hilo.

    My son recently moved to Hilo from the mainland to go to University of Hawaii pharmacy school, and he didn’t really know anyone in Hilo. He signed up for a membership at BJ’s gym and one day while working out, got to meet BJ. BJ actually took the time from a training session to welcome him and visit with him. It was something he will always remember, and he was really impressed with how friendly and humble BJ was. How many other world class athletes in this age of “It’s all about me” attitudes, would take the time to do that for a total stranger.

    Much Mahalo BJ for all you do in the community of Hilo, and taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to a home sick kid. You are a true role model.

    I hope you see this post.

    Aloha Nui Loa

  87. Mircfsc says:

    Clearly better than diaz Skill wize – BUT AGAIN BEAT BY HIS CARDIO, himself, not diaz….Always will be my favorite fighter, my favorite athlete. I love you BJ!!!

  88. Leo says:

    G.O.A.T enough said

  89. Hostile hunter says:

    We love you bj!!! Penn Nation Always…Summer 2012 light-weight come back….Do it!!!!!!!!

  90. PML says:

    BJPenn was the reason that I watched MMA. He is the pride of Hawaii,
    a great American and a warrior of integrity and strength. He will be remembered by his fans for his victories, his titles, his fighting style, and his talent long after others are gone.

  91. PRES10 says:

    Thank you BJ! you are the man and a true hawaiian, the respect you have for the sport, opponents and fans is unreal! thats why we will always be fans! Aloha my bruddah!

  92. jeremy says:

    Pedro, a well put, well written article about a brahhda we care about. I’ve known BJ long time..hanabata days. Every fight was hard to watch, but this one was the hardest of all. No matter what though, he’ll always have my aloha and respect. Mahalo brahhda B! Hold your head high, in the Hilo sun. Be happy and proud my brahhda, aloha to you and your family.

  93. Hiro says:

    BJ motivated thousands of people in Hawaii to have pride sort of like when UH was dominating back in June Jones’ last year. lol

    It’s funny to wait for the conclusion of the fight to hear BJ say so little but yet mean so much. I know that BJ says he’s done but I know one thing I would have liked to see is BJ take out Shields and fight Fitch again.

  94. AvO says:

    Bj Penn CHAMPION FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!

  95. James Christopher says:

    WHO HERE THINKS BJ SHOULD MAKE ANOTHER RUN AT LIGHTWEIGHT?? The only reason he fought at Welterweight is because Dana wanted to make bigger fights at welterweight. Respond to this post and let me know what you think…

  96. joop says:

    baby jay is a perfect name

  97. mmadude says:

    BJ Penn defitnitely deserves to be a Hall of Famer. BJ is a family man now and you can tell he is thinking of them. The hunger and beast needed to continue to be an elite mma fighter is not there anymore. That being said, while most mma fighters step down in weight class, BJ was one of only a few willing to step up and take on the best in a higher weight class. All the haters out there need to give him ultimate respect for that. On a side note, BJ never looked better than when he trained with the M bros and if he is willing to pay the price to get back to that type of form, he could still win another title at 155.

  98. Goest says:

    Above everything else, “Thank you BJ for all the years you put into this sport.” Personally it was heart breaking to see BJ say he is going to retire after that fight, but I have nothing but respect for BJ’s heart being with his family. “Good luck in anything and everything, you will always be the champion to us!”

  99. Wade says:

    Thanks BJ for the years of watching you in the UFC! Rest up, take care of your family, enjoy your Hilo gym and UFC BJ Penn Gym, and most of all, enjoy your life! You have done in a short 32 years what many can’t achieve in a lifetime of trying. Whether folks love you or hate you, they can’t deny your heart!

  100. Mack says:

    BJ, you are one of the main reasons that people watch the UFC, you come to fight and not just win a round. You look for the biggest and best competition possible and are not afraid to confront it. You show the true passion and heart of a fighter. If you do retire, you will be missed by many.

  101. Digs says:

    It’s the hardest thing to watch BJ get tagged in a fight. That was the worst beating I’ve seen him take. But he took it. He never got dropped. He never got tapped. He walked out of there on his two feet and made no excuses.

    BJ is a true warrior and a champion always. Much respect for bringing shine to the islands of Hawaii and putting your fans and family first.

  102. jay says:

    Bj has a new gym now. He should start training a new prodigy to take his place this way he can still train if he decides to come back. Bj fights for hawaii
    that”s why we love him.He is our champ And If he retires it would be good to see him around and talk about fighting. Bj had fights taken from him that could have changed his record first fights jens,gsp,frankie everyone know they loss.
    Bj just move on!

  103. BIGEVASIVE says:

    First things first, I haven’t been the biggest BJ Penn fan on the planet but after watching how respectful he was in the lead up to this fight and how he hung in there for three rounds against a guy that was just on a different level than him, I can today honestly call myself a fan. That being said however I am not a fan of the writer of this article who has the nerve to title his column “MMA News.” Insinuating that GSP is not a “real” fighter and even going so far as to suggest that he uses steroids is the utter definition of unprofessional and incredibly classless. Aside from fighting, BJ Penn has created an incredible website that any fan of mma can utilize for current events, information about all aspects of the sport and yes even news. How unfortunate that such an accomplishment has been marred by such a hack.

  104. Eric says:

    I think BJ should do 1 more fight! Keep Parillo for boxing instruction. Bring back Rude Boy as Head Coach, to set up camp. Get a better Strength & Conditioning Coach.

  105. James says:

    This is so true. BJ Penn will forever be remembered as the greatest lightweight of all time, and one of the most skilled and talented fighters in the history of MMA. It is heartbreaking to know what he went through, and it took so much out of everyone watching his incredible performance. War Penn, you will forever be remembered.

  106. Tammy says:

    No matter what the future holds for BJ…he is one of the best!!! An inspiration and a legend in the sport. I’m a follower for life!

  107. Derek Loa says:

    To all the Penn haters out there… What a way to go! Go onto a website of a loser and bash him!!! Cuz that’s what REAL WINNERS DO!

    But I agree, Penn has either whooped major ass or usually gotten his ass handed to him throughout his career. I really wish he would fire his current coach. That guy was yelling out some stupid stuff, but you can’t blame everything on his coach.

    I honestly believe Penn was blinded by his legacy. His attempts to solidify himself as the best martial artist in the world always seem to come back and bite him.

    I think it’s time to hang it up though… He may be out of his prime. I don’t want to see him go through another beating. He either finds his heart or needs to make way for the new generation. Penn can do whatever wants, if he just put his mind to it.

  108. James Wolfe says:

    BJ you did your real fans proud regardless of the outcome. You won the first round, lost the second badly and still came out and fought a good 3rd round, hit Diaz with some good shots in the third but came up a little short.

    As a long time fan, one of your biggest in Canada I am sure, it was an honour to follow your career and watch you fight many great fights. I hope you fight again but only if you really want it, if not all the best in what ever you decide. I am a fan for life, cheers and thanks for the memories. Peace BJ.

  109. RT says:

    Retiring or not, BJ, your the man! I have, and will always respect a man that will take the risks of jumping up in weight classes. I’ve seen you fight a whos-who of welterweights like St. Pier, Matt hughes, Matt serra, Nick diaz. Defete two of the best jiu jitsu practitioners in mma at middleweight: Renzo Gracie and Rodrigo Gracie. I was shocked when you accepted the challenge that no other man had the balls to, and you jumped up to HEAVYWEIGHT to fight LYOTO MACHIDA! Not to mention the fact that you had dominated the lightwieghts, the decided “most talented weight-class in the UFC”, for a decade! You are the best fighter i have ever seen. The man, The myth, The F*CKING LEGEND: The Prodigy, B.J. PENN!!!

  110. Nazareth Lee says:

    Much respect to BJ for all that he has done in his career, he did what he wanted to do, and did it his way. I got into watching MMA/UFC because of him, he is an inspiration & truly great fighter. It’s so hard to watch BJ take a beating like that, you don’t see it much too often.That was the worst beating I’ve seen him take, but he took it..never got knocked out, never got dropped, never got tapped. He walked out of that octagon with respect.

    Mahalo BJ, for all the years of watching you in the UFC!!! Rest well, take care of yourself, your family, & congratulations with the UFC BJ Penn Gym!
    What you have accomplished in your carrer, most haven’t gone that far.
    Enjoy your life, and hope to see you well rested & back on your feet!! You have a heart of gold!!

  111. josh says:

    Well, i guess i was right!!! BJ got whooped just like any non BJ nut hugger thought! yes he came out aggressive but as soon as Nick got his timing down it was all over. CYA later baby J.. :(

  112. Julio says:

    Great fight!!! it´s all i can say… i´m a huge BJ fan and I hope to see him fight again, he is a true champion and he always be no matter what….

  113. Chris says:

    Couldn’t care less whether he won or lost that fight. He wasn’t finished. He didn’t quit. Favorite fighter ever.

  114. lol says:

    lol @ penn fans getting angry and taking it out on GSP and frankie egdar who handed bj penn his ass

  115. TheBraveReply says:

    seriously all you Penn haters need to go to or and run your little keyboard fingers over there………………..oh wait they dont have their own website for their own fans. They dont GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU!!! You all just mad cuz BJ gives his fans a place to interact, and all you haters got nowhere else to go.

  116. localboi_fightingabroad says:

    thank you bj and the penn ohana for everything you all have done for the sport of mma and for proud hawaiians everywhere…i left hawaii to join the army and through the hard times, whether its training, deployments, or just when i feel homesick..watching u fight brings me a little closer to home..Wherever the army sends me i take that warrior spirit with me as you have for soo long..u are a jiu-jitsu legend, an mma champion, and a warrior of the hawaiian eternal inspiration to those home and abroad..present and future..mahalo bj..aloooooha!

  117. LOL says:

    Once again piss poor cardio let him down. He needs to move down to 155

  118. João Janota says:

    Thank you for everything BJ , For me and my father you will always be an icon of excellence !

  119. BJ PENCIL says:

    sigh… spent the whole day thinking about this whole thing… great fight… BJ PENN you’re the man.

  120. Alex Abeyta says:


  121. ajay says:

    you know bj was never supposed to lose to edgar….but his pride ….locals call it (stand and bang) got in the way…..should have just took edgar down and try to win that way

  122. OCD says:

    He might have trained hard, but he certainly did not train smart and it wsd obvious. Why he did not work his ground game I’ll never understand. Poor performance by Penn. It hurts to see him fail. He could have beaten Edgar, he could have beaten Diaz. But he refused to take the fights to the ground. I don’t know why. We all know he could have.

    In any case, Penn is one of the most impressive people I have ever met. He brought a lot to Hawaii ny putting his life on the line in the ring and cage. As disappointing as it was to see him lose another fight he could have won, I think I agree that its time to hang em up. Thanks for entertaining and putting Hawaii on the map. There will never be another like him. Not even close.

  123. Jay Blas says:

    ill always be a fan . my favorite fighter of all time, has been, is still and will be, BJ PENN!

  124. Laura says:


    Thanks for the thoughtful and well written article on BJ’s loss last night in Vegas. Your respect and love for BJ comes through loud and clear, without glossing over the facts. Whether he conitnues to compete or not, I sincerely hope this website is kept running – it is the first place many of us fans look for MMA news.

    Aloha – Laura

  125. John says:

    …say it ant so!!! Big fan of both Diaz and BJ. Much love and respect BJ!!

  126. mikeVA says:

    Penn needs to fire his loud mouth corner. They gave his a shitty strategy. Was that his normal people? A punch-out with Diaz was flat-out bullshit bad strategy. I’m fucking pissed. Penn’s corner was bullshit.

  127. Ruben says:

    It broke my heart to see BJ take all those shots, i’ve never been this sad over an mma fight. BJ went out like a warrior, he never quit, he was always throwing back, he had a great first round and even through the second and third he was landing some shots of his own. I’ve been a fan of BJ for about 10 years, hes the first fighter I really became a fan of, he’s my hero. Im a fan for life.

  128. Ly-er_Ly-er says:

    Wow, that was my first UFC fight of my life that I’ve had the privileged to attend in person, & thanks to your valiant efforts to give it your all BJ, u made it a wonderful experience I will never forget! U fought with sheer will & heart for the sport and if you truly decide to hang it up that’s completely fine, I’m just glad I’ve been one of the many that have been able to have the pleasure to see u fight! “Just Scrap 4 Life”!!!

  129. Ilaijah_HE>I says:

    BJ may have lost the fight, but he will never loose me!! Your the people’s Champ B!! <3OfAChampion PENN NATION AW'DAY EVERYDAY BJPENNDOTCOM, much Aloha B!!

  130. Mikewoj says:

    None of this was ever about all of you. This started as a kid chasing a dream. He appreciates his fans obviously, but for all the people on the forums and everything saying he dissapointed his daughters or his fans. Shutup and go work hard and accomplish something half as great as he did in his life. Bunch of idiots living through penn. I like penn and if he gets in shape and makes a run again I will be rooting for him, but if not, its his choice and some of you creeps will have to attach to a different fighter and ridicule them. People talking how bj needs to work harder and not disappoint them while they sit at home doing nothing. pathetic people like that makes me wonder where our countrys heading.

  131. Jerome says:

    BJ will always be one of my favorite fighters even in retirement he will do good for the sport, a true fighter from start to finish, great career, now BJ enjoy your family life and never look back, you have nothing to be ashamed of, only things to be proud of. Thank you BJ Penn, thank you for everything you have brought to the sport of MMA!

  132. shane says:

    bj penn is the man .. please bj one more fight lets go out like the true champion that you are .

  133. brian says:

    BJ ur the man bro…DAM i ws trying to throw blows for u threw the T.V thanks for all the years, and thanks for letting me and my boys mana and koa train with u a RVCA while u were getting ready for diaz u are the man hawaiian brotha..thanks to ur team and brother too for having us ovr @RVCA we love you bro..

  134. Dre says:

    BJ is just too small to be in 170 but it was a good fight, pretty one sided though.
    Penn Nation.

    PS. BJ will be back.

  135. MikeA says:

    …. bj , ur still my hero , to me ur still the greatest!! …. and forever you will be , in my mind and heart. like i told you at your book signing in torrence…. you dont gotta beat frankie, gsp , or diaz…. to me you are the best !! not because you always win ..n never loose… but because your human, u make mistakes… and ur not ashamed to show ur flaws.. your the peoples champ, u fight for us… and u kept it real… from the first time i saw you fight and every time i rewatch your videos… i still get sweaty and excited.. whether u retire or not… i thank you for all the good times youve showed us…. for all the excitement.. for being the warrior , that animal… that blood licking fighter…. for not LNP for not fighting safe and for points.. but being the crazy guy we learned to love… thank you for making me fall in love with mma and jiu jitsu… thank you for being baby jay…. forever my champ , i love you braddah…. thanks for all the good times… win, loose or draw… or retire… im still PENN NATION forever!!!! when i look back i see the bj at his highest point, those flashes of the bj that is crazy n licks the blood , the warrior and animal , the 100% bj… is see the bj that stood for his ppl that fought for his fans… and always kept it real…. thanks for allowing me to view and witness the true BJ PENN even if it was for a glimpse or flash…. AT LEAST I WAS ABLE TO SEE WAT BJ WAS TRUELY CAPABLE OF …AT YOUR HIGHEST LEVEL AND PERFORMANCE, I NOW CAN SAY I KNOW WAT THE REAL BJ PENN FOUGHT LIKE … im happy knowing ive witnessed bj at his highest skill level , but fell in love with what he stands for , fell in love with the fighter that showed his fans his true colors wen cards were down, behind the scenes with his daughter and family… the down to earth bj…. and for that real down to earthness…. im forever your fan….

  136. ben poeter says:

    BJ you are the king. Thank you for being such a beauty and a great fighter. Your my favorite all time!!

  137. Ruben says:

    You’re a brilliant fighter BJ

  138. bjpennallday says:

    you have never been knocked down, never been submitted, own two ufc belts in two different divisions!!! tell me one current ufc fighter that can say that? yes, you’ve lost one too many times, but they were decision losses in your unnatural weight class. gsp beat you the second time because he cheated, real champs don’t cheat!

    to be honest, you lost because you beat yourself and not because they beat you. all those losses have one thing in common, your lack of cardio, and except for bj vs edgar II (bad game plan). whether you retire or not, i am a proud fan and you are still my hero. if you do come back, i sure hope you focus and work a 100% on your cardio during training camp somehow, no need worry about the technique, you’ll always have it down…cardio is your kryptonite!!!

  139. Crazy Lou says:

    Hey BJ. Just wanna say that you’re the greatest of all time, no matter what. If you truly decide to retire, then good luck on the new part of journey. But if you decide to continue, trust me, your loyal fans will support you and keep watching your fights. But do the thing that will be best for you and make you happy in the end. A-ight?

  140. Jason Walsh says:

    Well said friend.

  141. Itlaan says:

    BJ Penn is a legend. An oddity that I was lucky to have seen. A black belt in less than 4 years!!! Not often do we hear of exceptional talent like that. I’m glad he put that talent to use in the toughest MMA organisation in the world. Thanks for the ride BJ, as it has been an exciting and emotional roller coaster watching you compete. He is an inspiration to us all.

  142. tough daddy says:

    BJ-you got smashed like a bucket of crabs…… and you got fed with a silver spoon all your life and you choose to be a fighter….what a dumb ass….your ears are like rotten vegetable, brain is like a decaying carcass, and your biggest achivement is getting poofs to follow you. Inspiration, hero, idol…bend over and take bj’s little cock

  143. Walt Freese. says:

    BJ Penn will go down as one of the greatest MMA fighters in history. The youngest winner ever of the BJJ Black Belt World Championship (and the first non-Brazilian). One of only two men to win the championship belt in two different weight classes. But BJ is more than this. He has embodied the true warrior spirit. He has carried himself not only with strength and courage, but with dignity, nobility and humanity. He has honored his family, friends, the people and culture of Hawaii, MMA and all the many fans who were blessed to watch him fight. He also had the self awareness to choose to stop competing the moment he felt he was no longer competing up to the highest standards he had set for himself and out of love and respect for his family. He has taught me so much about not only what it means to embody the true warrior spirit, but also what it means to be the person I want to be. It’s been a privilege watching and learning from you, BJ. Many blessings and best of luck to you and your family in the future!

  144. I don’t even think it’s time to hang it up… Diaz is the best welterweight in my eyes, so losing to him is nothing terrible.

    But respect for BJ for being an honest, non-cheating, champ for all these years. The best lightweight of all time, no questions asked. If he wants to hang it up to be with his family, who can argue? Family is always first.

  145. ace vasquez says:

    BJ your a TRUE worrior & no one can take that away from you. REAL RECOGNIZE REAL PENN NATION!!!

  146. fuckdapenns says:

    all i have to say is hahahahahhaahahahahah lmfao fucken homo ass butt fucken hawaiians hahahhahahahahahha what a legend fail loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  147. Penn & Diaz says:

    Both penn and diaz are my favorite fighters, and i didnt want them to fight, but oh well like this article says bj is still a winner, no matter if he comes home with a L or a W. I just really hope this isnt it for him i still believe in my heart that he can be the champ in the light-weight division, in my eyes none of the lightweight fighters, can beat bj on a good day…. PLZ BJ dont leave us!!!!

  148. James says:

    BJ if you want to call it a day for your family I support you but if you decide to keep on fighting I support you also; Diaz in my opinion is the best welterweight in the world, it’s no shame losing to him but I wish you the best either way, you will always be a champion in my eyes.

  149. Terrance says:

    Bj Penn a true Warrior …. Thanx Bj

  150. Abby says:

    “You want him to win so badly, but the thought of a loss makes the fight almost impossible to watch.”

    Well stated…. I couldn’t agree more. A seemingly good guy, who’s a bad-ass fighter and I hated seeing him lose, particularly in this fashion. BJ Penn is a better fighter than Nick Diaz, but that’s besides the point. I don’t feel Diaz showed him the proper respect he deserved before or after the fight and for that reason, I am very much looking forward to watching GSP put a beating on him- and I think he will do just that.

    If you’ve followed BJ throughout his career he is impossible not to love. He turned this stay-at-home mom into an avid MMA fan. Most of my girlfriends do not understand what draws me to this “sport”. It is the qualities of fighters like BJ Penn I find relate-able- it is of the human condition to persevere, overcome adversity, triumph, and sometimes get out of your own way. It is the ability to be humbled by a win or even in gracious in defeat. It is so much more than the 15 minutes inside the confines of ‘the octagon’…. and I love it.

    Whether or not BJ fights again, he will always be a legend.

  151. JD says:

    BJ is the best lightweight MMA fighter to ever step foot in the octogon/ring, strap on the gloves, and go to war. He is fearless, devastating fighter who is as dangerous to bigger fighters (I watched his fight with Lyoto Machida live on the internet, back in the day) as he was devastating to smaller fighters (Sanchez, Uno, Pulver, Florian, etc.). He is the only fighter to ever give GSP a run for his money (in the first fight…where GSP allegedly “greased up”), and is the ONLY fighter that I have seen make GSP look scared. People forget that GSP was in serious trouble in that fight, and was bloodied and bruised. A lot of people still feel that BJ should have won that decision (myself included, a GSP fan), but I digress. To get on this forum and to make comments that denigrate BJ’s heart or skill, is just disrespectful, and I dare any one of you to fly to Hilo, and spar with that man for just 5 minutes. If you walk out alive, then you can talk smack, but until then, shut up. BJ, you will always be loved by your true fans (myself included), and you will be sorely missed by all true fans of the sport, whether a fan of you personally or not. Mahalo brother, may God bless you and your family.

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