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Tuesday, 01/21/2014, 06:44 am

The MMA World Reacts To The Retirement Of Chris Leben

Yesterday we learned that longtime UFC middleweight, Chris Leben, was taking a step back from competition and retiring from the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

Following a four-fight losing streak, not many were surprised.

Still though, losing a nine-year UFC veteran on the heels of his 22nd straight fight inside the Octagon is a tough pill to swallow.

The MMA world took to twitter to weigh in on the topic.

Check it:
Received 1000 tweets from you guys!! Overwhelming
– Chris Leben.

Thanks @cripplerufc for everything you did in the octagon and for the sport. You were a great fighter.
– Tim Kennedy

Happy retirement to one of the most entertaining fighter and a crazy warrior @cripplerufc Chris Leben !!! Happy life buddy !!!
– Patrick Cote

Congrats to a legendary Northwest fighter & pioneer @cripplerufc on his retirement, thanks for everything you’ve done for our sport.
– Michael Chiesa

Just saw @cripplerufc! is retiring. I have always enjoyed watching him fight. Even back in Oregon before I started fighting. Much respect
– Evan Dunham

All the best to @cripplerufc in his retirement I got to meet at UFC 138 in birmingham when he was The main event and I made I debut in #ufc
– John Maguire

Thank you @cripplerufc for entertaining me for years, and being an awesome teammate.Youre a legend and im honored to have trained with you.
– Joey Beltran


0 Responses to “The MMA World Reacts To The Retirement Of Chris Leben”

  1. magoo says:

    Chris had the respect of his peers, that’s cool.

  2. disqus_63gIGAaIhA says:

    I hope they gave him a nice retirement bonus.

  3. Nate "THE ROID CHEAT"Marquardt says:

    I’m glad Leben got out before he needed a drool cup like Diego Sanchez who is a complete MUSH BRAIN at this point. NO ONE in the UFC has taken more punishment than Diego Sanchez and he has lost all normal speech and is poster boy for brain damage in MMA. However Diego is not alone as many other fighters have taken horrific amount of damage and pure punishment. I agree with Dana that Frankie Edgar is going to be in trouble if he takes much more punishment which really s’ucks as there is no nicer person in the UFC. Frankies heart is as big as Texas and now he will probably pay the price for not staying down after 6 knockdowns in one round which equates to 6 full on concussions one right after another and then the next round he was knocked down 2 more times.

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