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Wednesday, 02/08/2012, 07:00 am

The Jon Jones You See On TV Is Fake, Says Evans

[Jon Jones is]A lot different than a lot of people think. Jon Jones has a persona that he does for TV and when you get to know Jon Jones personally he’s nothing like he is on TV. He is kind of fake. That’s the only way to put it is that he is just fake. I don’t want to say anything too much but I’m just trying to say he’s fake, he’s not real. But that’s something he is going to have to deal with himself. You can be fake all you want to but the only person you are hurting is yourself.”

“Suga” Rashad Evans recently too to UFC Tonight to talk about a multitude of topics, one of which was his thoughts on his UFC 145 opponent and UFC 205 champ, Jon Jones.

It is safe to assume that many public figures check their real personalities at the door when put on camera and it’s no secret that Evans despises his former teammate. But does Jones go over the top when trying to sell himself or is this just the latest jab Evans is throwing at the champ?


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0 Responses to “The Jon Jones You See On TV Is Fake, Says Evans”

  1. dom#1 says:

    RASHAD PLEASE STOP CRYING, YOU CANT BEAT HIM… YOU SUCK. Evidence to prove you will lose to Jon Jones…You get gassed in the 2nd round against davis. you got knocked out 4 times in one night by lyoto. You got dropped by thiago silva when he had nothing left cuz u humped his leg for 3 rounds. Rampage barely hit you with an upper cut and your eyes rolled. Lets seriously not get back into that davis fight and you piss poor performance.. You call yourself a fighter. you’re a leg humper that cant take a punch.

    • We're ALL FAKE !!!! says:

      Look at this message board with all the FAKE NAMES!! DUHHHHH ! Chicks with their make up and “enhancements!” Guys walking around the club like they’re the shit… The church leader preaching to you on Sunday and then smoking weed or attacking little boys on Monday. Little kids jumping around the living room like Spider Man. (well, imagination at work, but fake nonetheless…lol)…you get my point…We’re all fake in one way, shape, or form. But Jon Jones kicks ass when that Octagon gate closes, and that’s all that matters. Evans will lose and the “feud” will be over.

  2. Ronnin says:

    The real question here is: Who gives a fuck?! Anyway, you can tell that Jones is a fake… that humble guy he tries to be sometimes is just fake… hate that cocky douchebag

    • nick says:

      I dont think jo jones is fake.Rashad knows hes gonna get his ass kicked so hes throwin early jabs at him to try and get in his head.And you wanna talk about cocky,Rashad is the cockiest guy in the ufc besides josh koscheck.Rashad thinks hes better then what he is.He will never be champ again in the ufc.Hed will stay a top 10 contender but he wont be champ again.jon jones is gonna be champ for along time and theres no reason to hate on him.I think he could possibly be heavyweight champ too.thats how good he is.Knowbodys gonna beat this kid in that division.

    • Tuma says:

      Right on man. Suga is trying to muddy the waters. Jones could be part of the KKK for all I care. Brother can fight. Evans: yeah, he’s allright. But he couldn’t finish a sloppy, lumbering Davis, and hes no Bones. Jones is an athletic phenom, who fights awesome, entertaining fights. Suga is past, done with, and trying to hype himself up for one more failure.

  3. CCW.Gun control=Government control. says:

    The world is full of fake people. How does this affect their fight? As long as it is not “fake” fighting. That silly ol’ Rashad up to his shennannigans again, trying to get into his opponents head. lol, entertainment before the endtertainment.

  4. jones says:

    Jones is a genuine good guy actually. He is nervous on TV and is not used to the exposure. He is fairly humble, but also very confident which helps while he is fighting. He is the future of MMA and Rashad is just one of those guys with a lot of talent but he will never be the undisputed champion for an extended period of times with all the talent in the UFC. Jones on the other hand has an Anderson Silva like potential and he will not be going anywhere soon.

  5. Jason N says:

    The Jon Jones I see on TV beats the chit out of everyone he fights. Doesn’t look fake to me

  6. magoo says:

    Oh well the one I see in the octagan is real and he’s gonna school your black ass!

  7. Bryn says:

    I don’t think its a jab at jones, I think rashad really believes it. But I also think the only reason he believes it is because he’s the only person that has publically been on jj’s bad side. Jon jones seems humble even shy sometimes. Then again, that really doesn’t matter as long as he continues to smash teeth

  8. Johnnnathan Joness...smith says:

    I am not…pardon, Jon Jones is NOT fake. That is all. #therealdeal

  9. Chris says:

    Even if I accept Jones is fake, I still dislike Rashad way more.

  10. BYAClothing says:

    don’t even know why this is ‘an article’ this has been said before and the more you see Jones you can tell he’s suspect look at his persona during the Fox show in comparison to prior interviews. Also in regards to gassin’ you try holding fkin Phil Davis down, passing his guard a few times and then wonder why he’s gassed. Phil is obviously strong as sh8t considering, he basically did a situp to get out of 1 of the crucifixes.. that’s a situation where most people are DONE.

  11. dante040 says:

    I always figured Jones was putting on a facade. It’s like he always tries to say the right thing, wants to be loved. Just doesn’t seem legit.

  12. The_Gooch1 says:

    Rashad is trying so hard to hype this fight. And who cares if Jones is fake, Than man can fight and he entertains his fans with his skills, not with his mouth

  13. DevonAK86 says:

    Jon Jones is the youngest UFC champ ever! That should say it all right there! I believe he is still 24! Being the LH champ with all the spot lights on sounds like alot of pressure for a 24 year old! Alot of you gay ass fuckers would crumble with that kind of pressure!

  14. guamy says:

    i hope Rashad kills JBJ but its hard to see that really happening. I think if he wants to beat JBJ hes gonna have to KO or SUB him cause no way will a judge score against the UFC new golden boy. if JBJ dosent put him away in this fight he will still get the UD.

  15. Jujitsu Player says:

    So Jon Jones has a screen persona….erm so fuck Rashad. You seemed real on TUF but I still didn’t like you. I rate you as #2 a LHW IMO Jones is going to run through you. Can’t wait for this fight.

  16. Jeff says:


    and buy this fight, I need more money to buy suits, and I get a PPV cut!!!


  17. Duane... says:

    You guys are so battie boy it’s funny. ” I still hate Rashad but…” lol, you don’t even know this guy but you hate him.. LOL what a bunch of girls!!! I hate you Rashad, i dislike you. This isn’t a damn like or dislike contest, bunch of half a mahoos!!

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      You’re wrong, you can form an opinion based on what you see and how the person comes across in interviews, on shows like TUF, his attitude, his fighting style, what he says and you make a decision whether or not you like him or not. I rate Rashad but don’t particularly like to watch him fight or listen to his interviews. Take you for example, I can tell just by reading your comment that you’re a douche.

  18. Mach00man says:

    Sick of these fighter gossiping and talking about each other like a bunch of fuckin girls! Who the fuck cares if he’s fake? Just say, “I’m gonna kick his ass” and leave it at that!

  19. Danny says:

    Rubbish , met both evens and jones last year , jones Is approachable and willing to dedicate time to fans. Where as evans was more interested in ordering pizza and refused to have a pic taken. I can not wait for rashad to be destroyed ,hopefully it will bring a end to his constant bitching .

  20. chris says:

    jones gonna give rashad some fake teeth hopefully

  21. stone cold says:

    everyone has to act professional when you have to. obviously… as long he speaks how he feels and fights good who gives a shit!

  22. vince says:

    Evans is an Oreo. He’s fought mostly nobodys or half dead fighters. The only named fighter was Machida and he got ‘KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT” He showed his true colors on the Ultimate fighter when he acted like the house nigger and Rampage in the barn. Now he fighting out of a gym in Florida called Blackzilla. What a joke. The gym should be called Chimpzilla.

  23. OPISAPHAGGOT says:

    so he’s saying jones is plastic?

  24. Ryan says:

    I can believe that. But doesnt change the fact that there is no doubt you rashad are a d bag.

  25. mma is my religion says:

    Rashad has no chance at beating Jones.

  26. brod says:

    Who cares if he is fake. I just can’t wait to see Rashad get completely worked. I hope Jon Jones completely punishes this loud mouth sack.

  27. DaBeast says:

    You guys are all jon jones dick riders. RASHARD WILL PREVAIL.

  28. Elias Wesaquate says:

    i could definitely see jones not being as humble as he comes across on TV.
    happens to us normal joes, too. fb for example, or instagram or tumblr – we are all an amplified version of ourselves(for the most part, can’t speak for everybody, can only speculate).

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