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Thursday, 05/31/2012, 01:58 pm

The Dangers Of Training | Faber Student Paralyzed | MMA NEWS

The sad news of a young athlete being paralyzed will never be softened by euphemisms or optimistic outlooks. Such is the case with 22-year-old Devin Johnson who was recently paralyzed during training session at Urijah Faber‘s Ultimate Fitness Gym in what sounds like a guillotine attempt during a takedown.

Sacramento’s News 10 has the full story:

Devin Johnson, 22, was sparring at the facility, located on the 1700 block of I Street on May 14 when he fell while in a headlock.

When Devin arrived at UC Davis Medical Center he was paralyzed. The impact from the fall dislocated Devin’s spine.

“What Mr. Johnson, unfortunately, had was injury between his fourth and fifth spine in his neck,” said Dr. Kee Kim, Chief of Spinal Neurosurgery at UC Davis Medical Center.

Johnson’s spine slipped and caused damage to the spinal cord, causing what’s called facet fracture-dislocation. Kim used a metal implant to stabilize Johnson’s spine. It was his first time treating a patient who suffered a spinal cord injury from MMA.


Thoughts go out to Devin and his family from the entire staff.


34 Responses to “The Dangers Of Training | Faber Student Paralyzed | MMA NEWS”

  1. Dick Diaz says:

    damn, is he going to be alright…?

    • Dick Diaz says:

      well, from the picture; he’s got a smile his face so it shouldn’t be too bad.

    • mike r says:

      no dude, did you not read that he is paralyzed? its never a alright situation

      • Lmao says:

        LMAO Dick Diaz please tell me you were being sarcastic, sarcasm’s a little hard to pick up on the internet these days and you just made yourself look like a dumbass if you weren’t

        • Eugene C says:

          With all due respect man it all depends on what your take is on being “alright.” I believe that most people won’t be alright from paralysis in the mental sense. But there are a very rare breed of folks out there that can accept, adapt, and still embrace life and move forward.

          An excellent example of this would be Eric Legrand. Somehow that kid always manages to stay in good spirits even though he is paralyzed. It’s all how well you can take it man.

    • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

      Just a horrible horrible thing to have happen and he is so young. Actually its amazing this doesn’t happen more often as the intensity seems to be going up all the time. Hopefully some genious scientist will come up with a cure in this kids lifetime. All i can think of is my heart and prayers go out to him.

  2. Mike cannon jr says:

    God bless u man…. U will be in my prayers…..

  3. Steve says:

    Seriously is this permanent or is he going to gradually going to back his feeling

    • Randy says:

      Being paralyzed isn’t something that is easy to recover from. Sadly it has a very good chance of being permanent but there’s always hope.

  4. maurice says:

    aww man thats some really sad shit man. like real talk. i luv how he’s smiling, but i know he’s gotta be dying on the inside. u go from training with idols like urijah and his camp, to fucking paralyzed and no long being able to do wat u love. god bless man. damn this is so unfortunate.

  5. maurice says:

    @steve everyones smiling so i immediatly thought in my mind that it must be temporary. lets pray its temporary. god knows if this happend to me, and its permanent, i would never crack a smile again.

  6. Nick says:

    Damn. I hope he’ll gradually get better. It’s nice seeing he has a smile on his face.

  7. mike cocchiere says:

    If he was permenantly paralyzed nobody in this picture would be smiling… At least I hope not

  8. E says:

    get well soon and keep ur head up

  9. Aaron says:

    This is so sad, i cant even imagine whats going through his mind, stay strong bro!!

  10. OKWTEV says:

    I fucking hate this shit. He is so young. I have a feeling that he is going to inspire a lot of people during his life. I hope he can pull through this.

  11. jbeamazing says:

    damn that is too bad feel for his fam

  12. Shawn says:

    Dang! Hopefully his body can repair the damage. I’ve heard of people becoming paralyzed after getting into car collisions, but eventually got feeling back in their legs, and was able to walk again after much rehabilitation.

  13. Shawn says:

    Wow…just came across this article right after reading about this kid. There’s always hope.

  14. pc says:

    ..maybe he is smiling bc he has a good attitude and knows he is lucky to be alive after something like that, i dunno just a thought, healing prayers to u bro.

  15. aaron says:

    Hope this guy is alright, he must be strong as hell to be able to smile after that, i hope that this means he has the strength to recover and one day hopefully get back on the mats

  16. Will smith says:

    It will be an honor to train in fabers camp!

  17. Brad says:

    I certainly hope he has a full recovery.

  18. Evan says:

    We don’t have enough information to know if it’s permanent or not. They could be smiling because they’re just happy he didn’t die.

  19. Clay says:

    Unfotunatly Freak accidents happen. Im sure the people involved will never be the same. Makes it scary to compete. All I can do is show my support.

  20. mmapersonaljesus says:

    Damn…. that’s the same movie Bruce Lee did to kill Chuck Norris… well close to it.

  21. M says:

    Sad story, did not think this could happen in training.

  22. Jdiddy3844 says:

    So sad!!! 22 years year just trying to live a dream! Much luv to him and his family!!!

  23. monkey juice says:

    Poor kid. Damn.

  24. Ma mama said mma says:

    This is littreally my number 1 fear feel so sorry for the guy really hope he can make the best of that bad situation

  25. Xaninho says:

    Damn..I broke my hand, shattered my knee and got KO’d once during training sessions, never seen something like this happen.

    His training buddy who was involved must feel really bad about it too. This sucks, hope the guy will recover from this.

  26. Jesus Christ says:

    He’ll walk again.

  27. Devin' Aunt says:

    They’re smiling in the picture because just like a commentor had said earlier we are all happy that Devin is alive. Devin is smiling because he has the very best positive attitude that anyone could have in this horrible situation. He’s a fighter if anyone can come back from the situation it will be him, he’s going to prove the doctors wrong. Devin says that he will fight again! To keep updated please check his website

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