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Friday, 02/17/2012, 09:20 am

The Brittney Palmer Playboy Issue Released Today | Sneak Peek Inside (Photo's & Video)

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19 Responses to “The Brittney Palmer Playboy Issue Released Today | Sneak Peek Inside (Photo's & Video)”

  1. Koshchek Loves Cock says:


  2. Koshchek Loves+Cock says:


  3. SC00B420 says:

    Is anyone offended by the facet that Brittney, Arianny, and Rochelle have done spreads for playboy but Chandella got fired for essentially doing the same thing?

  4. stankoga says:

    i am dissapoint with grey spray paint /-(

  5. GP says:

    Poor Chandella. She got naked too soon.

  6. Koshchek Loves+Cock says:


  7. Perv says:

    ma penis went from this 8==D ta’ this!!! 8===================================================D!!!!:p

  8. Sheeeeit says:

    honestly, she looks better with clothes on. kinda crappy photo shoot….nothing very creative about it.

  9. Donnybrook says:

    She’s HOT!!… now with that out of the way I don’t know whats going on with BJ but I don’t like it. Again, the MOBILE THEME won’t turn off, I’d rather have access to the FULL website and if I can’t from my IPhone I’m not going to visit this site anymore which sucks because this is one of my favorite MMA sites. Please fix this problem or tell me how to access the full website via my iPhone if I’m fkin up.

  10. DroDiego says:


  11. Matt says:

    Is desperate for ratings? Seriously, there’s probably kids getting on this site and we got Playboy on here? Posting this stuff is low class. Whatever happened to “Live like a champion”? Now is the motto, “Do whatever it takes to get website traffic”? If your gonna have a site representing the best of a fighter, do it the right way. The wrong way is by introducing porn to kids before they enter junior high. Cause believe me, there are young eyes probably following here. Let’s bring some class to this site and at least make people go to other websites to look at pornography.

  12. ق6هس says:

    بدبخت این عکسها رو تار کردی که چی بشه خاک توسر
    بعدش کثافت این قسمت ایمیل اجباری تو نظر هارو حذف کن بدبخت

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