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Saturday, 04/28/2012, 12:41 pm

The Biggest Loser Of The Overeem Fiasco? No question, Cain Velasquez.

By David Park

Earlier this week former heavyweight title contender, Alistair Overeem was officially denied a license to fight in the state of Nevada due to a failed random drug test. Before that though, UFC president Dana White removed him from the main event of UFC 146 against champ Junior Dos Santos. Replacing Overeem is Frank Mir, (who was slated to face Cain Velasquez) a former heavyweight champion himself; Mir was the logical choice to replace the Dutchman in the title fight. The failed test, and subsequent replacement of Overeem shook up the whole card. Now leaving former heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez with a not so enticing opponent, Antonio “big foot” Silva.

No disrespect to “Bigfoot”, he is a credible heavyweight with some wins over some impressive names like Fedor, and former heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski. Unfortunately those men had seen better days when these fights occurred, the fact that few know if either of these guys will fight again shows their relevance in the sport today. Silva is also coming off a loss to an inexperienced Daniel Cormier, a teammate of Velasquez’s, and a fighter with the same style as the former champ. So many fans expect for the same result.

The fact that Velasquez took this fight shows how game he is, and he could have easily turned down the fight and waited for a higher caliber opponent; as he’s in a tricky spot heading into the fight. He is really in a no win situation, as he went from fighting a top 3 fighter, to a debatable top 10 guy. Velasquez is on the road to a rematch for the title and a win over Frank Mir would have all but assured another title shot for the first ever-Mexican born heavyweight champion; and a loss would not be so devastating. Now he’s faced with two possibilities; win as expected and no one raises an eyebrow, or lose to lower caliber fighter than him and be completely derailed on his quest for another championship opportunity. That’s why when people ask who lost the most by Alistair Overeem’s failed drug test? The answer isn’t Overeem or the UFC, it’s Cain Velasquez.


60 Responses to “The Biggest Loser Of The Overeem Fiasco? No question, Cain Velasquez.”

  1. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    The party that got shafted the most were the fans. Mir vs Valasquez is more intriguing than Mir vs JDS.

    Fedor will fight forever as long as he is outside the Octagon and Arlofski is a great fighter not unlike Wanderlei who has no chin. I wasn’t impressed with Bigfoot’s win over Fedor.. TKO by Cut. Cain needs to fight at least 2 people before he gets another title shot anyways imo.

    • BiggoTrav says:

      I agree completely. I think Cain ABSOLUTELY needs two clear victories before challenging JDS again. I don’t mean that an earlier title shot won’t be earned, I mean that he needs the confidence of a couple victories before avenging a loss againt the only man to ever hand him his ass.

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        I would like to see Kongo get another shot at cain. Kongo staggered Cain twice stanky legs. look like Rashad vs machida

      • b_lum says:

        Jds didn’t hand cain his ass…. he caught him, that’s it. Its not like he whooped gains ass for 5 rounds, he caught him in the first round. Think cain has the tools to beat Jds.

    • Jc says:

      Pretty sure overeem was the biggest loser… Not Cain

  2. Mike McMack says:

    Cain’s just happy to fight, beating Bigfoot will put him one step closer to his a shot. He might have to fight Overeem when he returns to get there though.

    • ma mama said mma says:

      overeem shouldnt be allowed to return hes a roid head and makes the sport unfair

      • Overeem didn’t get caught using steroids… he got caught with an elevated level of testosterone. Two very different things.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          I agree using ILLEGAL ROIDS is what Cyborg got caught doing Stanozol/winstrol, or Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt DECA/NANDROLONE illegal purchased on black market for ONE PURPOSE to CHEAT and they work great and give you strength and gains like you could only dream of if you haven’t ever tried any of them. Stano makes you ripped and strong as hell while cutting weight. Deca makes you into a machine and allows you to train non-stop like a savage and recover so fast it blows your mind. Then there are the masking agents you take when cycling off which I HAVE NO DOUBT ALL THE POOREST OF FIGHTERS ARE TAKING. then you have the Designer steroids that Victor Conte introduced to MMA shortly after getting out of prison (barry Bonds) where he was ordered by federal judge that he would be put back in jail if he was caught associating with anyone involved with Major league baseball. So whats he do but make best freinds with Kyle kingsbury a week out of prison. I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that most of the wealthy UFC athletes like GSP are taking designer steroids (very very expensive) along with HGH which is also very expensive compared to run of the mill DECA’s and Stano’s, testosterones, then you have EPO’s which take the place of training at altitude none of these which are currently being tested for by the athletic commisions. Richer the athlete better access to best goodies like Lance Armstrong had his entire career according to Floyd Landis his teammate not to mention all the blood transfusions to beat the system. what really sucks is without random testing the worst abusers like Sonnen are getting away with super JUICING for sure and add in little doctor CHEATER note which basically awards these guys for abusing steroids through out their careers.

        • DJ says:

          Every sentence you write shows how fuck all you know about any of this, stfu.

        • HBCsniper says:

          You’re a fucking idiot! If you’ve never used Deca or Winstrol then you don’t know what you’re talking about. Don’t write about shit you heard from some schmuck at your gym.

  3. hahahanninen says:

    I disagree, I know its cliche to say by now, but the FANS are the ones who lost out on this one.

  4. Jimmy Fingerz says:

    Yeah man, I agree Cain is getting put in a tough spot on this one, good read

  5. fourtetshou says:

    No, the biggest loser of the “Overeem Fiasco” is Overeem. Second place, Cain.

  6. xhoochiex says:

    Not saying he would win but where the heck is carwin?! He could have fought either one of these guys(Nelson, silva, or Cain)

  7. Nick says:

    Wasn’t Cain born in America? I’m about 110% sure he is. But yeah this brings up some valid points. I mean he could lose and basically just spiral downwards. It’s a lose-lose. Win as expected or get beat by a guy you shouldn’t have a problem with.

    • Peter says:

      He’s Mexican born not born in Mexico.

      • K2 says:

        You do realize that’s the same thing right?

        • t says:

          no its not mexican born is decent of 2 people from mexico born in america other is selfexlpantory

        • K2 is right. You wouldn’t say Indian born because that does mean born in India. Mexican born means born in Mexico. I’m an English teacher and have an honours degree in English and I’m just saying by the rules of the language if I say a baby is still born, it means it was born still, if it’s house born, it means born in a house and if hospital born, born in a hospital. It’s like having house worn shoes–that means they’re worn in a house. He is not a Mexican born champion he is a champion of Mexican descent or heritage at best.

        • Peter says:

          Oh, well I’m just saying that he’s born of Mexican blood.

        • Xaninho says:

          taco bell!

  8. Hunter says:

    I completely agree!!!

  9. jbeamazing says:

    how about overeem is the biggest loser in this and it’s his fault and the fact that he will die of a heart attack in like 4 years from becoming Alice Overroid

  10. Big Poppa says:

    Cain will be just fine, he will get the winner of JDS/Mir (as long as he doesn’t have an embarrassing lost). I just feel bad for Mir, his face will look like it did after he fought Lesnar. Mir has NO shot, just a bump in the road for the inevitable JDS/Cain rematch

  11. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Carwins out getting all JUICED back up so he can get ready for his usual one fight every 3 years or so. Same schedule as another FELLOW JUICER Sherk.

    Have all you read the story done by Ben Fowles on (month or so ago) about how Trevor whittman owner of Grudge gym lost most of his high profile fighters and his main sponser after talking out against steroids and TRT ( Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquradt) and his other guys that are all ROIDING.

    I have always been very outspoken critic about trevor Whitman mostly because of that smirk he always has on his face but i have to tell you I have a whole new respect for the guy for speaking out against Marquardt after he screwed him and the fans and the UFC when he tested dirty for like the 5th time in his career. Now days Grudge gym is like a ghost town compared to just over a year ago. After getting everyone together that trains at his gym he said he didn’t believe in steroid usuage and said it was cheating and if any of you are going to keep using steroids its probably better you don’t train here and wouldn’t you know it Marquardt, carwin, Brendan shaub and a few more of his pro’s(main guys) quit and had their sponsers dump whitman to so he lost almost all his main revenue because he simply doesn’t think his fighters should use steroids. I don’t know about you guys but shows or tells me alot about who trevor whitman really is. I use to call him “ole fake blue eyes” for those bright and i mean bright blue colored contacts he wears. I guess what i’m trying to say is Trevors contacts might be fake but he certanly is not and if all trainers felt as stronly as he does about STEROIDS in MMA maybe more fighters wouldn’t cheat out of respect for their coaches if nothing else. Another thing is i’m sure alot of fighters don’t want to cheat but they see what using steroids has done for fighters like CHEAT Sonnen who al you have to do is go back look closely at him say during Maia fight then fast forward 6 months or so to the Marquradt fight and you will see a fighter who totally night and day which by the way testosterone when used in massive amounts will do for you.

  12. Grego Graham says:

    Mir got an Easier fight, There was no fucking way he was beating Cain, Cain win 10-0 and Cain has a more intriguing match up with Bigfoot, the biggest loser of this is the fans because we don’t get to see the 2 best heavy weight strikers go at it for the title

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      So cain will be 10-0 even though he got Ko’d by JDS. I must be dreaming maybe Cain didn’t get KO’d after all cause you say so

  13. LOL says:

    I hope Bigfoot destroys Cain. Either way… I would have liked to see the Reem stand with JDS


  15. Luke says:

    Ufc is sucking right mow

  16. Pijan says:

    Fans lost, cause personally I could care less if a fight ends in Rd 1, 3, or 5, as long as it’s good. JDS/Cain was a great fight, so was Lesnar and Overeem. JDS/Overeem had the potential to be the fight of the year, there’s nothing better than watching the two best strikers of a division (specially the HW) go head to head.

  17. Fett says:

    I don’t think he lost out. Cain had a clear cut loss to JDS. Cain needs to fight someone before getting a rematch. I also agree that Mir vs Velasquez would have been a better fight. I would actually give Josh Barnett a shot since they R just filling a gap for Overeem.

  18. Dave says:

    “…the first ever-Mexican born heavyweight champion” He was born in the US, not Mexico. Stop calling him a Mexican.

    • Hunter says:

      It was clearly a mistake not a big deal chill out.

      • Dave says:

        They won’t fix this if no one says anything…and they are not the only ones doing it. It is disrespectful.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Disrespectful is having “BROWN PRIDE” spray painted with stensils on your chest. Damn that tattoo must have set Cain back maybe what $5.00 if I had white pride on my chest i would be labled a white suprem NAZI. FACT ARE white people are minoritys these days. hell you can’t even get a job at post office unless you are a filipino, mexican, black, if anyone is dicriminated against its white people. So now I’m a racist, screw that more like realist

        • K2 says:

          I’m a culturalist. You partake in a shitty/negative culture eg ghetto/gangbanger, dumbass/trailer trash, etc then I’m against ya. Rise above the ignorance. And yes. There is no difference between having WHITE PRIDE and BROWN PRIDE painted on your chest.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Brown Pride is not a racist thing. White pride is touchy because it has a bad stigma and has origins in Nazism and KKK. We only just desegregated our schools maybe 50 years ago. But you are right it’s become okay to be racist against white people only because they are perceived as the rich and successful. Look at the NEW Black Panther Party. Those guys are a joke! The job market is shitty for everybody brother quit being so negative.

          Black Male Unemployment- 13.8%
          White Male Unemployment- 6.8%

          These numbers are obviously much higher but according to the standards in which they measure things these are the numbers. LOL I have no idea why they don’t have statistics for Asians.

  19. Scotty says:

    This isnt a loss, i dont even think Cain should have been fighting in a #1 contender fight anyway.. Im a big fan of Cains but im for the days when you lose a title shot you go down a few notches and have to work to get that title back.. UNLESS it was a close fight and you get screwed and get a rematch.. Other than that if you like Cain did by KO then you go down a couple steps and climb the ladder again! Also bigfoot isnt a slouch fighter and he is trying to work his way into getting a title shot.. Not a bed fight for Cain to work up the ladder again, win this fight then the #1 contender fight!

  20. Brend0magic says:

    Cain will smash him, hopefully.

  21. Monkey juice says:

    Let the juicers fight. Fuck it. It’s a fighting contest. All the guys are using. Some are getting caught that don’t have the $$$ or connections to get the designer shit that can’t be detected. It’s a fight not a who’s got the best scientist competition. Pride fights were fucking insane! Entertaining! Let the monkeys entertain you!!!

  22. Bitch Ass Media says:

    So tired of harsh and unfair criticism of top athletes and legends. All this only good as your last fight crap. One guy wins and the other is apparently a washed up tanlentless old dog who has nothing left. All these bitch ass lazy reporters writing and talking shit about what they cant do. Fuck you pathetic reporters and your scathing articles!

  23. ZC says:

    I agree that Cains tattoo is disrespectful and tasteless. I also don’t think he should’ve been fighting for number one contentionship anyway. In my honest opinion, he was never a champion to begin with. You can’t claim champ without defending it first. He may have beaten Lesnar (who had to under-go surgery following the fight) but that isn’t really saying much. Hell even Kongo almost took him out. Mir has earned this shot. Everyone knew Overreem was juicing anyway, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Even his win over Lesnar has an asterisk next to it now. If Mir beats JDS, I say we let JDS and Overeem bang it out, and then the winner of that fight should be able to challenge the number one contender. Be it, the winner of Cain vs Bigfoot or not.

  24. Mr. Eike says:

    I don’t know about Cain being a better fight then JDS. I’m a huge Mir fan, but I have to admit, his last few fights..hell..since he got utterly pulverized by Brock then Carwin, he hasn’t showed the best chin. His boxing did look great against Nogueria in their first fight, and then against Kongo(more his power in that one) but his sluggish beating of my boy Roy wasn’t overly impressive..though he took some good shots in that fight(didnt he break his jaw?) But this all being said..Mir’s chin is suspect against Cain or JDS. I worry about my boy in any boxing match..Frank’s head movement was non-existant in the Nogueria 2 fight..thought Im not one of those who believes Frank was OUT COLD, and woke up into an amazing reversal and kimura, I still think he got rocked fairly easily,but if Mir was smart, he’d get in close with Dos Santos, and pull gaurd, or use his size/strength in the clinch. Cain vs Mir or JDS vs Mir are both nightmare fights for my Top 2 favorite fighter. Mir will have his work cut out for him fighting JDS.. without a sub, I dont see him striking too long with JDS, or taking him down, and I dont see JDS putting Mir on his back long enough to work any kind of subs. Cain..might have attempted to take Mir down, which could be a huge mistake.. standing up..Mir’s in trouble either way. Atleast with Cain..he has a sub oppurtunity. My heart and hopes going towards Frank in this title fight, but my brain, experience, and pocketbook(if i was a betting man) go to JDS 2nd/3rd rnd TKO..depending on how Frank plays it.

  25. GRT 3000 says:

    I agree, Cain got bent over on this one. the boyz & I were just talking last night and saying wtf?! does he have to gain from this?! It’s 100% risk – even a victory will be considered as …whatever.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Don’t worry Cain first over hand right will land on Big dummys chin and it will be over. However i wouldn’t be surprised if Cain also breaks his hand like Cormier did. so a ko(broken hand) could actually hurt him worse than a loss. I think Bigfoot is and easier fight for cain than Mir

  26. 32hunter says:

    wow, quit reading after this line.

    “the fact that few know if either of these guys will fight again shows their relevance in the sport today”

    Author of this article is a tool.

  27. A.James says:

    All this means is that he’s going to have to win in stunning fashion to prove that he’s back, better than ever, and is hungry for a title shot.

  28. I’m glad someone finally shown some light on Cain….I feel like he TOTALLY missed out.

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