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Friday, 11/02/2012, 07:06 am

“The Baddest Man On The Planet”: JDS Will Gladly Welcome Jon Jones To The Heavyweight Division | UFC NEWS

“People like to imagine a lot of things. I think Jon Jones is an amazing fighter. He is really good, he is so confident and I like him a lot. He is very nice with me and I’m nice with him. But, I don’t care about the other belts. I got the heavyweight belt, you know. There is just one baddest man on the planet and I think I am this guy now. So, if he moves up to the heavyweight division, I will think about the fight. If the UFC put him in front of me to challenge me, were going to fight and I will give my best. ”

(via UFC Tonight)


52 Responses to ““The Baddest Man On The Planet”: JDS Will Gladly Welcome Jon Jones To The Heavyweight Division | UFC NEWS”

  1. JustAFan says:

    WhT a fight that would be. Soon enough JDS may get his wish of fighting Jones. Alot better matchup size wise than Silva v Jones. Nothing would make me happier than a JDS overhand right landing flush on Bones chin. NIGHT NIGHT BONESY. But for now, well hope Hendo lands his 1st. Cause sonnen isnt gonna last very long.

    • yeaaa says:

      fck yeah +1. i dont think jones could mess wit dos santos standup. if he KOs cain again he will be the official badass for a long time

      • Jujitsu Player says:

        ^agree, no way Jones beats JDS. …I think he’d do ok with most middle order HW’s but JDS or Cain…no way no how…..

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Just wait and see Greg jackson will carefully pick and choose only the very best matchups for Jones at HW. WE will never get to see Jones vs JDS, or Jones vs Cormier at HW or LHW, NO way Jackosn will let Jones fight Cain. It will be a total farce

  2. dogfart says:

    this fight would be make of epicness

  3. Xaninho says:

    “Baddest man on the planet”? What happened to JDS? He used to be such a nice, humble dude. Now he’s just one of the bad shit talkers.

  4. haters hate shredders dominate says:

    his not talking shit he is one of the baddest men on the planet or can your uncle billy beat him up?

  5. brett says:

    @xANINHO thats what they call the Heavyweight Champ

  6. bhec says:

    2 points.

    1: Jon Jones would win the fight. I think his stand-up is as good as JDS and I think he’s just a more well-rounded fighter all the way around.

    2: If Jon Jones goes up in weight I seriously doubt his ability to drop back to 205 considering he’s already massive at 205.

    • sam says:

      Ha ha ha!

    • B-rad says:

      Bones would BARELY make it in the top 5.. Cain would brutally almmost murder him, the REEM would eat his soul, Nog or Mir would take a limb home with them.. Its a whole nother ball game when you dont have 12″ of reach, 20+ pound advantage, and 4 inches taller, everytihng but the reach would no longer be a factor.. And you really think Jones can strike with JDS.. there is ONE man who can match up in striking with JDS, and thats the REEM

    • 11thhour says:


  7. Mike b says:

    If jones moves up a weight class,I highly doubt it.I see bones getting smashed at heavyweight.But I’m sure he will bulk up pretty good if he chooses to do so.So I mean…I don’t know???he might do ok.Who knows?Only time will tell.He definitely is big for his weight class and has the reach,and height advantage over everybody in his division.Everybody can assume like myself how he’ll do.We’ll just have to wait and see.but what I do think is that JDS,Cain,or the reem would wreck bones.

  8. 123 says:

    Jon Jones would dominate at heavyweight, im sure people said.. Shogun Rua, Rampage Jackson, Lyoto Machida, Rashad Evans & Vitor Belfort would beat Jon Jones.. but he made it look easy against all of them more or less, he will do the same at heavyweight.

    • B-rad says:

      Look at the guys you listed. All of them are 6′, 6’1″ tall, natural LHW’s, Machida Shad could easily fight at 185 and Vitor usually does!!! My point is he has a massive size advantage over all these guys, and he took advantage of that, that is why he’s been so dominate is because he was 20+ pounds heavier in all those fights (except Rampage) At HW, all these advantges he has go right out the window

  9. Levi says:

    JJ all the way!

  10. fukjones says:

    jbj ass kissers will cry when jds ko him unconscious lmao, keep up kissing his cocky butt..

  11. ACA says:

    I would hope that Dana would wait a while and let JBJ have at least one fight against a top 5 HW instead of just giving him a title shot straight away.

    Id like to see how he goes against the Reem or big Cain V. If Jones were able to bulk up the way Reem did when he went from LHW to HW, he would be a big threat! The way he is now I could see him causing some problems for the top Heavies, but I’d love to see JDS knock JBJ the FUCK OUT!!

  12. Fedor is baddest idiot JDS says:

    Just remember something JDS, Fedor will always be the baddest man on the planet. HE has no fear, You JDS have fear in you.

    Fedor would take your soul with 0 training off da vodka

  13. Ryan Prieur says:

    I think jones has done amazing so far at LHW, but I’d like to see him cement his legacy and clear all doubt before movie up! People still think hendo can beat him, or if machida got a second chance he would win. And with his close arm bar escape from belfort more and more people are doubting. I say erase all doubt at LHW, keep running through the dev, then bulk up and give heavyweight a run. I say this because if he truly bulks up to heavyweight, he will never fight at LHW again and he might not be ready for that yet. If he doesn’t bulk up and just fights at HW, he will get destroyed!

  14. Antoine says:

    You jones fans are just f**king hilarious. I can’t stand all of you. Jones fans completely disregard any other facts and will not listen to anything else and say he is the greatest. You all make me sick to my stomach. He is good. But he is not unbeatable. Dude has A GLASS jaw. Just watch the machida fight. He took 2 straights to the jaw and his arms were flailing like a little bitch “stop hitting me, stop hitting me”. His Nike branded ass better stay in LHW and not bang with the big boys if he knew what was good for him.

    • Butthurt says:

      Jones musta hurt your pride or something.

      Put a nasty pad on or jam a tampon in it.

    • Idisagreewithyousir says:

      You realize that Jones beat Machida right? I agree that he has a weaker jaw than most, but I definitely wouldn’t say glass. He knocked the fuck out of Machida before choking him unconscious so he must be pretty alright. I don’t think he would be able to handle a Dan Henderson or JDS flush overhand right, but he will most likely definitely be able to keep out of the way of it and fight smart.

  15. KIDD433 says:

    Theres nothing amazing about beating guys way smaller than u.Jones has beat top guys,but only because theyre way smaller than him.fightin 5′-11″and 6footers with 10″reach advantages on all of them.Its not rocket science y hes winning.Theyre mismatched fights.He should have fought at HW from the start.He walks around weighing more than Dos Santos the HW champ.Theirs no reason he should fight at 205.Its simple he wants easier fights by fighting smaller guys.He wont move up either,hes afraid he’ll have to fight guys actually closer to him in size.I call that chicken shit,and a fluke title reign.


    Well put KIDD433:Jones knows hes had a ez path w smaller guys at 205.He aint gona move up either,thats y hes talking about fighting Gustafson and Hendo.Dana has wrecked his whole 205 division by Letting a HW fight there.205 wont function right til hes gone either.Sick of seeing bullshit mismatched fights too.

  17. jbeamazing says:

    JDS the most underrated fighter in mma history I hope he knocks out all of your false mma prophets

    ps jon jones punching power is not comparable to JDS

  18. Xaninho says:

    To the douchebags who apparently don’t understand what I meant and feel the need to be rude about it:

    It’s a term used to point out the HW champ, I understand that. The thing is being called the baddest man on the planet is something different than saying that about yourself. It’s very unlike JDS.

    • Josiah says:

      -its ok with me if JDS says that to himself, coz if anyone in the UFC has a problem with it they can always test him..
      -we already saw what happend to the people who tried to prove him wrong and i don’t think jones is gonna make any difference.

  19. Ryan Prieur says:

    It’s not mis matched or unfair for jones to fight LHW. He weighs in at 205 period! Those are the rules and he follows them. I the LHW dev dosent like it they should drop a weight class. If the UFC dosent like it then should make them hight and reach class I stead of weight class. Props to jones on a great career so far, n I hope you continue to do well. And P.S Anderson Silva is the GOAT end of story!

    • Antoine says:

      You should tell the rest of your Jones fan club that exact thing. & I agree with your insight about the weight class thing. If he repeatedly makes 205 lbs and hasn’t had a problem with it, then it’s fair and square. They could say the same thing about silva at middle weight, but he has no problem dropping that weight.

    • B-rad says:

      Your right, it is dumb for people to say all his LHW fights have been “unfair fights” he stepped on the scale at 205 the same time the other guy did, im sure if they weighed the next day there was a big difference, but thats the name of the game. But people dont realize is his massive size had a lot to do with his dominance at 205, but he wont have that at HW and he wont be NEARLy as dominate

  20. B-rad says:

    Everyone saying JJ is gonna dominate at HW the same way he did at 205 is just plain dumb. Yes he is amazingly talented and well rounded, but he dominated so hard MAINLY because of his size advantge over guys at LHW. 2 of the top 3 HW’s are 235-245 pounds, Bones would probably weigh 230ish so not a huge disadvantage there, but look at the Reem, he weighed 263 against Lesnar and he made Brock look like an average HW, and handled him the same way. JJ will make it to the top 5, and not much more

  21. maurice says:

    Jds would murder bones. Im tired of ppl complaining bout jones size. Didnt hear anyone eva bitch bout page, bader, liddell, hammill, tito, or gus being too big. Im suprised no one has realized jones is far leaner now then he eva was at 205. Gotta be dumb as fuck to believe beatn the monsters he beat only happened cus his reach and size. Ppl jus have to have a reason to hate jones. Unbelievable.

  22. Avatar says:

    I agree with the majority here in the thought that jones wouldn’t be able to handle the real top HWs. Imagine if that would have been Mir with jones arm instead of Vitor. On the other hand, jones is still gonna have reach, kickboxing, and cardio advantage over most all heavyweights. Size is a real asset of jones, but he would be elite at HW as well. I’m gonna say he would probably fall victim to JDS, Cormier, Cain, Barnett, and Reem. Mostly due to them either being able to either put him on his back, or stand toe to toe while possessing more power than jones.

  23. KIDD433 says:

    All u Jack asses swinging off Jones radiator hose r just stupid.His size and reach have everything 2 do w him winning these fights.Since u guys are that f u c k e n retarded to watch his fights and see his obvious freek advantage.How its damn near impossible it is for a 5-11 or 6footer like hes been fighting to hit his ass.Unless they lure him in and counter him like Machida did,its is really Fkn hard to do.10″ reach is a big Fkn deal,Especially when u add the extra 25lbs he throws right back on.If ur still that retarded to comprehend what im saying,Find someone with a 10 or 11″reach and throw the gloves on with em

    • Avatar says:

      It’s true that his size and reach are a huge advantage, but you aren’t giving jones enough credit. His skill set is elite. If it were all about reach Stefan Struve would have beaten JDS, and Sean sherk would have never won a fight in his life. Jones stand up improves every time he steps foot in the cage, I just don’t think he has enough power in his striking to hang with the HW top six

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  26. KIDD433 says:

    @avatar.ok i hear u.Struve to Jones isnt the same thing at all.Struve has same reach as Jones,but Dos Santos isnt a 5′-11guy with a 74″reach either.The reach and size advantage Jones has wont be as significant and the fight will be much more evenly matched.Size wize.

  27. urijah says:

    Yes size has a big part to do with it but if you put someone like anderson up against jbs, he couldnt do shit with that reach

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