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The 7 Most Annoying Things About MMA | MMA NEWS

There are lots of things that suck in MMA. Here are the 7 most annoying things of the bunch.

Watching a Legend Lose Badly

It sucks. Every time a legend gets pummeled it just makes you feel bad deep down inside. We all know the moment is coming and that it’s only a matter of time before they get knocked out so bad they are never the same. Prime examples are Wanderlei Silva, Rich Franklin, and Chuck Liddell. Rich’s knockout at the hands of Cung Le was the first time he dropped like a rag doll and was out for that long. Franklin helped build the sport and is its greatest ambassador by most accounts. Endings like the Cung fight make us all cringe.

Watching a Fighter Get Busted for PED’s

Nothing leaves a bitter taste in your mouth like cheaters. Sean Sherk was the UFC Lightweight Champion at the time that he was outed as a cheater. Hermes Franca was an underground favorite and he got busted. Nick Diaz tested positive for marijuana and we didn’t see him fight for what seemed like an eternity. They lose money and we lose the opportunity to see them fight for typically a year. Stop breaking the rules guys.

Nut Shots

If you’ve been unlucky enough to get kicked square in the giblets then you could imagine what it must be like when an elite athlete elite kicks you in the groin. Not only does this have to hurt, but it stops the action. It gives a tired fighter time to recover and sometimes comeback. When this type of thing happens every guy in the room cringes and an uncomfortable beer break occurs until someone screams that the fight is back on. Metal cups please. Metal. cups.

Lost Mouthpieces

This is the one that kills me. Blood and sweat all over the floor and a guy loses his mouthpiece. The ref halts the action, picks the bloody, sweaty mouthpiece back up and replaces it in the fighter’s mouth. Not only does this prompt a mass nausea based groan throughout your group of friends, but it also can give a fighter a momentum shift if they were on the run or being pressured. Tether those things please.


MMA judges may very well be the best example of an athletics based box of chocolates. You never know what and who you’re going to get seated in those chairs with scorecards. Some of the most puzzling judging comes in fights where the scores are 30-27, 29-28, and 26-30. That happened, trust me. There needs to be a standard and fast. One that will help corral these ridiculously wrong scores that are plaguing MMA. These days a fight means more than it ever has and these guys can ruin your career with one pen to paper. I guess they’re right. Never leave it in the judges hands.

Steve Mazzagatti

Believe it or not this guy said he wanted to make groin shots legal. In addition to his ridiculous wishes to sterilize fighters by soccer kick to the sack – he also sucks as a referee according to Dana White and the rest of the known universe. His track record speaks for itself. I mean come on. If a fight can be incorrectly stopped, stood up, and officiated poorly in general this guy can do it. Because of his uncanny ability to mess up every fight he referees he definitely made this list with ease.

Steven Seagal

Cling-on. This guy has emerged from the swamps of B-movieville and right in to my shiny HD screen at home. I understand that Anderson Silva supports Seagal’s claims. I understand that a delusional Seagal really believes he is responsible for Anderson’s success. To make matters worse, Ariel Helwani patronizes the guy and feigns being upset if someone speaks ill of him. Steven Seagal is a movie star who has legit credentials in a martial art that has never been the dominant aspect of an MMA fighter’s skill set. I will take this back when Joe Rogan screams, “WOW! Look at that Aikido he just used to win a fight”.


36 Responses to “The 7 Most Annoying Things About MMA | MMA NEWS”

  1. Mark Jensen says:

    Assuming Anthony beats Donald Cerrone. What’s it going to take to get a Title shot? Every time the kid gets close, the rug gets pulled.


  2. Bobby says:

    You forgot the main thing that plagues mma right now, Injuries.

  3. Phil says:

    You forgot Dana White and tattoos.

  4. Eric says:

    Eye pokes. Do you get 5 minutes? Nope, just a doctor to ask if you can see. C’mon, as much as I love my wedding tackle, I’d recover faster from a shot downtown while wearing a cup than an eye poke.
    I think Mazzagatti gets a bad rap. He’s nowhere near the worst, but maybe too experienced to make some of the blunders he does.

  5. Borg says:

    You forgot Joe Rogan, he should be at the top of the list as the most annoying thing in MMA.

  6. Daniela says:

    You forgot to mention Joe Rogan’s voice!
    That man SCREAMS about everything!

  7. some guy says:

    Steven Seagal is THE most annoying thing about MMA every time this asshole opens his mouth he spews some shit worse than the time before…. Mr. Seagal do us all a favor don’t talk, just stick to your double whoppers and your pathetic acting carer

  8. HEEL HOOK says:

    Not too mention the fans. Cant stand the comment section of these articles sometimes.

  9. Broman says:

    You forgot about the dudes that “train ufc”

  10. The Fans says:

    Or USA chants.

  11. Tim says:

    I really don’t get the Segal hate. Very few people question Anderson Silva’s legitimacy as the number one fighter in the world. If he says he trains with Steve and has learned things from him then why so mad? Sure he is old and fat and used to be in the movies, just because you aren’t a true great fighter doesn’t mean you can’t also be a good teacher. I honestly don’t know if it’s for real or not, maybe he paid them to say that, but either way, he is far from the #1 worst thing in MMA. All of the other things you listed are worse, actual problems, especially the refs.

    • Totally agree says:

      I don’t understand it either. Just because the guys old and out of shape don’t mean shit. He knows what the fuck he’s talking about. Go to YouTube and watch a couple videos of Silva and Segal sparring. I’ve been watching MMA for awhile and I’ve never seen anyone make Silva look like such a big baby than Segal. He drops him like its nothing. But if was Chuck Norris instead everyone would think differently. #1 most annoying thing in MMA is the know it all fans.

  12. joe rogan ftw says:

    i wouldnt watch ufc if it was anyone other then Joe. he knows his shit and he keep everyone updated on bjj. Mike is shit im glad his stoned ass is gone.

  13. Mr Crippler says:

    Under Thai boxing rules a groin shot isn’t strictly illegal, A kick or knee delivered straight AND hard is slightly different. It’s amazing how many fighters can fight on perfectly well after a warning!! So, Steve’s point its completely off the radar.

  14. Preston says:

    Steve is not a bad ref. So shit doesnt always go the way you want. Boo hoo, such is life. Its called sound judgement, something he has to use as a ref when HE is in the cage. No other official is in there to see what he sees and things are unraveling. Besides, his son is a good homie of mine! Steve Mazzagatti is a good man!

    • Preston is a Faggot says:

      shut the fuck up faggot get the mazzaggattis cocks out of your ass

    • PrestonWithRoseLenses says:

      Just because he IS a bad ref, it has no bearing on him as a person. How can you say he is not one of the horrible refs? He’s called a stop to more than one fight due to “one fighter’s loss of consciousness” even though those fighters sat up immediately going, “WTF did you do that for?” (Weidman vs Danzig prime example) And has stopped fights were fighters were not getting hit (blocking strikes with hands and arms) as well as calling tapouts that didn’t exist. And he’s refused to call some illegal (back of the head) shots.

      But the WORST ref? IMHO, Yves Lavigne.

  15. rjilg says:

    tether a mouth piece…to what? an eyebrow?

  16. Larsonmars says:

    I’m tired of seeing cage grabbing. It’s getting all too common and it can change the direction a fight is going. Refs warn about it, but it happens over and over (JDS) with little penalty. I think the cage should be strong plexiglass. Better visibility of the fight and no unfair advantage by using the fingers or toes in the links.

  17. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    1.) PED’s…cheaters are not competitors.
    2.) People getting title shots because of good name recognition, self promotion, and just being a good draw…but I understand.
    3.) Fighters who don’t fight other fighters. I don’t know why this annoys me so much. It’s a sport and you should always want to compete against the best…friend or for.
    4.) Judging…who knows when it goes to the scorecards. You just hope they get it right.
    5.) Agreed with watching a legend lose badly…much respect to Mr. Penn. ALL day!
    6.) Those damn sponsor t-shirts. Some of them are just hideous.
    7.) FUEL tv…just because I don’t get it and it makes me go on the internet to watch those fights.
    IMHO…one love from the “NO” in central cali.

  18. magoo says:

    There are 8 things u forgot to mention Ronda my shit don’t stink Rousey!!!

  19. Bruce Lee says:

    Whats wrong with Steven Segal? an old Martial Artist who obviously a great fan of Mixed Martial Arts who has great knowledge in the art of his Dicipline. I believe any knowledge on any style of Martial arts should always be welcomed in Mixed martial arts. show respect to Sifu Segal. Anderson Silva takes fighting seriously. Yes i think ill take his word for it. Humility makes good kungfu .

  20. CD says:

    in 2012 i thought steve mazagatti did a pretty good job as ref. Dan mirgliotta and josh rosenthaal werent so good.

  21. Time To Wrestle says:

    The most annoying things in mma are fans that whine and cry about fighters that use PED’s. Why not use whatever an athlete needs to improve his performance?? Most of the whiners are usually drunk or stoned anyways and they complain about PED’s….yep, that’s right.

  22. American Kali Aint Filipino Kali says:

    Weird entrance music, outrageous trunks, hollywood ring girls and the sponsor that competes with the harley-davidson treadpoint.

  23. tony says:

    Rich Franklin did nothing to help build the sport and he is no legend. Not too many people bought into the hype surrounding Rich Franklin when he was being promoted as an MMA celeb. up until Anderson Silva Franklin had never fought anyone with true skill. Anderson Silva picked apart Franklin and showed the world all the weaknesses in his training and fighting style. It also showed the world that his trainer Jorge Gurgel was a johnny come lately in MMA.

  24. Boom Boom says:

    “I will take this back when Joe Rogan screams, ‘WOW! Look at that Aikido he just used to win a fight’.” …LMAO

  25. Holden says:

    I hate fighters who don’t try to finish. I mean “grapplers” who score takedowns and then just sit on their opponents for the rest of the round. I also mean “strikers” who run around the cage and barely throw any strikes (I usually like Clay Guida, but his pussy “Catch-Me-If-You-Can” performance against Gray Maynard was embarrassing.)

  26. Somearticlesonbjpenn.comsuck says:

    Useless artical to be honest. These are the 7 most annoying things in MMA based by the opinion of the writer. Lost mouthpiece… who cares !? Groin shots… sucks but ithappens get over it. Steven Seagal, only takes one fat guy to ruin MMA in ur opinion!? I was suprised not to see bensons toothpick on #1 based on what i read. what about the REAL annoying things in MMA ? Injuries… Racism… Legal issues… champions that refuse to fight people becouse there name isn’t big enough. MMA organisations that die ?

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