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Thursday, 04/05/2012, 11:40 am

The 5 Million Dollar Man | Lesnar Cashes In With 12 Month WWE Contract

Former UFC heavyweight wrecking machine Brock Lesnar has reportedly inked a 12-month deal with the WWE for five-million-dollars.

We reported on Tuesday that he made an appearance on the pro-wrestling companies Monday night program and now if rumor holds true that was more than just a guest cameo.

Cage Side Seats busted the lid off this story:



The details surrounding Brock Lesnar’s new WWE contract are beginning to emerge and it looks like the former Undisputed Champion has gotten himself a plum of a deal.

According to sPyWareInsider, Lesnar’s brand new deal — reportedly agreed upon and signed during WrestleMania 28 weekend and rumored to be in the $5 million range — will last through next year’s WrestleMania at Met Life Stadium in New Jersey. There, he will assumedly take part in a huge match-up with tons of mainstream press behind it. The Rock? The Undertaker? His victim last night, John Cena? All potential bouts would rake in tons of cash and score hundreds of thousands of pay-per-view (PPV) buys.

The current plan is for Lesnar to make appearances about twice a month with an even greater frequency in the months leading up to WrestleMania 29. The report also goes to state additional appearances could be negotiated on a case by case basis.




46 Responses to “The 5 Million Dollar Man | Lesnar Cashes In With 12 Month WWE Contract”

  1. david says:

    so hes not able to fight but hes able to wrestle? fucken pussy

    • bobby says:

      how can you saw he can’t fight he was the HW champ and defended his belt mult. times… Your saying you wouldn’t quit MMA and go to WWE if they offered you 5 mill for 1 year. If you really say no your lieing or your just an idiot

      • Doug Diamond says:

        Lesnar was a one-trick pony. It just took awhile to figure him out. He could wrestle but, he was not able to take all of his opponents down which left him open to strikes, and Lesnar can’t take a punch for anything and, he did not want to train with the best fighters. I say good riddance to him. At least he was a better gamble for Dana than Kimbo was and they made some money to boot. Maybe now that he has some time off he will get rid of that “dick tattoo” on his chest. I can’t say anything about WWE. I don’t know anything about it and don’t want to. At least its not gay porn. Or….. is it?

        • your mom says:

          Like Frank Mir said he is a one trick pony but that fuckin trick works real well. Besides that he still won the belt with little training and that is a fact. Yeah he wasn’t as badass as everyone wanted him to be but he did pretty damn good IMO.

        • Quazzi says:

          Agreed. The guy is a grade A tool but i couldnt help being impressed with wat he done with wat lil training he had.

      • geir håland says:

        deffended multiple times you say,just so you know,thats bullcrap.abviesly you dont know what ur talking about.with the right matches sapp could hw champ for year,maybe even butterbeen.just watch the matches.

        • T.DADDY says:

          dude he defended the belt so i dont know wat the fukk ur talking about.. ur just hating.. so go ahead n hate while brock laughs all the way to the

    • Neva Mind says:

      You sound retarded, Kawika. Look at this number, dumbass:
      $5,000,000 . That’s what Brock is earning for the year (not including endorsements).. Now, look at this: $8.00/hour. That’s what you are making an hour as shift manager at Jack-In-The-Box.

      Let’s see: 8 hours min a day, 5 days min a week, 52 weeks a year = $16,640 for you this year. Brock would wipe his ass with every paycheck you receive.

    • Dog chapman says:

      Bruddahs I jus sayin he quit fightin so he wont b a champ dummy ova hea said he cant scrap all u fukahz r dummyz bruddah

    • Scivor says:

      Wrestling isn’t real moron fighting is

  2. T.Daddy says:

    Who said he wasn’t able to fight??? Last I heard he retired.. it didn’t surprise me at all he went back to wwe.. 5 million damn son! Lol

  3. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    He works twice a month, gets to spend more time with his family, he doesn’t have to train for 6hrs a day and he is getting 5 million dollars for a years worth of work. He may be getting paid more to work for the WWE than the UFC.

    If that isn’t success then idk what is.

  4. Danawhite says:

    He was making 5 mil per fight once you factor in ppv buy bonus. He went backwards in pay if you can say making 5 mill is backwards lol. Good for him if he can make it I say do it

  5. Joshjayallday says:

    Did anyone even see Brock on Monday Night Raw?? Dude lost choke weight and muscle and it’s prob due to his past bouts with that intestinal disease (diverticulitis) he has/had. UFC is way to competitive and if he can’t perform at a high level why wouldn’t he go back to WWE? Even if he fought 3 times a year (like an average fighter) at the amount he was getting paid he wouldn’t even make half as much as he will with WWE. Sure as hell makes a lot of sense to me.

  6. jbeamazing says:

    good for you Brock at least he will be performing for less haters even if it’s lame fake combat

  7. true mma says:

    Quit hating, get paid Brock.

  8. PJ Benn says:

    Dont hate on Brock. Tell Dana to pay da fighters more.

  9. James Wolfe says:

    Good, get back to that fake crap…what a joke.

  10. Jake says:

    What I’m tryin to figure out is how in the fuck do WWE fighters get paid more then UFC fighters!?

    • TriforceSamurai says:

      honestly its a very good question. it can be argued that the wwe has been around far longer then the UFC and they receive more money from merchandising and multiple channel deals but then again…the Ufc has been growing at a constant rate year after year and is now featured on multiple channels and not just in pay per view. I don’t think i can really speculate as to what it costs to be in their business. Maybe its the difference in the talent pool and their personality retention. The wwe has entertainers what will always be around and able to contribute to the wwe brand even when they are well past their physical prime (hulk hogan, rick flare). There are a few names that have stood the test of time in the UFC but how many become sidelined due to injury and how many fighters show up, stand in the spotlight for a while then suddenly disappear? Maybe its the fact that the wwe will be able to constantly make money off of their entertainers for many years to come while the body of a ufc fighter can only last for so long and is therefore not as reliable source of income for the ufc? i dunno, im just throwing out possible theories.

      • Backwash says:

        It’s easy to see why the WWE wrestlers get paid more.Not that it’s fair though. Most guys on the roster work almost everyday or are traveling most days to get to the next show. They don’t fly everywhere, they drive and share the travel cost with their road partners. The WWE doesn’t pay for travel or hotel, that comes out of their pay. They get flights paid for usually when the next venue is over 200 miles away. Thats why Brock left the first time, never home and too much travel. The Fighters deserve more pay for sure but they get more time off also. Much respect to both groups. i myself don’t care to get punched in the face. Can’t really compare the two.

  11. owen says:

    Sure, Lesnar showed he didn’t have a well rounded game. But how many guys do you see with such gaping holes in their game become world champion? None beside Royce Gracie. The guy generated millions of dollars for the UFC based largely on his personality. Now he doesn’t have to train so extensively and still get paid like crazy. And he no longer has to apologize to all the fanboys who don’t like his behavior. It’ll make him even more popular. Good move WWE and good move Brock.

  12. heywood jablowme says:

    Maybe he and phael sonnen can be tagteam champs…sonnens got the rasslin schtick down…

  13. Kingron84 says:

    Sure Lesnar mite be a one trick pony but dude has fought a whosewho of fighters. Compare his first 8fights to Carwin or Cains or Nelsons first 8 fightsand you’ll see the difference.

  14. Sick Brah says:

    Hated brock, such a faggot. This proves it.

  15. C says:

    He retired because the diverticulitis was back. That and he only had one game and couldn’t/wouldn’t improve in all other aspects. As far as career moves go this was his smartest choice.

  16. Dinglenuts Magee says:

    I’ve got a question for real fuckin stupid people…. and a few of your have already posted here, so don’t be shy.

    Can you name all the UFC HW champs who have more title defenses during a reign as UFC HW champion?

    Good luck….

    • James says:

      Lesnar and Arlovski are tied for most defenses. JDS will likely break that especially in light of these recent shenanigans.

      • Dinglenuts Magee says:

        sorry try again. Arlovski fought Eiliers for the interim belt, not the HW championship. He had 1 defense, Buentello.

        JDS very well may wind up with this category all to himself, but he has yet to defend once yet, remember everyone saying Cain would hold the belt forever….?

        • James says:

          Interim is the same thing. He still didn’t have more though. I never thought Cain was that great. Might be cause I’m not mexican… Can’t really hate on Brock too much. Not like anyone on this board makes 5 mil a year or is champ of anything. That being said though, you can tell Brock probably is a genuine asshole in real life.

        • owen says:

          I know a few people from Webster and they all say he’s a cocky bastard. They say also that he’s not a mean guy or a bully or anything.

  17. shynel says:

    now thats a fuckin deal to sign on. he better watch outthe undertaker dont fuck him up for ten million…

  18. HirKomeStHePayNE says:

    IF i am BrocK LesNar i will do samE!!! 5 millions for a year (with wwe) versus 1.5 million (for every fight he receive 500,000 plus REAL PUNCHES ….REAL KICKS ) WWE ALL DAY!!!

  19. DMAC says:

    As long as they don’t land a punch on his face in WWE he’ll fulfill that contract. Ive never seen such a giant curl up after taking one to the jaw.

    Get that money though Brock, at least he can say he held a title with a elite organization. He will be missed!

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