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Friday, 03/09/2012, 01:28 pm

That Jeremy Stephens Fight? Just A Scrimmage For Anthony Pettis, Says Coach

“I’m really proud of Anthony. You know most people, they would be harder to teach… He turned 25, and ever since the Guida setback, it really – you hate to sound cliche – but it was one of the best things that ever happened to him. He wasn’t arrogant or anything; it just made him really extra focused… And from wrestling with Askren, Anthony’s wrestling is getting way better. And, you know what, the fight with Jeremy Stephens, it wasn’t the Showtime that everyone wanted, but, and this is going to sound very weird, it was a scrimmage for us, and I’ll explain. I want Anthony to work on taking guys down, get top position. Doing things that you never see him do. But here’s the thing. This fight [against Lauzon], he fought southpaw. You watch Alan Belcher when I coach Alan, last fight he worked on top position against a guy with a dangerous guard (Jason MacDonald). The fight before that he came out southpaw against Cote as a Muay Thai stylist, and then he took Cote down and then choked him out. And in the fight before that he fought [Wilson] Gouveia and he boxed left handed. You know, he’s always showing [something different]. That’s what I want to do with the fighter’s I’m training. I don’t want you to be able to hone in on one style. That’s how I’d beat guys.”

Duke Roufus, coach on the rise, sat down with MMATorch recently to talk about one of his star pupils, Anthony Pettis.


9 Responses to “That Jeremy Stephens Fight? Just A Scrimmage For Anthony Pettis, Says Coach”

  1. Me says:

    Not any good fight for him right now. Winner of Barboza vs Dunham? so he must sit out for at least another 5 months. i dont like it. Maynard? i like pettis so i dont want him fight maynard except in a Championship bout. Anyone worthy left?

    • ricardo says:

      Jacob Volkman so he can stfu already!!
      but after his fight

      • Dick Niaz says:

        Jacob Volkman is so annoying he should be cut just for talking. The only thing more annoying than having to listen to an athlete talk about Jesus is listening to an athlete talk about politics.

        Give Maynard a fight with Volkman. No way in hell Volkman wins, and then cut him…. and he should never ever be near a microphone, ever.

  2. cjc says:

    Pettis should fight the winner of diaz vs miller ( providing neither of them gets hurt and sidelined) And the winner of that should get the title shot. Either way pettis is gonna be champ.

    • Dick Niaz says:

      Then if the winner of that mess gets hurt we get Frankie vs Bendo III

      Fuck that.

      (and we’ll probably get Frankie Bendo III anyway)

      Why do Frankie Edgar title fights take ten rounds and last a year??

  3. Scum of the Earth says:

    And when any of his guys have a set back and no longer are a top draw he will throw them to the side.

  4. Dana White says:

    Warren and Curran is about to start.

  5. Kalez says:

    Pettis vs. Cerrone, or Maynard.

  6. xcydal says:

    Scrimmage my ass. Dude almost lost.

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