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Monday, 05/27/2013, 04:52 pm

Teixeira Says “I’m Here” If UFC Needs a Title Fight for Jones


| Following UFC 160 Glover Teixeira explained that defeating James Te Huna was one of his goals that night. However, winning a fight in front of one of his idols was the cherry on top of his submission victory that night. Mike Tyson, arguably the greatest knock-out artist in boxing history, was in the front row watching as Teixeira notched his 19th straight MMA victory on Saturday.

Glover is now 21-2 in MMA and 4-0 in the UFC. His impressive win over Te Huna was extremely entertaining for the fans and for the legend himself, Mike Tyson. Teixeira explained his excitement in fighting in front of Iron Mike by stating,

“I’m the biggest Mike Tyson fan… when I was thirteen years old I used to get up in the middle of the night, hide from my Dad, and watch him fight on Globo TV.” Teixeira explained, “I watch his highlights before I fight anyone. That’s what motivates me.”

He continued, “When I saw him over there, I gotta tell you…I said, ‘I gotta move my head like Mike Tyson. I hope I don’t go over there, get caught, and get knocked out in front of him.”

Glover definitely moved his head and fainted perfectly before landing big shots on Te Huna that ultimately opened up a guillotine choke in which Glover wasted no time latching on to. The victory was Teixeira’s second submission win inside the UFC octagon and it has, without a doubt, placed him at the top of the UFC light heavyweight contention ladder. Many fans feel, considering his 19 fight winning-streak, that he is undoubtedly next in line to fight the champion, Jon Jones.

However, Teixeira stated at the post-fight presser that he is not concerned with getting a title shot and is instead just focusing on putting on good fights for the company and continuing to rack up more ‘W’s. If he can continue to do that then the title shot will eventually come his way. This is not to say, though, that Teixeira does not think he is ready for a title shot with Jon Jones. Teixeira feels he is absolutely one of the best and is a huge threat to Jones and his crown. When asked if the UFC wanted to give him a title shot what he would say, he replied,

“Whatever they do, I’ll be happy to get in the Octagon as soon as possible.” He went on, “if they have trouble finding an opponent for Jon Jones, I’m here.”

Glover Teixeira is on one of the most impressive tears in the sport of mixed martial arts and, like Jon Jones, has been unbeaten for several years now. So what do you all here at think? Is Teixeira a worthy opponent to Jones’ crown or does he still need to prove himself a little more? If so, how about a scrap with Alexander Gustafsson, who believes he should be next in line to face Jones? Let’s hear it Penn Nation!


11 Responses to “Teixeira Says “I’m Here” If UFC Needs a Title Fight for Jones”

  1. bob says:

    since jones is “supposedly” out for a while, i think that’d be a sick fight. teixeira vs gustafsson in a title eliminator.

    • Thom says:

      agree, rather see those 2 fight than Alex-Machida. I do think if anyones beating Jones at LHW its Lyoto though. Alex is strong and big but lacks the grappling and Teixeira lacks the speed and range, Lyoto is fast and his style is based around range which negates some of Jon’s reach. Machida is still the only person to ever be effective against Jones and he did it for almost 7 minutes straight, I think in a rematch he could potentionally beat him. Then again Jon is probably a lot better now than he was then so who knows. Cain vs Jones would be a real super fight.

  2. jesus says:

    @bob what about lyoto machida?

  3. Leonious Brandonious says:

    defo worthy

  4. Ddddddd says:

    Ya he kicked his ass but he doesn’t have what it takes. He’s a contender amongst contenders. Hes not gonna march into Johnny with that brawling style.

  5. Sugar Ponybear says:

    @jesus, Glover and Lyoto both fight out of Blackhouse and if I’m not mistaken they don’t fight each other. Glover/Lyoto will never happen.

  6. Jujitsu Player says:

    Big fan of Glover but I think Gus deserves the next title shot for sure. I think with his range and striking skills he presents some interesting challenges for Jones.

    Would like to see Glover take on the winner of Hendo/Rashad to see who gets the next shot after Gus.

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