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Tuesday, 03/13/2012, 11:51 am

Teammate vs. Teammate? How About Dana vs. Lorenzo, Says Anderson Silva

“(Dana saying that teammates should fight each other), It’s funny to say that, right? If that was the case, I would like to ask him if he’d like to split the UFC with Lorenzo, each would have their own show fighting for audience and sponsorship and everything else that involves their business. They’re friends, partners… What I think is that friends shouldn’t fight. Dana doesn’t fight. He sells well the fight, he’s a good promoter, but he isn’t a fighter. I have nothing against Dana, I admire him, but he doesn’t know what this is, and he can’t say that two friends should fight. We spend more time together than with our own families. We share the pains, the frustrations, and just because he wants to sell a fight that he thinks it would be cool and that the public would like to see two companions fighting. He wants to match a fight with two friends? That’s impossible, it only happens with people who aren’t real friends. We have a philosophy in our team that, regardless of two being from the same weight class and the same objective of being UFC Champions, we know that this won’t happen. MMA is not a collective sport. It’s not normal for me to fight a guy that I live with everyday. It’s natural to him, because he doesn’t fight and hasn’t even got pinched once.”

UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva, tells Brazilian media outlet “SportTV” that he doesn’t side with his promotional homes stance on teammate vs. teammate matchups.

While many UFC fighters refuse to partake in such activities, it has not stopped the lobbying of Dana White’s campaign to get the job done.

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156 Responses to “Teammate vs. Teammate? How About Dana vs. Lorenzo, Says Anderson Silva”

  1. Jason N says:

    Yep, I agree. Dana is starting to piss me off. His if you don’t like it don’t buy it attitude. Makes me want to boycott the UFC. And I love MMA. Think he (and the UFC) are starting to ruin the sport.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Especially the way Dana has been so pro-SOPA and tried talking shit to Anon. His ego is gonna ruin the sport even faster than it got popular. I’m definitely starting to have more interest in supporting other MMA orgs, now.

    • Matt says:

      Dude, don’t buy it if you don’t like it? I don’t even know the last time I bought a PPV. I just watch all the free fights they show and read the results off my MMAJunkie app or something. I miss them, but 45.99 a pop is a lot to ask now days.

  2. Jason N says:

    Let’s have Dana WHite fight Anderson Silva.

  3. Ruben says:

    I agree with Anderson, why should you be forced with someone who is close to you? Many training partners are more that just training partners, they are close friends, family. And whether people want to accept it or not, fighting someone requires you to want to hurt them and have some sort of anger towards them. Of course it varies from fighter to fighter but theres many fighters who use that as motivation to get ready for a fight. Dana only cares about the money and doesnt give a rats ass about people and their friendships.

    • Deepak says:

      So they could spar with each other but not fight? It’s not a team sport – We need fighters to fight. I feel it’s just an excuse to skip the fighter next in line. WHen they spar they think of it as a sport, but when they fight it becomes personal? I mean I really don’t understand the logic. Fighters fight their sparing partners all the time in the UFC. Mir and Country, Chael and Mark (although fight didn’t happen), Evans and Jones and I’m sure you guys could think of some on your own.

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        Hmmm, spectator only, I’d guess? Two guys sparring, especially friends, has no similarity whatsoever to two guys fighting. The lack of intensity, emotion, all out aggression, and intent to do bodily harm makes a big difference my friend. It’s no problem for me to spar with my brother, because there is no real harmful intent, we have pads on, and I’m not at the point to where I’m focused soley on being the man that leaves the Octagon the winner. A real fight, it’d be a whole different story. Not saying that I agree with Anderson, but I am saying that I totally disagree with your comparison of fighting and sparring

  4. DemiGod says:


  5. Pochizzle says:

    chael is his new best friend

  6. slacker says:

    It’s an interesting analogy, but ultimately he is wrong. Even Olympians training from the same camp have to compete against each other. The nature of MMA is individual. The nature of Zuffa is a partnership. I empathize with the fighters who get into that predicament, but they gotta bite their lip and fight each other.

  7. Big J says:

    First Quintin and now Anderson, is Dana losing credibility to his fighters?

  8. Things need to be reconsider in order for MMA be consider as a sport, like a truly one, instead of just entertainment bussiness. Like giving title shots just to the ones that could sell more and not to the ones that deserve them. In southamerica we have an ultimate respect to our family and friends, and off course, to our teammates, Dana needs to understand this shit before he turns Zuffa into the new WWE…

  9. Yeas says:

    This is never an issue when the fighters are nobodies. But when they end up at the top of their respective weight-classes, suddenly its a concern. Its irrelevant now anyway because Machida isn’t at the top anymore.

    Dana can suggest a fight, a fighter can refuse. If the fighter isn’t an asset to the UFC, they will probably be dropped. But if its someone like GSP or Silva, they kind of have this problem. So Dana turns to the fans to hope to pressure the fighters into it. Dana knows the fans will swing to anything, and he does it well.

  10. Dick Diaz says:

    damnnnnnnnnnnnn, big words. big words indeed.

  11. Jay Unidos says:

    Listening to Dana’s commentary during the live TUF last Friday just proved to me that his knowledge of fighting is nowhere near his abilities as a promoter.

    MMA > Boxercise

    • Popp24 says:

      Yeah I heard a few times where Dominic Cruz had to correct Dana on things and he kinda seemed insulted by Dana’s lack of knowledge.

      • wha? says:

        yep. cruz can seem arrogant, but his statements were of a true professional attempting to maintain a clear and concise commentation.
        i’m not a cruz fan, more of a faber fan, but i appreciate the fact that cruz was not sucking up to dana, when dana was clearly making an incorrect statement.

  12. Diezel says:

    If you want to be the best, You can let friendship stand in the way if one of your friends is standing in your way. One example is Mickey Ward and Arturo Gatti, Great friends, but they fought 3 times! It benefited them both in terms of money and fame. Its not a street fight even though the object is to damage your opponent. It’s supposed to be a buisness, Not personal. As much as I love watching the UFC and all MMA, I’m growing tired of Dana White and his cocky attitude But I have to agree with him on this one…

    • Ruben says:

      They weren’t friends till after they fought. Also they never trained together so this example doesn’t apply to this situation. We are talking about guys who train together for years and grow from each other. not to say you can’t fight with someone you train with, because there are some people who you train with but aren’t really close with.

  13. oli says:

    Imo fighters can fight friends. You wont be going out to hurt one another with malice, but you can still fight. I love it in tournaments when I go up against my friends I spa with, its like ”ok lets see whos really the best”.

    Good friends should be able to compete against each other without it being awkward. And be friends after and joke about who won.

    Brazilians culture maybe be diff, this is just my opinion.

  14. brosef says:

    come on man. they are professionals and if they can’t put their friends aside for a fight than they shouldn’t be involved in the sport. Sure it would be hard but if two friends are in the top, well fight on.

    • Twatty Mc.Twatface says:

      wtf, have you done that before. smashing your friends face in, potentially hospitalising him and breaking his bones for money?
      if its your best mate?


      • K2 says:

        Fighting friends for pay is like ‘gay for pay’ right? And sparring partners knows all your moves and you know their moves (like the reach-around). So it could potentially be a boring fight if the two cancel each other out or don’t pull the trigger. Would you break your friend’s arm during a submission if he didn’t tap cause you’re buds for a mere 24k (win bonus included). Now if I got the ‘sub of the night’ 65k bonus I might….

  15. G says:

    I am a huge Silva fan, but I do agree that fighters shouldn’t act like it’s that big of a deal to fight a team-mate. I dunno, it’s hard to say.

  16. Johnathan says:

    Spider is right. If the ufc provided and paid for camps I would say maybe. Mma is not boxing . The more Dana tries to make it like wwe or boxing the shorter lifespan mma will have.

  17. Nick says:

    Yeah Anderson is right, end of discussion.

  18. Gomi says:

    UFC isnt a friendy competition, most fighter goes in the cage with the killer instinct.
    If you’re a fighter you KNOW its hard to get that beast out when you face a friend.

    BJ, Diaz brothers, Silva and a bunch of your favourite fighters feels exactly the same way.

    Fighting is a special sport, not like the others.

  19. Gooner_NM says:

    Gatti and Ward didn’t become friends until after the 1st fight when they were in the hospital brutally beaten up. That’s when the admiration set in. Plus they weren’t top caliber fighters at the time. Anderson Silva is PFP the best fighter in his sport. He shouldn’t have to fight his friend. But he shouldn’t shy away from Chael, GSP, or Jon Jones.

  20. David says:

    i agree champ

  21. I Never Asked For This... says:

    Wow, you fucking idiots! What you see on TV is not the complete picture. You don’t see the hospital visits, broken/fractured bones, knee surgeries. MMA is not pretty, and can turn into something fucking damaging. It’s not rolling like BJJ, nor is it kickboxing with pads everywhere like you may be doing in your gym. Lastly, remember that Brazillian culture is a little different to that of the US.

  22. KJG says:

    okay guys, wake up tomorrow, tell your brother or sister to come into the room, right hook to the temple as they drop & then put them into a rear naked choke and have them go to sleep. see how you feel about that the next morning. Does anybody understand the true meaning of the martial art anymore? Guess money means more then honor these days.

  23. slacker says:

    It’s not Dana’s job to fight. But I am sure he and his partners have had sharp disagreements before, and they have to suck it up and move on like professionals. It’s about doing your job, not personal feelings. I understand it must be hard, but other good friends have done it like Sonnen and Stann. This is what you signed up for.

  24. Mike says:

    I agree. It’s stupid, just cause Dana says they should, doesn’t mean they really should.

    I love how Anderson, despite all his success stays true to his roots and doesn’t care what Dana or even fans think. He truly is a champion among champs. He’s the greatest mixed martial artist to walk the earth and always sticks to his beliefs.

  25. bart says:

    Thats like a pitcher on a baseball team saying he isnt going try to strike the guy out at home plate because its his friend. Or a football player on the defensive end saying he isnt going to sack the QB on the other team because its his friend. Yes its fighting, but still a sport were you are trying to prove who is better. I just dont really agree with that. If the #1 contender is friends with the man who has the belt and doesnt want to fight him then thats his problem. Just dont ever say its your dream to one day hold the belt and be the best in your division because obviosly that would be bullshit

  26. jonsey says:

    why is anderson saying this ??? thery want him to fight cheal?? is he juust starting a fight to get cut like rampage cuz he dont wanna fight??? anderson is my fav fighhter..but i dnt kow where this cae3m from

  27. Joe Montoya says:

    I can see both Dana and Anderson’s point, but it is a sport and business. I’m curious to see what Anderson thinks about the comments Mark Munoz made about willing to fight him if a title shot was offered.

  28. So, what’s new with the Dana White issue? Hahaha.

  29. chuck says:

    its a sport, if a teammate wants to be the champ i think that teammates should fight eachother.just because they are fighting eachother dont mean they arent friends. mma is a sport and evryone in mma wants to be the best. sometimes teammates have to fight, thats just the way it is. but after the fight they are still teammates and friends.

  30. Michael says:

    I don’t agree with anderson silva because he’s just being a pussy. If team mates are in the same weight class then they should fight each other to see who is the best in the world.

    • soknut mike says:

      you are the only pussy and spoken like true predator you are. all you who say a temates should fight one another are the same as the guy guilty of raping their own mates and friends because true friendship is something you ppl will never understand . cant blame Dana the cocains got to that numbskull he thinks hes scarface Tony Montana, Anderson silva is like so many christians we understand. that there is no greater gift than to lay down your life for you brother. so why would he fight a teammate? , friend or brother, The fight id pay to see Dana white fight anderson more than the sonnen fight. Dana you sir are an ass your totally on a mission see anderson beaten . im not a fighter but calling you out dana if you got the balls bahahaha if you want to see team mates fight watch wwe with the kids. will cause match fixing. bigtime by types like sonnen

      • Michael says:

        hey dude, do everyone a favor and shut the fuck up. Don’t come in here with your christian bullshit. If anything god is not going to let any person beat up another person at all so your reasoning there blows dick. This is The Ultimate Fighting Championship. Why are they fighting in there you ask? Because they want to be the best in the world and sometimes in order to prove that you’re the best it means you have to fight your friend or teammate.

        You people blow my mind when you bring up god or religion in fighting when he has nothing to do with. When a fighter says “i would like to thank god” thats bullshit like gods is going to sit there and let you beat someone up… Dumb ass.

  31. Dude says:

    Um. It doesn’t matter if you have to fight a friend. The UFC is ultimate fighting chapionship. If you are friends don’t fight in the same class. Dana should take andersons belt away for what he said. The sport is fighting. If you don’t wanna fight your friend leave the division its as simple as that. Anderson is a disrespectful over rated fighter. He doesn’t give a shit about any american person all he cares about is money . He is a joke. Main point is you signed up for a job to fight people. Do your job. You have to fight whoever is in your way and if you dont like it leave the damn sport or man up and fight your friend. Its only a 25m fight and have a drink after the fucking fight if its that good of a friendship.

    • Abe says:

      Your a moron, have you been punched before? Have you trained with someone in the gym and spend time with them more than your family? It makes sense what Anderson is saying. Fighting is not like football or basketball, friends can compete and go against each other in these sports, but fighting is completely different. When you fight someone they are stepping on your dreams of being a champion, and when your a friend thats what it leads to it leads to bad blood, it leads to break up of friendship. Anderson is right, Dana should shut the fuck cuz he never trained a day with someone and grew a bond with them. You should also shut the fuck up cuz you never been through it you faggot. You disrespect the sport just by talking shit, and saying ridiculous things about fighters without going through it.

      • Dude says:

        I disrespect the sport? Uh you respect the english language by using idiotic typing skills, “cuz” you’re the moron here not me. And Uh, vitor belfort vs silva? They were friends were they not? Jon Jones and Evans, they were close team mates were they not? Yes they were. Anderson may have a point yes, but still signing up for a fighting sport is to fight WHOEVER is in your way. If you are close friends like that you two shold understand that and who ever wins is the better fighter. It is their job to fight and they should know what they are getting into signing up for the fight. And yes i have been punched before, I plan on joining the ufc some day. Im not an ignorant asshole like you who thinks they know what they are talking about when really you have no idea

        • JBizzle says:

          If you want to talk about grammar, you’re missing some commas. You missed Abe’s point. He asked, “have you been punched before?” You did not answer that or even try too. It’s apparent you haven’t and don’t understand what Anderson is saying. The job of the fighter is to put on the best fight for the fans, right? How can he do that when you have to brutally fight a friend for no good reason other than “it’s a job” ? That would be a boring fight and I would not want to see that. With that being said, there are people that have no problem with their friends. Evans and Jones is not a good example to give to help your case because by the statement I can tell you know very little about the matter.

        • Abe says:

          You proved my point you dumbass. Anderson vs Vitor belfort were they friends after the competition? Jon Jones vs Rashad, they are never gonna be friends before and after the fight. Fighting friends in MMA causes you to lose relationships. For fighters its not worth it to lose relationships over what fans want. MMA is different from other sports like basketball, football, thats what Anderson trying to say. Fighting is different. Dude your a faggot shut the fuck your a disgrace of a MMA fan.

        • werd says:

          abe I wish i could give you a thumbs up bro!

        • justanotheropinion. says:

          Um….. Bj Penn vs Matt Hughes…. They became brilliant friends after they fought.

        • bornFighter says:

          Totally agree. If it came down to fighting my close friend, it would be one hell of a grappling match at the most. You can fight friends, but like silva said those aren’t your “true” friends. Only an experienced fighter can fully understand that.

      • tchendoh says:

        What is Dana supposed to do? Check on Facebook who is friend with who? The Diaz brothers have the best attitude if you have a problem fighting a friend. Just don’t make any friends in your weight class.

        • Kingron84 says:

          Really so what do you think Nick Diaz would say if he unretired and they said go fight Shields?

        • tchendoh says:

          Good question. It’s just that more and more, fighters get into clans and they all become friends. It would ruin the UFC if they’d stop these fights from happening. (IMO)

        • BackUp says:

          Diaz has already spoke about this in SF he said “If there is a time when they ask me to fight jake ill say its ok i can live with being second best” so he has said he wouldnt p.s not word for word

        • Abe says:

          When Gilbert Melendez comes to UFC what if they want him to fight Nate?? What do you think of that? Diaz brothers themselves have too many friends in their weight classes.

        • tchendoh says:

          Good point.

        • Chris says:

          Nate Diaz himself has said that he believes Melendez should be the LW champ and if they faced off they would both do their thing and be done with it. However, it’s not like fighting your friend is easy. I’m sure one or the other fighter is going to hesitate and lose the fight.

        • KOF says:


      • zoeldog27 says:

        its there job and its a sprot not s a street fight and yes i fight but its just a sport yes you get hurt but anyone who cant fight there freinds in a SPORT were not freinds to begin with if your a professional fighter you fight anyone this freinds crap is just Silvas excuse not to fight the people hes close to cause they know how to beat him if you are not fighting the best fighters you dont deserve to be the champ

      • zoeldog27 says:

        @abe dude you seriously are a fuckin idiot you dont have a clue you call other people a disgrace of an mma fan thats you buddy i bet youve never been in a proper mma fight in your life so get off your high horse Silva isnt god and hes wrong he fights for the UFC and if they tell him to fight say Machida then he should and for you to say they shouldnt is just crap at my gym the guys fight each other and would od so in a cage at any level if it was required and they’d be freinds afterwards its a SPORT idiot not a street fight grow a brain and stop suckin silvas cock

        • Al says:

          Thumbs up for this guy. At the end of the day its a sport guys, nothing more, nothing less. I’m sure if Anderson wasn’t the champ and he was gonna fight a friend who was the champ, no doubt in my mind he would take the fight.

        • ry tay says:

          @zoeldog27 i agree, every time you spar or roll with your friend you’re hurting them anyway. it is their job and it is what it is.

          anyone who gets butt hurt over it are just too emotional.

          i have 3 brothers and we all fought a lot with each other.

          @Abe do you really want the UCF champ to be the ufc champ because his mate who is the best fighter doesn’t want to take away his dreams?

          the champ has to be the best fighter that’s all

      • P says:

        no, you’re the ignorant fool, ‘honest’ abe. pussy-footing around a match between 2 team-mates in mma competition, refereed and regulated is literally gay. ive gotten to blows with all of my best friends and my younger brother, and we werent even fighting for money, fame, or a world title. still close with all, and probably gained respect for eachother. close your laptop next time u wanna stir up shit by commenting just to play homos advocate. better yet, focus on not biting down on the spider’s sack as u read this, u mark ass.

        • Syrox says:

          Honestly P who are you and your friends? These guys are fighting for reputation and a record.

        • Juarez says:

          i train and have fought in the past, but i dont pretend to know what is like to fight for a title in the ufc

      • Yes, because only MMA fighters have dreams. I can understand that he doesn’t want to fight a friend but dude, if you wont defend the belt against who deserves it then the subscribers are getting ripped. Shit sucks but its a competitive sport in the end and I want to see the best fighting the next best.

    • soknut mike says:

      overated ? hes the champ you retard racist. typical cant find a white guy to beat silva or even a blackguy to do the job so lets get dana to take the belt and make dana strap it around his own middleweight head. just at that moment you can pull your head out of his ass for some air then back to your hole with you make sum room caz theres allot of you up there. watch anderson silva all the hallmarks of the true champ humble untill staredown time best youll ever see
      .ps go get fff_kkked mike
      your a disgrace

      • Dude says:

        At what point did i ever say take the belt away because hes black. Are you serious? You just as ignorant as the other guy! And so what if i missed a few commas. Yeah typos oh my god no. Theres a difference atleast i know how to use proper words. And yes he is over rated. The ONLY people he truly beat was leben and belfort. Griffon is not good. Neither was franklin. Leben lost the fight cause he didn’t know who anderson was or how to study him. No white guy has beaten anderson? Im pretty sure chael sonnen beat the shit out of him for 23 minutes and landed over 320 punches. He got caught at the last 2 minutes of the fight everyone makes mistakes. Anderson got beat in pride via leg lock go watch that fight. so yes anderson has been beaten before. He will most likely retire soon. The ufc is a fighting sport. YOUR JOB IS TO FIGHT TO BECOME THE CHAMP. IN THE RING THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FRIENDS! be friends outside of it. Wrestlers have to wrestle their friends for titles. Do you see them lose their friendship because of it no? ITS A JOB DO YOUR DAMN JOB AND DEFEND YOUR TITLE AGAINST WHOEVER. NO ONE ELSE BITCHES ABOUT FRIENDS . watch andersons fight against damian mia wtf kinda boring as performance was that. He is a joke! No one wants to see someone act like the way he did. Its rude disrespectful. Dont get me wrong, he’s a good fighter but he is far from the best fighter in the world.

        • Xaninho says:

          You must be a backstabbing bitch. You would sell out your friends for profit.

          Fighting isn’t a game of chess or synchronize swimming dude! It’s two guys physically harming eachother and trying to take advantage of possible weaknesses.

          After a really brutal fight the friendship is certainly never the same as before.

        • asdf says:

          haha i want to see you say this in front of anderson’s face, mr. tough guy! better yet, go tell forrest and rich franklin what you think about their fighting skills!

      • Take your ignorant shit elsewhere. Dana expects the man to fight whoever for a profit. Assuming it has shit to do with his skin is why our country is fucked up you assuming asshat.

    • Oj says:

      Your post is drivel and you’re an idiot. FACT. Dana should take Silva’s belt for having and opinion. What a retard!

      • Dude says:

        No he should take the belt away for the words he said. Telling his boss what to do is ignorant, and is lucky he isn’t in trouble for it. What happened with miguel torres? HE MADE AN OPINION AND GOT FIRED

    • scooty puff sr says:

      dude your a fuckwit and shouldnt spew your filth here

    • blahz says:

      How is Anderson Silva disrespectful to Americans. You don’t even back up your claims with evidence. If you are going to make a statement like that then come up with scenario in which he has disrespected Americans instead of blatantly saying so. You just sound stupid with the mini novel you wrote.

    • Ant says:

      what is this a black thing? you chat some real BS stop now you sound like you are a fool with nothing in your head
      if you do not like that his black oh well deal with if

    • KOF says:


    • KOF says:

      YOU NEVER SAID, “Dana should take andersons belt away for what he said.” YOU’RE AN IDIOT. GO TRAIN BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH, YOU FAT MOTHERFUCKER.

    • dougie says:

      how is anderson overrated? how many times has he defended his belt. Before you pass that judgement on him, think of how well you would do, you no name hater!

  32. Big G says:

    I got the true friends not wanting to fight each other thing. My only issue with that is, what is the point in fighting in the UFC or any other MMA body at the same weight class as a true friend. Mean’s your happy being at best number 3? You never want a shot or chance or to be the champion of that sanctioning body?

    If that’s the case why should that sanctioning body want to keep paying you? So you can be a gate keeper? Haven’t we griped in the past about how the UFC has kept gatekeeper’s around waaay to long?

    My son wrestles for kid’s club, there are time’s where he’s had to face friends/team mates. They are friends before and after. During the match it’s game time.

    • ma mama said mma says:

      mma fights are a whole different story then wrestling when it comes to facing friends in mma you litterally have to demolish your opponent for the victory and i dont know why fighters should be forced into doing this

      • Big G says:

        I don’t agree with demolishing, we’ve had waaay to many argument’s on these thing’s talking about how such and such just out pointed the other person. We’ve seen to many fight’s where we wished none friends would have gone in there and banged, only to watch someone in/out and circle for the entire 3 or 5 rounds.

        I for one don’t think any fighter should be forced into fighting anyone. But with that said, such fighter shouldn’t cry if he get’s reset at the bottom. Again to me you fight in the MMA or any other sport to be the best. The best isn’t number 2 or below. If your friend is number 1, you don’t wanna fight such friend. Then you should do A. Move up or down a weight class. B. Be prepared to start over. Cause once you’ve hit number 2 status where else is there to go. Give other guy’s shot at number 1 and if they win. Then you and such friend can have a friendly race to see who get’s the next shot.

        O and btw if your trying to say wrestling can’t be as injury given as MMA . My son, by accident, broke a team mates arm while in a match. Now i know it’s not a usual thing to happen. But it does happen. And yes they’re still friends. also watched 2 different kid’s get a leg broke, several teeth missplaced and a broken finger and a kid tear his muscles from his hip bone. All in the fight to get to kids state.

      • zoeldog27 says:

        then they shouldnt fight its crap competionion is competiontion i train mma and have had fights id fight anyone anywhere anytime its our job Silva is just being a bitch like usual and some of you believe his crap its a sport not a street fight you know what your in for when u start fighting anyone who cant fight there freind in a SPORT and be freinds afterwards were not freinds in the first place

      • zoeldog27 says:

        because its there job!!!!!

    • Xaninho says:

      You can’t compare wrestling to a real martial art man. Besides the occasional cauliflower ear fighters hardly do eachother any harm.

      In MMA elbows to the face, knees to the face Ground n Pound are common techniques…All on a close friend? I don’t think so.

    • Ruben says:

      You can’t compare wrestling or any other sport for that matter to fighting. For instance if I had to have a race with a close friend of mine, i would have no problem doing it, but a fight is different.

  33. Magoo says:

    It’s just Anderson’s way of saying he’s shit baked to face Jones…lol

  34. ma mama said mma says:

    tottally agree with anderson friends shouldnt be forced to fight each other the same way brothers shouldnt be forced to fight each other its just unethical and immoral to force fighters to fight people on these grounds dana shouldnt put fighters on the spot like this and andersons team mates are like family to him and no one should have to fight someone they consider family and do you really think if eg. anderson and lyoto fought theyd scrap and leave it all in the cage no they take it to the ground and make a grappling match and not even strike each other

  35. Mike Stancato says:

    Two dogs that live together, are still bound to nip at each other when trying to eat from the same food dish. Granted I just compared animals to humans. We all have animal instincts. To prove you are the best, you must fight those who think they are just as worthy as you. friend or not.

  36. Brett says:

    I don’t mind fighting a friend, it’s a sport and at the end of the day, were still friends. But you also have to look for your legacy, vitor was looking at that. anderson isn’t going to pay the win bonus or give him the belt, it’s a mean world and you have to fight for it. That’s why I don’t like bj penn never worked a day in his life.

    • Xaninho says:

      It’s not that easy. If you manage to cut your opponents eyebrow open, you go for it and make it worse right? Would you do the same to a close friend? There is something holding you back if it’s a friend you’re facing.

  37. JR Ewing says:

    The sport is fighting !!!!! This isn’t a soap opera. You know what you signed up for. If you not willing to fight or make the excuse not the fight because the other person is your friend, then why even get invovled in the sport in the first place. What does your friendship have to do with the sport. NOT A DAMN THING!

  38. Zack says:

    You share all you tricks and secrets with a sparring partner. Especially one that you have had for years. It’s disrespectful of Dana to ask team mates to fight. But my money is on Lorenzo in white vs Fettita

  39. Old Fight Fan says:

    This is a very interesting delemna. I don’t think there is a “right” or a “wrong” here. SOME guys have the psychological make up to fight a friend and some do not. I also think that fighting is different than competition of other sports. I could fight a casual friend if I had to. It would certainly be harder for me to want to fight a LIFELONG friend, though. I would try to avoid it, but if I had to, I probably would. If I knocked out my best friend, it would be a very bittersweet victory.

  40. K2 says:

    Friend fighting friend will just be point fighting. And then all you stupid fucks that wanted the friends to fight will just be here spouting your ignorance about how they just “sparred” the whole fight. Unless the guy behind on points stopped point fighting and actually started landing blows to hurt the other guy. Then there goes the friendship. Jones and Evens is a perfect example. They didn’t even fight and lost their friendship on the mere thought of who’s corner their manager was going to be in. ie who does the manager think is the best.

  41. lol says:

    Anyone who agrees with friends fighting friends are not good friends to begin with. Dont trust anyone who agrees to fight with friends.. All you guys who agree with that have no true friends and should not be trusted. Now go fock yourselves.

    Perfectly well said Anderson..

  42. leafy says:

    dude… dont argue with the fukwits who know nothing mate its not worth it, at the end of the day if you dont want to fight your friend fuck off out of the ufc and go get paid somewere else its really that simple, or do what diaz brothers do and dont make so many friends, sometimes it has to be done and if u dont like it leave the ufc, otherwise shut the fuck up and count yourself your lucky to be fighting in the ufc! and yes ive been punched before! and iv even had to fight friends before and for far less money, anderson is a fucking whining bitch its not his company so he has to follow the rules or fuck off simple ! he fights for the ufc he dont get to pick the fights!

  43. leafy says:

    and i got no problem with people not wanting to fight there friends like i said its there choice just dont moan when u have to leave ufc simple

  44. leafy says:

    k2.. friends fighting will be point fighting? lol did u watch anderson knock belfort out? thats just one example, this has been going on in boxing for years its nothing new ! then all the new mma no it alls get a opinion, imagine the barrera v tapia fight if friends never fought! go google it man they are best of friends and went to war thats how it should be if your a fighter if not make ur own company were u can just fight people u dont know!

  45. michael sonnen says:

    It only proves that his DUMB!he,is a fighter,and its his job to fight.don’t compare it to a promoter because its far different to being a fighter.

  46. lol says:

    LMAO all all these internet phaggots that probably either have shitty jobs are live with their parents and are bums… You guys have no say in this. Also you guys with no “TRUE” friends also have no say in this..

    Anderson has proved everything he has. I guess you dumb focks dont understand what real motha fockas like me go through in life. I can understand Silva but you phags that dont dont have real friends and probably are bums with no lives. If your career is more important than loved ones than you are a fked up person in life that nobody should trust. Simple as that.

    On that Note Silva has proved everything the UFC has to offer so why cant danas fat ass just accept that fact.. YOu bums just dont have real friends and family and dont have lives and want to see everyone fight everyone yet you fags would never get in a fight in your lives. You guys see it from a fat American sitting on a couch with no friends point of view..

    Go get a life you sad bums with no friends and family.. hahahaha

    • zoeldog27 says:

      whatever dickhead im an it consult making over 110,000 a year my family all work for the government and i got more friends in high places than you do so go fuck yourself i bet mummy pays for your internet connection ask her to come get her panties back she left on my floor by the way you got a big mouth sweetheart do you kiss your mother with that mouth fuckhead anywhere anytime anyplace you fuckin maggot call me a bum i got more money than u could dream of go back to the ghetto with your other “friends” and get of your xbox and get a life come to my gym anyttime bitch ill show u whats up @lol

  47. zoeldog27 says:

    just another example of how much of a whiny bitch Anderson Silva is your a fighter dude its your job in any other job if u argued this point youd be sacked the sooner this loser who claims brazil when it suits him fucks off from the UFC the better we wanna see people who wanna do there job and fight not piss & moan about this and that its like with Sonnen why hasnt he just steped up fought him destroyed him shut him up and its over answer- cause he know Sonnens a descent chance of beating him he soesnt care about brazil his kids got to a private LA school he lives in a mansion in LA what has he given back to Brazil nothing he’s fake he’s only interested in fighting shit opponents so he can keep getting big paychecks why hasnt he even talked about a superfight with Jones or GSP cause hters a chance he will lose this guy doesnt care about the fans or the ufc just his wallet fuck Anderson Silva and id say it to his face cause its the truth

    • lol says:

      STFU retard. Everything you said is retarded as fk

      • zoeldog27 says:

        whatever princess you know it all huh

      • zoeldog27 says:

        i notice you dont leave access to your facebook or email so i can find you huh whats the matter scared

        • lol says:

          And your email and facebook is on here?? Little girl Id slap the hell out of you just for having a twisted head. I’ll make you think straight

        • zoeldog27 says:

          is that right my emails adamrob30@hotmail my facebook page is Adam Robertson my phone number is +61450013030 bring it lets do this id like to see you slap me cause id choke you the fuck out i train police have a black belt in ju jitsu a junior judo black belt was an undefeated amatuer boxer as a teenager lets do this name the place and time and give me your details you should be able to just click the blue box above the comment and it will take you straight to my facebook page ive trained with Forrest Griffin carefull who your talkin to cunt cause if i find you ill make u eat these words

        • ChrisK says:

          you might have anger issues…

        • lol says:

          at Zoel STFU phaggot ass bitch. That is a fake ass phone number, newly created email and a typical ass name on facebook.. Over here lying about what you could do and your self info.. LMAO dumb bitch is anyone suppose to be scared? Id knock your fucking head off bitch ass phaggot!!

        • ChrisK says:

          That was actually directed @Zoel but probably applies to many people on this site

    • asdf says:

      wow man . . . even though, you supposedly make 110k, i just can’t help but feel really sorry for you . . .

  48. Hi'imanu says:

    Some people don’t even have really good friends so they won’t understand this concept. Those of us that have truly good friends will back Anderson Silva up on this.

    • cody says:

      agreed 100% but its a buisness so u cant fault dana for pushing teammate to fight i mean some of these gyms have top fighters in one div and they became top fighters training with each other so its one of those thing neither persons wrong just different agendas imo

  49. tank says:

    Shut the fuck up zieldog27 calling your self an mma fighter. Just because you wrestled in high school or bought some gracie video or your actually fighting with some lame ass promotion. Stop acting like you know everything you stupid fuck.

  50. Chad Seifried says:

    Seems like a lot of fighters are fighting back against the UFC lately. Rampage, Silva, Diaz and Edgar. I think the leadership within the UFC needs to re-evaluate how they do business with there fighters. I think time for change. The fighters are who pay the bills not Dana or Lorenzo.

  51. Go play team sports if you want a team championship.

    Could this pussy be any more scared of… certain… fighters?

  52. crybaby killa says:


  53. TEVARUA says:


  54. UFC VIDEOS says:

    I don’t think the old switcheroo works in this case…

  55. Salim says:

    @Dude guy listen to what that guy told you , you dont have a clue what your talking about.. Anderson is right…u twat

  56. Cantstunt says:

    haha, this is funny cause martial artist’s, boxers, muay thai fighters that train together as brothers fight all the time, so what is the difference in mma? Nothing i suppose, because all of these other physical sports have the same risk and if you ain’t got the hunger to fight any opponent, what is the point of even competing? I mean, come on now lets be real, at the end of the day you need to pay your bills and also provide for your family, you aren’t training for nothing just to hang out with a bunch of dudes just sweating and beating your body to bruises so others can make it to the top…. ask carlos condit and many like him with a family to support and he’ll tell you family comes first…. business is business and at the end of the day if you cant be friends still, life goes on

  57. me says:

    “This isn’t f——- colors” – Dana white to Andy the warrior Wang (AKA ronin)

  58. Pijan says:

    I don’t think friends should fight if they don’t choose to but if I were put in the situation I’d be trying to take his head off, I hope he would be doing the same.

  59. Quazzi says:

    I completely agree with anderson with the exception of title fights. The only reason friends should have to fight is if it is for a belt.

  60. Scary says:

    Nate Diaz just talked about not really looking at fighting Edgar because of his Gracie ties. They all have loyalties and ties and that is more important for these fighters then we can truly appreciate.

  61. Ronda shite says:


  62. KD James says:

    Silva is 100% right. For those who don’t get it…Imagine stepping in the ring with a made up mind to beat the living shit out of your mom, your little brother, your favorite cousin and lifetime best friend. Can you real focus all your energy, strength and rage at destroying someone who’d you lay your life down for?

  63. KD James says:

    Silva is 100% right. For those who don’t get it…Imagine stepping in the ring with a made up mind to beat the living shit out of your mom, your little brother, your favorite cousin and lifetime best friend. Can you really focus all your energy, strength and rage at destroying someone who’d you lay your life down for?

  64. So if Dana has 2 of the top guys in the same weight class that need to fight to determine a Champion he’s just supposed to not make it happen because feelings might get hurt? That’s not going to happen because he’s a businessman. Seriously, if you stupid people don’t like the UFC then don’t watch.

  65. asdf says:

    I like to pinch other people, but not get pinched myself :) I like pinching other people. I have very fast pinches. My pinches have a lot of power.

  66. enzo says:

    @Morgan Bennett, Who says that business comes before feelings? Everyone isn’t money-oriented as Dana White. There are people that stand really close to their integrity and will hold close to it that not even money can make you let go of it. Snap out of it son.

  67. EliteGoose1 says:

    The analogy Anderson is using is flawed on many levels but mainly with the fact that he said it himself “MMA is not a collective sport.” An MMA team is a collective of individuals but each person wants to, or should want to, be the best of his weight class. That being the case there may be an instance where teammates may have to fight and if they refuse than they satisfy themselves with being second best and therefore should not be fighting. Donald Cerrone has stated that he would fight his teammate’s if it meant getting the title strap; no doubt in my mind that man would fight who ever he had to in order to prove he is the best. A true friend would throw down and win, lose, or draw still call the other man/woman their friend.

  68. Tyler says:

    All I gotta say is it should be optional. UFC shouldn’t FORCE fighters from the same camps to fight. However they should be able to approach them and say, “Hey, a fight between you 2 would sell really well, and a lot of the fans want to see it, and it would help advance the division and sport as a whole. Would you be interested in fighting each other.” No harm no foul if they do it safely.

  69. Gabi says:

    You have to look at the sport. MMA is a individual and team sport at the same time. Individual as in the actual competition. Yet team as in the 12-16 weeks to prepare for a fight. And usually w the same partners fight after fight because they are from your gym. You help him w his goal and he helps you with your goal in improving to better each other. The intensity in sparring and fight are a million times different. Same w football practice. You don’t play the same speed at in a game, one so you can perfect everything and two not to injure a player when it’s not needed. You have to understand Latin cultures are very loyal to family and true friends. Not like here were money rules all (which is actually pretty sad).

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