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Monday, 08/27/2012, 11:34 am

Team Shogun Explains Their Reason For Turning Down Jones Rematch | UFC NEWS

“We were in Sao Paulo and my phone rang about midnight. It was Lorenzo’s (Lorenzo Fertitta is a partner in the UFC). Lorenzo was on another call, so I talked to him like half hour later. He offered me a rematch against Jon Jones because Lyoto had declined it and asked me to give him an answer in ten minutes. I hung up and Mauricio was there with me. We talked and called Dida in Curitiba and we got to a conclusion we should accept the rematch, but only if Shogun had a couple of months to train and it would mean a fight later in October or in November. I said that to Lorenzo but he said there was no time because Jon Jones’s fight is on September 22nd. Unfortunately, he couldn’t give us this time but he understood.

“Mauricio accepted at the time the new fight against Jon Jones. The ideal is a three-month camp but he said yes to a two-month camp fight. He wants to fight Jon Jones and it sucks it won’t happen now. But Mauricio’s shot will come.”

Manager to “Shogun” Rua, Julio Heller, recently explained to why their camp decided to not fight Jon Jones at UFC 152 in place of Lyoto Machida.


45 Responses to “Team Shogun Explains Their Reason For Turning Down Jones Rematch | UFC NEWS”

  1. Sting says:

    Oh now machida and shogun are giving out statements on why they turned down the sep 22nd fight against jones. Chael and vitor said yes, that’s all we wanted, not freakin excuses. Yeah, some former champs your both are!

    • jesus korean says:

      both machida and shogun lost to jones and it’s only proper that they would take a rematch with jones with ample time to train. they dont wanna get steam rolled again..

      • danielrchargers says:

        you use Steamrolled too loosely, on Machida’s account.

        • yeeep says:

          Uh dude, punching Jones in the face a couple times and making him loose balance is not a big deal. Machida got taken down at will, split open with one elbow, nearly knocked out by a counter punch from Jones, and then put to sleep standing. That is steam rolled I’m sorry.

    • kush says:

      both chael and vitor are MW, and really donʻt stand a chance against Jones. They do stand to make a lot of money through this fight, so they jumped on the opportunity. Vitor will get dominated with his straight forward punching, no angles. But, he will get paid and get his chance to talk and talk and talk about himself. Same with Chael. Machida, Shogun, and Hendo are LHW and all have a chance at WINNING, so they played it smart and will train properly to face an in-shape Bones when their chance comes. I wonʻt be impressed with Bones until he can prove that HE can beat bigger guys at HW. Him beating up smaller fighters…MEH. who cares?

      • no says:

        How can you say they don’t stand a chance? Anybody who knows anything about fighting can tell you anybody can beat anybody else on any given day. A fight can be decided with one good punch. Ohh and Chael didn’t jump for the money, he offered to give his cut to Jones just so the other fighters get to fight and get their needed money.

    • Unanimous221 says:

      dude if they blow up their 2nd chance it will be a long time to get it again dont shot ur mouth like u know it all

  2. Me says:

    Perfect! Don’t matchup a fit Jones with a not so fit Shogun. I’d hate to see Shogun as a ‘gatekeeper’ in the LWH division just because he took a fight when he wasn’t prepared for a tough fight. Shogun deserves the shot after the Gustuffson fight though. #WarSHOGUN!

  3. Watch How says:

    No one will care about Shogun turning down his fight with Jones, like how no one cared about Machida turning down the same fight, WITH 4 WEEKS NOTICE. Jones got a whole bunch of crap for turning down the Sonnen fight, and will continue to get bombed with insults for the foreseeable future.

    Brazilians have stated that they are the best in MMA, but two Brazilians need “more time” to prepare to fight Jones? Hey, I understand that, like how I understand that Jones didn’t want to fight Sonnen on 8 days notice (plus how Sonnen deserves the fight, like how Vitor deserves the fight, I will NEVER know).

    Sonnen has the entire MMA community wrapped around his finger. It wasn’t long ago that he was one of the most dispised personality in all of MMA. Now he is a hero to many.

    It is so much easier to hate than to reason. Reasoning takes intellect and patience. Hate easily pours out of people’s minds. Takes no effort to hate and gets so much response and attention. This is why people choose hate over reason.

    • bunkylomax says:

      jon jones got a full camp in before he was offered to fight the hell does that compare to shogun and lyoto turning down the fight? your logic sucks dude!

      • Correction says:

        Jones had a full camp to fight Henderson. Chael is a different type of fighter. Would you hire the same training partners if you were fighting Henderson as you would Chael? No. Henderson, Olympic wrestler and all, tends to sticking to stand up. Call in stand up training partners to prepare. Chael, has weak stand up. Call in wrestlers to prepare.

        That said, Jones can fight anyone, period. Give both 3 months to prepare and Jones will beat Chael. He has the talent. He has the coaching. He is the champion. He doesn’t have to accept a fight he doesn’t want. The UFC could’ve stripped him of the belt. Why didn’t they? The UFC cancelled an entire event. Why did they? Jones, one mere champion, was supposed to save the night? Really? If so, ask Dana White how much was Jones supposed to get paid just to show? How much more than $400K? If that important, pay the man! (forget the PPV, because Chael would’ve got a part of that and really, the amount is not guaranteed).

        • Bob says:

          Like Dana said before, this business was built on people who wanted to fight and fight anyone at any given time.

          With that said unless you have a injury you should take a fight regardless of what time or day it is because that is your Career as a professional fighter. Also You should never have the excuse of being out of shape, this is your life to be fit as a fighter until you are done. I guess Im just too much of a “No Excuse” kind of guy.

        • jaedr says:

          you’re fucking wrong. when you are the champion there is NEVER an excuse to not take a fight. The champion is the guy who is the best, if you are the best you won’t lose, so take the fight.

    • Sting says:

      Dude this is mma, not wall street..not really that much to consider. Either you’re ready to fight or you’re not. Vitor was the only willing opponent for jones so tha’s why he’s fighting for the belt. Fights needed to be put together on the fly because of the 151 scrapping and we had only a handful of fighters that stepped up.

    • 757 says:

      Vitor is Brazilian. Your statement doesn’t work

  4. magoo says:

    Shogun and Machida both declined cause they didn’t wanna get wrecked by Bones AGAIN!!! So now there both praying to God that there fellow country man that had to come up from the MW div,can try to do what neither of them could. Bottom line is there all waiting for someone else to beat Jones first tony trouble is… ain’t gonna happen!

  5. T.DADDY says:

    Its funny how bones was willing to fight anyone but Sonnen.. I hope vitor ko’s his ass.. its a long shot

    • magoo says:

      Those anyone’s are suppose to be the top LHW contenders! Chael not so much!

    • keep hoping says:

      like how you keep hoping for a life, nice car, hot girlfriend…lol.

        • Hey 757 says:

          When you grow up and look back at your comments made here, only then you’ll realize how stupid you are. Hopefully things will have changed by then and you’ll have some intelligence.

          Inbred. LOL.

          And by the way “Dee,” the Shogun/Hendo fight was 25 minutes long, not 20.

        • Thurgood Jenkins says:

          And you call other people stupid. Shogun just fought Vera a few weeks ago. The fight ended via TKO near the end of the fourth round. Since each round is five minutes, let’s do the math together: We take the five-minute variable and multiply it by the number of rounds, which was four. To dull it down for your, that’s 5×4. Our “product” is 20. Dee was correct.

  6. Dee says:

    Shogun declined because he had just came from a 20 minute war. You guys are idiots who know nothing.

    • 757 says:

      That was months ago. Shut up Henderson was ready to go, and these other guys are ready to go. Stick that not ready stuff you don’t know what you are talking about ..DEEDEE

      • Me says:

        You do not know what your talking about. ‘Few months ago’ Hah your a joke.

      • Me says:

        You do not know what your talking about. ‘Few months ago’ Hah you’re a joke.

        • 757 says:

          First of all dumb ass these guys train all of the time. Second in case you haven’t noticed they get paid to fight and this is how they support their families. Third dumb ass it’s fighting and they are supposed to be fighters who fight for a living. You are a joke. You have no idea what you are talking about. This isn’t pro boxing where these guys make millions for a fight, and they will only be able to fight for a short period of time in life before they are done. You need take a look at your statement it’s stupid. Fighters fight for pay no matter what anybody says. There are only so many shots at the title. It doesn’t matter if you were talking about the Hendo fight or Vera it doesn’t matter. He will not get another chance. He knows that and so does Machida that’s why they are offering explanations. You Dummy

        • 757 says:

          By the way say what you want at least Vitor took the fight. Those other guys pussied out and are missing their chance. They can take all the time they need to prep now because DW will not give either Shogun or Machida another chance.

        • sidekix says:

          757 is an inbred lol

        • 757 says:

          Im sorry sidekix did I offend you or your little girlfriend. Why don’t you make a comment that includes something about the fights. That’s it jump in and protect your girlfriend like it’s facebook or something….whatever watch the fights and watch Machida and Shogun are done.

        • yeah your right. everyone is talking about chael. he has become a cult hero. people listens when he opens his mouth. that is money in the bank. its ok for machida & shogun to turndown fights coz their not champs. they know they will have their shot. but jones is a chicken. hes not worthy of the belt. a true champ will answer to every call there is. a true champ will accept each & every challenge that comes his way any time & any where.

      • Yamada says:

        I think he meant a war with Vera not Hendo and that was August 4 lol

  7. Steven Bishop says:

    Middleweights are alot closer the 205 limit. Shogun usually weighs 230lb, machida is likely in better shape but it was a fight before bader that jones finished him. Fighting the same dude again you want to be prepared.

  8. Gefco says:

    I hope none of them get a crack no 205 ers stepped up only 185ers chael,Vitor,wideman

  9. salem says:

    I love Shogun, but he is not ready for Jones yet.

  10. 123 says:

    shogun rua will be retired soon, everytime he fights its brutal to watch, hes the best MMA fighter ever.

  11. stephen riddle says:

    It got sprung on him last time that he was fighting jones, anybody who fights jones needs a proper training camp knowing that jones is the opponent, good luck and god speed vitor.

  12. 707 says:

    Shogun is retarded, hes getting old n needs to take every chance he gets at the tittle, he was talking about i know what to do next time he fought bones to get the win, bones in reality gots the whole division not wanting a tittle shot, but cant blame them to bad, who wants to get fed to the lion?

  13. ganjaneer says:

    Kush, I love pot to but your just wrong, vitor was light heavyweight champ in the ufc when jones was prob in middle schhool but was prob before you started watching ufc…..and hendo has lost the shields at middleweight. I’ve never blasted someone on here but its starting to get annoying when people type but type wrong stuff that they obviously have no clue about. I didn’t read the other comments so sorry if someone else already called this guy out. Honestly I think vitor has a great shot at pulling this off. Has ridiculous hand speed and power, don’t think jones has faced that kind of speed and technical boxing yet. People throw out vitor cuz he got front kicked to mars by silva, yea that sucked but vitors only prob at lightheavyweight was his stamena, he always gassed. He’s leaner now and he has skills, he will put on size for this fight but stamena won’t play a factor in this fight, if jones gets cocky and sloppy he might just get koed by vitor……

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