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Tuesday, 08/21/2012, 10:28 am

Team Rousey Lays Out Strict Guidelines For Possible Cyborg Fight | MMA NEWS

“I’ll tell you why. I believe this is not the first time she used steroids; it’s only the first time she’s been caught. I wasn’t surprised. People have speculated but you couldn’t really prove it. Now, it’s been proven. This is my belief. I’m not a doctor, but I’ve been around athletes my whole life and I believe that when you take steroids, you alternate your body permanently. Maybe you lose some of the muscle mass, but a lot remains. So she’s permanently altered her body. And I want everything to be to our advantage. She’s been taking male hormones, and it’s not only unethical, it’s freaking dangerous, and you’re endangering the lives of the athletes. She’s coming in there basically with man-like strength or male hormones in her body, and she’s endangering the lives of our athletes.”

“I won’t sign the bout agreement unless they agree to random drug testing throughout the camp. From the beginning, from the date that the bout agreement is signed, or maybe even before that point, until the day that they fight. And if they don’t agree to that, we won’t fight her.”

Manager to the champ, Darin Harvey, recently took to “The MMA Hour” to discuss the terms in which they would accept a fight with “Cyborg” Santos.


28 Responses to “Team Rousey Lays Out Strict Guidelines For Possible Cyborg Fight | MMA NEWS”

    • allmightysandman says:

      sure sounds like it. what happened to her saying she didn’t care if Cyborg juiced her face off as long as she is clean on fight day. (or something to that effect.)

      it sounds like she’s been counselled by people telling her she should be scared.

  1. OC says:

    Ronda is not at Cyborg’s level. Definitley scared and I would like to see the list of supplements Ronda takes between Competitions. I believe all world Class athletrs hve to tKe some sort of supplement. To allow them to train so much.

    • Scotty says:

      Of course they take supplements, just not illegal ones.. Well alot do but they dont get caught but there are fighters such as BJ who take supplements for muscle recovery and get them through workouts..

    • lumpy says:

      Big Difference between supplements and Roids..

      As far as her being scared.. Wasn’t it Cyborg who is talking about leave SF?

  2. Scotty says:

    First it was Cyborg had to come to 135, now its all this drug testing guidelines… Come on now, if you want all this drug testing (which im for) atleast go up to 145 and fight her at her natural weight class!

    • of course cyborg would have to come down.. Ronda is the champ.. you want to fight the champ, you go to her.. the champ doesnt defend her 135 lb in a 145 lb weight class.. It would make no sense for ronda to go up and defend her title in another weight class

    • Of course cyborg would have to come down.. it would make no sense for ronda to go up, if you want to fight the champ you go to the champ, the champ doesnt move up weight classes to benefit the challanger..

      • nonsense^ says:

        who cares if she’s champ. it’s not like its a real big difference in weight. just have the fight at catchweight. she claims to be the baddest and the toughest but, if you’re really tough you’ll fight anybody. she’s also got a bunch of momentum going her way. so why wouldn’t she take the fight? she’s finished every fight in the first round by armbar and she’s considered the best female fighter on the planet. the answer is that she’s scared, scared that she’ll look dumb in front of everybody for calling her out and losing not only the fight but her pride. im sick of fighters calling out other fighters and them saying “the only way i’ll agree to fight is if we do this and this” just fucking fight so we can see the only fight people actually care about in women’s mma

  3. Peyronies says:

    With all the male hormones cyborg took, she made start munching her way oit of a triangle haha

  4. ballsackface says:

    i say she fights a juiced borg. then if she wins its an even bigger win lol

  5. John Childress says:

    Make sure both of them take tests, i think Ronda might be taking something also. I do think it’s funny how she calls her out knowing she can’t make 135, now want’s special testing, what’s next has to fight on one leg. Don’t be scared homie!!

  6. liam says:

    Whoever says Rousey is scared is a moron! You get in the ring with some juiced up fighter and tell me you wouldn’t have the disadvantage… Cyborg should be tested every 3rd day.. Halotestin is out of your body 3 days after injection..made for mad strength… Bottom line is Rousey is the champ, she makes the rules and guidelines to this fight. Its how its been for many years…Rousey would destroy her in first round if she comes legit!

  7. Gil says:

    I like the saying ” Athletes who use steroids lack heart and confidence”. RR should fight her with that in mind. Kris will fold over like an omelet and give up.

  8. Nuclear Menace says:

    It´s fair, it was obvious that Cyborg was doing roid before she was caught and it´s very unfair to the athletes that she has fought and defeated in the past, if Cyborg wants to clean her name she must to agree wit the terms of Ronda´s Team.

  9. Phantom weight says:

    If she was clean she could easily make 135.dont understand all the hate for RR.none of ya’ll were talkin shit about BJ when he demanded Rory to test randomly,and he has’nt even been the champ in years

  10. G says:

    Ronda isn’t fucking scared, you idiots. I wish more fighters would demand shit like this so pieces of shit like Cyborg couldn’t juice. I respect Ronda for demanding this.

  11. Hoing772 says:

    Cyborg tested positive for Stanazol, it is used by women to cut weight and help with recovery. It also does give you some strength gains. It is in no way, shape, or form a type of testosterone. Too much emphasis is being placed on it. It can help you train harder, but in no way helps out with your skills. People think you take it once and you turn into Super-Man. It’s simply not the case.

    • cyborg trainer says:

      Thank you dude,for educating all this ignorant people,she was suspended for illegal substance nobody ever said was steroids,people speculate shit and talk just cause they got mouth,the fact of the matter is RR knows cyborg is a treat to the throne end of history.

  12. Coots says:

    All you people saying she is scared are stupid! Why fight someone with an unfair advantage?? Cyborg is a cheater, I would do the same thing if I was rousey! They should pluck one of her hairs to test her, even hair from her ball sack! Ps. Rousey is the shit :-)

  13. Bahamian says:

    I’m a guy and I’m terrified of cyborg

  14. punchkick says:

    rousey is the only female fighter people want to see right now. so if cyborg wants to fight her, she has to play by her rules.
    plus rousey is campaigning to have a clean, drug free fight, so props to her

    • Bzzzzzzzz says:

      Wrong!!! people dont want to c rhonda. She is just making excuses coz the fight can become a reality.All that shit she talked just to big up her profile. Funny isn’t it that fighters like Gina who could have been effected by cyborg’s illegal action never kicked up a big stink as rousey did. Back in the day Rousey talked all this rubbish about fighting cyborg but never did. Now she offered a catch weight then withdrew it saying she’s the champ and should have the advantage, so cyborg should come to 135.The whole situation is a joke.She should just stick to fighting and stop trying to act holly, Every1 knows she is a hypocrite remember the nude shoot

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