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Wednesday, 02/05/2014, 08:19 pm

Team Pettis Shuts Down Catchweight Offer: If Aldo Won’t Come To 155 ‘We’ll Fight Someone Else’

Say it aint so…

The fight we were promised last year between Anthony Pettis and Jose Aldo looked to be back on the UFC’s docket, but now there’s a hold up.

Both UFC champions want to fight each other. In their initial booking, Pettis was set to go down to featherweight to challenge Aldo for his title. An injury forced him out and he went on later in the year to beat out Benson Henderson for the lightweight belt.

Aldo was initially willing to go up, but not at the price Dana is asking. (To give up his belt.) Which is why the Aldo camp offered a solution. Meet in the middle.

Team Pettis isn’t going for it though and as Mike Roberts (Anthony’s Manager) tells it, they’re ready to move on and face someone else.


“The way we understand it is that Aldo doesn’t want give up his featherweight title, so fighting Pettis is not an option at this point.

“We’re interested in Anthony defending his belt against the top guys at 155. If Aldo doesn’t want to fight for the belt, we’ll fight someone else.”


7 Responses to “Team Pettis Shuts Down Catchweight Offer: If Aldo Won’t Come To 155 ‘We’ll Fight Someone Else’”

  1. Billito209 says:

    Why can’t Dana let Aldo keep the belt and try to become a 2 division champ?

    • FOUR20Kevin says:

      Like he said in the post fight conf. there are too many fighters now. With 2 belts and Pettis/Aldo fighting (on avg.) twice a year or less means each division gets 1 title shot a year at most. It would stagnate both divisions and upset many of the fighters.

  2. dsfafsda says:

    PETTIS SUCKS ! JONES SUCKS ! What’s with these fighter that don’t…. fight…

    • Swaxbagga says:

      I agree with jones sucks but petits is absolutely right . Why fight for no title at all? That also puts two divisions on hold. If Aldo wants to move to 55, than he gets an immediate title shot. If he wins, he would become champ. Looks like he wants a safety net if he loses and keep his belt at 45. It is a loophole, he really doesn’t want to fight showtime. He should stay at 45 or shut up about the fight. His stance on this fight is very safe and hardly a competitive attitude. For a belt or bust IMO

  3. Mr A.Ramey says:

    If you look at the big picture I wouldn’t give up my belt either in my opinion if it’s a super fight then both should meet at catch weight and both titles should be on the line and if the fighter doesn’t agree to defending both belts at least twice s year then he will be stripped simple as that

    • Swaxbagga says:

      Four title fights a year seems a like a lot to ask of any human in 2 different divisions. Between possible medical suspensions, camps, weight cuts and fight the best of the best might be a little unhealthy.

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