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Wednesday, 12/19/2012, 11:59 am

Team Hendo Takes Issue With Rousey Headlining PPV Over Dan | UFC NEWS

“Ronda is headlining UFC 157. Here is why I have a problem with that. Ronda is the champion of Strikeforce with 6 wins in less than 2 years of a mma professional career. That’s impressive regardless of who she has fought. However, she is not the UFC champion yet. She still has to win this fight to get that belt. On the other hand, we have Hendo, who has also been the Strikeforce champion (never lost the belt), Pride champion in 2 different weight classes; he has been ranked #1 contender for the UFC 205 lbs, and #6 by many pound for pound best fighter. His resume is second to none, moreover, he is fighting a former champion, Lyoto Machida. Now why aren’t they main event? Is Ronda a better market value? I don’t know, but her fight could be quick as usual and we could be missing another historic 5 rds fight between 2 legends and possible hall of famers. I’m not saying she doesn’t deserve to headline an UFC event, but certainly not this one.

Where I come from, there’s a pecking order for anything in life. I believe in paying dues. In this particular case, ‘Hendo’ and Machida paid their dues a long time ago. For someone new to come in and have a free ride just seems unfair to them and the whole sport they helped build.”

– Team Quest Trainer Gus Pugliese via Gracie Mag.


58 Responses to “Team Hendo Takes Issue With Rousey Headlining PPV Over Dan | UFC NEWS”

  1. Hendo08 says:

    Well I can just speak for myself, but I wont watch the ROusey fight for sure, I dont give a s*** about women MMA

    • axeholes says:

      Only one way to settle this…UNISEX MMA.
      Hendo VS Rousey.
      You wanna talk about historic, politically fueled fights, well damn that’s it man.

      I know, would never happen………..or would it?
      Maybe if enough men talk sh** about women’s MMA and vice versa?…..

  2. magoo says:

    I could give a rats ass if I ever see Rousey fight!
    Hendos right on the money this bitch gotta pay her dues, he’ll she ain’t even champ yet! Mighty Mouse, uncle creepy and Benavidez all had to fight before they finally had a champ! I wanna see Machida/ Hendo scrap, but I won’t be buying this ppv fuck that attention whore Rousey and the infatuated Dana White!

    • says:

      Haha you are all F-A-Gs.
      Who cares. There is no way Hendo v Machida goes to 5 rounds, if it does its because Lyoto is to elusive and scared of Hendos power and it will just like Rampage vs Lyoto.

      Still .nothing better than Captain Vocabulary u their.
      “Infatuated Dana white”
      Gave me a good laugh.

      • magoo says:,who said anything about the Hendo/Machida fight going 5 rounds dummy? Your one of the few knobs that probably think this is an awesome headliner….smh! And yea Dana’s got his head up Rouseys ass just like u homo!

        • confused says:

          Saying someone liking Ronda Rousey makes them a homo isn’t too bright, the trainer quoted in the article says Hendo/Machida could be a five-round war, and you make no sense in any part of your rant. Calm your tits, magoo.

        • I wouldnt mind says:

          Homo? for having ones head up rouseys ass.
          buddy theres scores of guys who would love to get their heads up rousseys ass.
          could be a real stinker lmao

  3. slim says:

    I have no interest in watching womens MMA and WONT be buying this PPV

  4. goofballs says:

    it’s silly to whine over who headlines what… it’s even sillier still to announce you won’t buy the ppv as a HENDO fan… he still gets a cut of that ppv money so if i were a fan of his i’d buy the ppv just to support his old behind, and if i were hendo i’d stop my trainer from flappin his gums idc if they do think shes undeserving!!! dana clearly likes her so what do you think happens when u let “the help” bad mouth his mental mistress… nothing goods coming from that…ever

  5. machidakoshendo says:

    if you wont buy this ppv because a woman’s fight headlines your not an mma fan period. Go watch some highlights on youtube and let the real mma fans talk

  6. Gerrett says:

    I agree with this, it’s the epicness that comes with 5 rounders, and ti would be ashame to miss out on the possible exhibition.

  7. ^^^this guys a dumbass says:

    your stupid too

  8. right hook larry says:

    bitch fights rank at that bottom of my list they probally both have bigger cocks than machidakoshendo

  9. MMACRAVER says:

    I think even for those interested in WMMA this seems a bit silly.

    Hendo vs Machida is more likely to go 5 rounds then a Rhonda fight…

    It makes more sense to have Rhonda vs Liz as the co-main, even that is a huge opportunity.

    • Aktoty says:

      Damn, you’d think I insulted your mohetr with how you reacted. lolFighters like Don The Dragon Wilson took Karate lessons. But to each his own, it works for me. But Im not a UFC fighter like everyone who posts on youtube.

  10. bj got fucked up by rory says:

    i could submit rhonda with a roofie and a hammer

    • EdgeMMA says:

      Nice rape joke Chris Brown. What were you thinking? This woman has trained BJJ her whole life and you think she’ll let you near her with a hammer? You have zero respect for women and I hope you are not allowed near any.

    • Matt says:

      Wow, you’re a real man now aren’t you… I would call you a retard but that would be an insult to retards all over the world…
      Rhonda would break your arm and you would be lying on the floor crying like the little mommas-boy you are. Just shut up and go away.

    • Lamar says:

      Forrest has only been 240 a few times. Once when he was here in athens when he was injuerd (over a year ago) he ate 76 chicken wings. We had to take him home, lol. Yes, I’m friends with Forrest. I flew with him to Denver when he beat Sonnen in 2003 and was there when he won TUF 1.

  11. Lobes says:

    Great arse though !

  12. chris cyborg says:

    i would think about watching rousey fight ONLY is she fights CYBORG!!!!but we all know shes scared..!!!!

  13. darkman350z says:

    All against Rousey being main event are stupid. IT’S A TITLE FIGHT!!! Are Hendo & Machida fighting for a TITLE? Oh,no? Then co-main you are,silly guys…

  14. michael says:

    Its not such a bad thing putting rhonda as the ppv main event. Yes i understand there is area for discussion due to machida and hendo being displaced to the semi main event as that match up is a career defining fight for legends of the sport. I personally disagree with it, but Dana obviously wants to gain media attention and interest different segments of the market. Dana only wants this sport to be commercialised so you see why he has done this. Prediction: Machida wins by KO and rousey wins via armbar.

    • Zack says:

      Machida wins by KO? Have you ever seen Hendo fight? That dude has a chin made of concrete, he has never been ko’d in his career. If anyone gets ko’d in that fight it’s Machida (though I think it’s unlikely because he moves too well, but you never know). I agree that Rousey wins by armbar though.

  15. Sounds like jealousy says:

    This woman deserves to fight in the UFC. She could take any of you. Before you leave a comment edit your grammer. It just makes you look even more ignorant. As far as this trainer having a say…this is why he is a trainer, he couldn’t do a round with her without her snapping his arm off. Good luck Rousy you will make a great Champion!

    • Sounds like jealousy says:

      Sorry, Rousey!

    • Check yourself says:

      It’s grammar not grammer

    • sounds like your a dumbshit says:

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      • Alfan says:

        Id rahter see sbdeoomy move around and dodge punches while at the same time still striking and looking for the KO .. rather then rampage and couture hug sbdeoomy on the cage to win a god lucky decision. Not sure how hugging sbdeoomy on the cage after taking a beating in the stand up wins you a fight since hugging isnt what scores..striking is. rampage and shogun both lost to lyoto sorry. You guys just seem like machida haters in my opinion. I defend real talent like machida, fuck yall.

    • Just scrap! says:

      You’re full of it. Rousey would beat most women and some untrained men. A lot of us have a military background and/or grappling/MMA training. She’d beat fat slobs or skinny midgets, but she wouldn’t beat a fit male with training.

      If she is so badass, have her fight men in Asia. Oh, she would get her clock cleaned.

    • yeahrightman says:

      “grammar” – lol. Makes who look ignorant? You can’t even spell. Would you watch the WNBA? No. So why watch WMMA? It’s totally irrelevant.

  16. Sasquatch says:

    It’s too bad Machida and Hendo are stuck on that card because their share of the PPV sales are going pathetic seeing how this card is going to have the least amount of PPV’s purchased in UFC history.

  17. Dick Diaz says:

    Darkman you really getting excited for this woman fight because it’s a title fight? You’re a joke and everyone on here defending woman’s mma is too. There’s a reason theres no womans nfl, fighting isn’t the place for girls either. I Damn sure won’t be buying this ppv

  18. Thesire says:

    Watched wmmA on strikeforce and invicta, don’t mind it but its obviously not at the same level of men’s mma. Nothing against wmma but after watching a lot of fights, not too interested. Rousey is obviously marketable but when she armbars carmouche there isn’t anybody else, it’s not very big. If you think it is then explain the low number or wmma matches on steikeforce and invicta??

  19. GetRidOfLayNPrayFightersForever says:

    i am guessing the men on here hating on the women’s mma have never watch any of the free invicta fighting championship, prob never watched any strikeforce or bellator, u guys are missing out ive seen more blood from womens mma then i have ever seen from mens, not to mention straight mutilated faces @@ those women fighters go ham and quite entertaining to watch, i am looking forward to seeing rhonda earn that ufc strap in round one.

  20. sounds like your a dumbshit says:

    she probally has a bigger dick than “Sounds like jealousy” this is a joke she is a whore who can take a dana dick thats why she is fighting fertita brothers probally banged her mouth why dana did her ass

  21. Andy says:

    Rousey should be headlining this PPV. I love the Hendo-Machida fight but it is not for the title. I’ve been to several fight cards and the Rousey-Tate fight in Columbus was the most electric environment during a fight I’ve seen. These women are very skilled and exciting. Take your chauvinistic takes out of here and go a round in your local gym with one of the top ladies and try not to be embarrassed. If she can go to the TUF house and teach them new techniques, then she is certainly credible. At the end of the day, it’s not only a title fight but also we are witnessing history. So if some of you hate this, don’t buy it or go to a bar to watch it. Me personally, I’m gonna enjoy the hell out of watching Rousey show why she’s one of the biggest MMA stars out there.

  22. rick james says:

    Why not make Hendo/Machida the headline? That way both the Hendo’s and Rousey fights are 5 rounders since Rousey fight is for the title.

    There is nothing that states a title fight has to be the headline fight…

  23. Man of tradirtion says:

    I 100% Agree with this Post. But we all have to understand. its a Title fight, hence why its a main event. “But” saying that now perhaps hendo and machida should of been better on a completely different card altogether. Though i am not a fan of WMMA, i find it seriously boring. i do express interest in women who have learnt martial arts. Do i think Dana has a slight infatuation with rousey. . . . . .I think so lol. but with zuffa destroying their competition (pride, strikeforce) buy buying them out then closing them down, where were their fighter gonna go. especially the female fighters. Dana i suppose only brought the wmma in to save that market to gain more money not for the love of the sport. we all know how much Dane love buisness.

  24. Not nick diaz says:


  25. Nunya says:

    No disrespect to Rousey but even though her fight is a title shot. Like Hendo said, you have to pay your dues. Maybe Dana is missed that Hendo wrecked an event but this makes no sense. Rousey is not a bigger draw than Hendo or Machida. So money wise that doesn’t make sense. In the pecking order this doesn’t make sense ( either does Jones vs Sonnen, but that’s all about money) woman’s mma has a long way to go. Let alone headline an event.

  26. Skander says:

    I think it’s very disrespectful,just sayin’ but seems to me that Dana is having some beef with Hendo (the whole knee thing and UFC 151..), or maybe he’s trying to bust his balls a little bit … but who am I anyways?

  27. WhoIsHendo says:

    No idea what this former strikeforce dude was trying to say, maybe he hasn’t gotten over his loss to Shields there. If he makes it to the actual fight this time, will likely get KO’s by a rejuvenated Machida. The ass kicking Machida got from Jones seemed to give him a new spark. It going to be really funny after fight and submission of night goes to Rousey, while win bonus and knock out of the night goes to Machida. Then he won’t have anything left to pay his camp for there articulate mumbo jumbo crappage.

  28. hendoooo says:

    my main concern is the fight not going 5 rounds, maybe it wont last that long but I would love to believe it could.

  29. I will be buying this says:

    Definantly going to buy this PPV, support the UFC and womans MMA, fighting is fighting, can’t get enough

  30. confucius says:

    i agree with pedro on this one. pretty ballsy putting the entire weight of womens MMA on one fighter. a pretty face whos marketable and has a fantastic one trick pony MMA arsenal. Seems to make sense right? what will dana do once she loses a fight? diminish the entire womens MMA in the UFC? there sure as shit isnt enough talent deep enough to keep womens divisions in the UFC let alone one shitty weight class. Sure technically its a title fight and blah blah its 5 rounds but have we seen rousey go past one minute yet? Shoulda put them on another card and let hendo and machida go 5

    • Deni says:

      He came in, beat Bonnar, beat Franklin, beat Penn(umm hello), Ortiz, Silva, Evans and Rua he went 16-0 Ill even say 15-0 since we all know he didnt really beat Shogun the first time. But to go 15-0 and take out guys like Franklin, Ortiz, Silva, Evans and Penn that is not over rated by any stcterh of the imagination. I think you need to look up the meaning of Over-Rated. If you want someone who is over rated look towards a guy like Tyson Griffen or Frank Edgar.

  31. confucius says:

    somebody else made a good point. all about the money/business dana is. Lets remember he entered into this thing back in the day as a business man…NOT a martial artists. Money comes first before any moral right & wrongs do nowadays

  32. Vassilis says:

    I like WMMA but I agree with Pugliese.

  33. Tim says:

    Lets compare resumes: Wins over Fedor, Big Nog, Shogun, Wandi, Ninja Rua, Gilbert Yvel, Babalu X2, Renzo, Belfort, Bisping, and Franklin > Win over Tate.

  34. b1gn7ck says:

    First ever womens UFC fight, it’s like a new weight class obviously gonna be a headliner and will attract more people to the sport. It’s a better decision for the market value and its a title fight if it was any other weight class having a title fight there would be no debate around it, just because it’s women and their not being taken seriously as fighters but I bet they train their asses off harder than anyone posting comments here. Rousey deserves respect and deserves the main event regardless of how long the fight lasts. Hendo is a future hall of famer, usually his name would be the headliner but if people wanna talk about paying dues, he was out of his main card slot against Jones due to injury and this fight is to put him back there but theres no belt on the line unlike the Rousey fight so by right she deserves the headliner and it’s something different like I said to attract more viewers and fans and help the sport to grow even more.

  35. Lupita says:

    shit,the moment ragapme lands a single strike people act like he won the round all a sudden. Same with shogun, nobody noticed a single strike machida landed, trust me, machida landed tons of strikes on shogun in that first fight people are blind. He counted 60-70% of those leg kicks with better strikes. retard

  36. Nashrie says:

    Ok but at the same time, you cant just come into the UFC and right away only fight top fighters. You gotta work your way up. So EVERYONE has to face nodboies. Aside from Brock Lesnar who has been catered since his debut. But for Machida to over rated, he would have beat the nodboies, then his first big fight, he would have gotten demolished. But no, he kept beating everyone they threw at him. Therefore, he is not over-rated.

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