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Tuesday, 02/21/2012, 04:40 pm

Tate Says Rousey Is Not A Real Fighter, Has Barely Even Thrown A Punch

“Ronda doesn’t have a lot of experience…She has a lot of bad habits that come from Judo that are going to be hard for her to break because they are instinctual, it’s called Muscle memory. She’s trained it that way so many times but it doesn’t work that well for MMA.

As a Mixed Martial Artist I’ve been trying to perfect this sport of Mixed Martial Arts six times as long as she has and I feel like when I get out there as a fighter and I turn this into a fight, not a Judo match because Ronda’s not a fighter she hasn’t fought a single fight yet. She’s gone out there, she’s judo thrown people and she’s arm barred them. She’s maybe thrown five punches in her whole entire fight career.

It’s going to be a game changer when she finally eats some leather this time and she’s not able to go out there and just throw me around like she has with the girls that she’s fought previously”

In probably the most memorable quote from today’s Strikeforce media conference call, female champion Miesha Tate questions the credentials of her upcoming opponent, Ronda Rousey.

What she says is mostly true, but it is hard to discredit Rousey’s dominance over everyone who has stood opposite her.

If you missed our audio release of today’s call just head on over to page 2 to give it a listen.


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9 Responses to “Tate Says Rousey Is Not A Real Fighter, Has Barely Even Thrown A Punch”

  1. ATT says:

    meisha should shut up already! she is annoying.

  2. stone cold says:

    she’s just jealous she’s more hot

  3. Miesha is pissed because she has to take this fight. She’s going to lose in 60 seconds or less, and in her eyes, that will tarnish her legitimacy as champion. She should instead take the high ground and avoid the mudslinging. Otherwise, she’s going to have a ton of crow to eat.

  4. the original steve says:

    i just read the title and nothing else. but i agree with miesha she just rushes you takes you down and puts an armbar on you. shes not faught anyone worth a shit. meisha is the first person that has a name that shes going to fight. if she beats miesha she’s legit. but until then she really isn’t a great fighter to me. just a semi attractive girl who is very good at judo

  5. K2 says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if Rousey rushed Tate, threw her down and took her arm off without even throwing a punch? What would that make Tate? Getting beat by some “non”fighter who didn’t even throw a punch…

  6. jpeters says:

    Tate is scared SHITLESS!!!! You can tell she didn’t want this fight from the start, or why be so defensive. And i totally agree that is ANNOYING AS FUCK!!! Even after her man’s last fight, he was COMPLETELY ignoring her afterwards while she was jumping around and following him. He acted like she wasn’t even there, LOL, it was hilarious.

  7. jonsey says:

    who is tates bf.?…i am much more annoyed with ronda..she stol her nickname and what tate is saying is right,,,really they are both shit there is just no good women in mma…gina would beat both them at 145..or if she could gqet dow to there weight,,i hope tate wins cuz ronda is getting full of her sekf and really has not fought shit….even cyborg the long champ did not fight shit ..the only name beat was gina…women mma is weak..i

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