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Thursday, 08/08/2013, 12:21 pm


Tate on Rousey: ‘She’s Too Crazy To Keep A Man’

“I just think Ronda’s so crazy, you guys will see when the show [TUF 18] comes out, that I assume she can’t keep a man around for any period of time so I would imagine she’s probably pretty jealous that both Bryan and I are successful fighting in the UFC and going on 7 years, so she can’t keep him out of her mouth.”

Miesha Tate is now sticking up for her man after months of verbal abuse delivered by Ronda Rousey.

To see Ronda’s latest comments about the man she calls ‘Mr. Tate’ CLICK HERE.


10 Comments to Tate on Rousey: ‘She’s Too Crazy To Keep A Man’

  1. Slutbag says:

    Can’t keep him out of her mouth! Ha!

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