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Thursday, 03/01/2012, 08:43 am

Tate on Rousey | “I don’t respect her at all”

“Not only am I not a fan, I cannot stand the girl. She is full of it. I think she runs her mouth way too much. She says things that just make her look absolutely ridiculous and I think she gives women’s MMA a bad name. I don’t think she’s good representation or a good role model for the sport, period. Not only do I not like her, but I don’t respect her at all.”

Miesha Tate recently appeared on radio and while on the show commented on her upcoming opponent Ronda Rousey” target=”_blank”>Ronda Rousey.

Ronda has gone on a very lengthy campaign of callouts and insults which will all conclude this weekend when the two female athletes face off in the Strikeforce Main Event.

Is it possible that Ronda has gotten under her skin?

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15 Responses to “Tate on Rousey | “I don’t respect her at all””

  1. chris says:

    If i cared, I’d be rooting for Tate. Thats a big if…

  2. Ruben says:


  3. Coffee409 says:

    What a crybaby….

  4. mikeo says:

    i care… war ROUSEY !!! LOL

  5. the original steve says:

    is it just me or are these girls failing miserable at trying to hype up this fight.

  6. Lesley says:

    The thing is, at most amateur fights the women are the main events. Rousey is a loud mouth trying to convince herself that she can win. Tate is focused and respectful. This is going to be the fight that hopefully finally puts womens mma on the map.

  7. Kieko says:

    Pedro…you fucked up the link on this story…check yourself before you wreck yourself. On another Note….I hate Rousey but I believe she’s going to win….She acts like one of those girls in high school that will say anything for attention.

  8. Dog chapman says:

    I dont respect womans mma boaring bruddah stick to cleaning ur houses kuz u all suck stop hyping this fight it sucks dick

    • 209 says:

      im sure they dont respect a fat virgin slob like you posting on internet forums either. at least for them they know they could kick the shit out of you. what do you got? fuck off tough guy

    • JC says:

      If you spell brother and it comes out like “bruddah” you are a fucking idiot. If you say a word with an accent, it doesnt change the spelling.

  9. G says:

    Trust me, Rousey will win.

  10. BobbyLemons says:

    My biggest problem with WMMA is that I’ve always felt women lacked the killer instinct that most men have. The few WMMA bouts I’ve witnessed rarely finish.

    This is why Rousey is the only female fighter I’m vaugely interested in. Every single fight finished in less than a minute? How can you not be intrigued?

  11. Sweet game plan says:

    This is becoming more hate then the Rampage -Rashad fight had before there fight…. Pressure is on.,can’t lose this one..

  12. ATT says:

    these women need to shut up

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