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  CES MMA is looking to make a big splash when they invade the Dunkin’…

9.12.12@11:40 AM
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  UFC President Dana White has been uncharacteristically quiet since the cancellation of UFC 151…

8.29.12@1:28 PM
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The ongoing string of WWE shots at the UFC seem to have no end in…

8.9.12@5:22 PM
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According to pro-wrestling blog The Wrestling Observer, former UFC champion Lesnar got into fisticuffs at…

8.6.12@4:46 PM
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Dave Batista is getting ready to make his long awaited mixed martial arts debut and…

7.30.12@6:20 AM
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When the UFC left SpikeTV they were set to explode in to every corner of…

7.23.12@6:26 AM
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Former WWE wrestler and actor Dave Batista is following in Brock Lesnar’s footsteps. He promised…

7.13.12@10:11 AM
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Al Snow is a well known professional wrestler and an active participant in the behind-the-scenes…

7.12.12@9:36 AM
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It appears the WWE has wasted no time in publicly reaching out to Chael Sonnen…

7.9.12@6:31 AM
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By Evan Stoumbelis Last night on Monday Night Raw, Brock Lesnar’s representative Paul Heyman gave…

5.8.12@2:07 PM
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By Chris Taylor: For the first time since March 2004, Brock Lesnar returned to the…

4.30.12@5:30 AM
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By Evan Stoumbelis After a life-threatening bout with diverticulitis, Brock Lesnar made his return to…

4.23.12@8:03 AM
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