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In this video we see arguably one of the most devastating Judo throws we’ve ever…

9.15.12@6:42 PM
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In this Muay Thai video, we see Prajanchai P.K.Saenchaimuaythaigym land a brutal elbow that reminds…

9.15.12@8:36 AM
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Everyone loves a good knockout, so enjoy this video of the top 10 most brutal…

9.8.12@8:57 AM
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Check out this video of a green belt performing the super rare flying omoplata. While…

9.7.12@8:38 AM
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If this isn’t the most amazing KO you’ve seen all day, we’re not quite sure…

8.24.12@5:37 PM
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In this GIF currently making its rounds on the internet, we see a young boy…

6.25.12@5:01 AM
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