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  “I really didn’t hit him that hard,” UFC welterweight contender John Hendricks said following…

11.18.12@10:13 AM
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  “I can’t sleep at night, man, I’m going crazy,” UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre…

11.18.12@10:12 AM
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  The UFC is heading back to Dallas, Texas for UFC 171.  The March 15…

11.18.12@8:42 AM
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“It’s a feeling,” Johny Hendricks said when asked why he thinks he’ll be the man…

11.13.12@12:18 PM
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“I told him, ‘After this one, it’s over!  Shine on that night.  Finish that dude…

11.12.12@12:21 PM
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“Johny has everyone backing up, and then if someone tries to get him to go…

11.12.12@12:16 PM
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