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Going into UFC 1, Rickson Gracie was widely accepted to be the man to represent…

6.23.12@10:09 AM
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UFC co-founder Art Davie recently spent some time speaking with MMAJunkie Radio going over a…

6.20.12@6:12 AM
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Kron Gracie, the youngest of Rickson Gracie’s four children is an undeniable Brazilian jiu-jitsu ace….

1.10.12@9:04 AM
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In this video UFC Commentator and comedian Joe Rogan and his good friend and BJJ…

12.13.12@8:22 AM
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Television personality and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, Ed O’Neill, spoke with’s Fist-Ta-Cuff Radio…

6.4.12@12:14 PM
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As stated in part one of this series(Can be viewed here), jiu jitsu black belt…

8.16.12@9:19 AM
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