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After the announcement of the postponement of UFC 176, chairman and CEO, Lorenzo Fertitta joins…

7.9.12@9:45 AM
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“It sucks looking back on it. I’ve watched that fight multiple times, and it pisses…

6.25.12@12:40 PM
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One of Jose Aldo’s most feared weapons is his low kicks. The UFC featherweight champion…

6.20.12@12:37 PM
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“Honestly, watching his last fights, I couldn’t see any sign of evolution. He basically bets…

6.20.12@6:33 AM
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UFC featherweight champion, Jose Aldo has his hands full in his upcoming rematch against Chad…

6.12.12@5:20 AM
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Last night Chad Mendes discussed his upcoming rematch against the champ, Jose Aldo. His words:…

6.12.12@5:16 AM
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