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Russian MMA fighter Magomed Malikov broke his leg throwing a leg kick, much similar to…

7.14.12@9:01 AM
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A Brazilian fighter suffered an Anderson Silva style leg break this past weekend. Check out…

7.7.12@2:25 PM
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When recalling some of the most gruesome injuries ever seen in MMA history, Former UFC…

3.17.12@6:09 PM
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If you don’t know what happened at UFC 168 then shame on you. Here’s a…

1.13.12@6:12 AM
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In 2007, we were treated to one of the greatest matches in UFC history - …

1.7.12@9:09 AM
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Anderson Silva (MMA 33-6, UFC 16-2) who broke his leg after Chris Weidman checked an…

1.2.12@8:48 AM
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