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Pop music icon, Justin Bieber gets his hands sharpened by the greatest, Floyd Maywether Jr.

10.17.12@11:59 AM
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Pop Music Sensation, Justin Bieber has just earned his 10th planet purple belt under Eddie…

9.5.12@9:45 AM
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“He threw a weak-ass punch! He can come to Vegas anytime to train with me….

7.31.12@6:14 PM
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“I don’ think there are many actors I’d punch in the face, but I’d definitely…

5.17.12@12:37 PM
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It’s a throwback, but this video once deleted, has recently resurfaced. Featuring Mike Tyson tutoring…

5.6.12@3:16 PM
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Earlier today I was browsing CNN and noticed a Justin Bieber headline in my feed,…

1.23.12@8:25 PM
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