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UFC 182 headliner, Daniel Cormier is prepping for his upcoming title fight against the current…

8.26.12@1:16 PM
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After a physical street-fight in the MGM Grand Lobby, no one should doubt the authenticity…

8.20.12@4:12 PM
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A disappointed Daniel Cormier reacts to the news that his UFC 178 bout with Jon…

8.14.12@8:18 AM
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Jonny “Bones” Jones talks about training for his matches, how important self belief is and…

8.14.12@8:17 AM
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Earlier this week fight fans were let down with news that Jon Jones vs. Daniel…

8.13.12@5:09 PM
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“The whole story behind me and him is just so silly. I met him, and…

11.12.12@7:19 AM
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