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  UFC President Dana White has been uncharacteristically quiet since the cancellation of UFC 151…

8.29.12@1:28 PM
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Gold medalist Rulon Gardner talks about why he turned down a fight against Fedor Emelianenko,…

8.24.12@1:42 AM
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By Jamie McAllister Inside MMA correspondent Ron Kruck spoke with the legendary Fedor Emelianenko after…

7.2.12@2:59 AM
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VIDEO | An Inside Look At The Training Of Fedor | MMA NEWS Quick Video…

6.12.12@9:49 AM
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By Jamie McAllister There’s been plenty talk from fans and media alike about the future…

6.6.12@7:26 AM
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By Jamie McAllister Frank Trigg comments on Fedor Speaking English to Rebellion MMA Radio. “A…

5.8.12@2:07 PM
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By: Chris Taylor: Yesterday, UFC president Dana White confirmed that the organization was targeting an…

5.8.12@6:16 AM
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By Jamie McAllister Pedro Rizzo comments in an interview with TATAME. Rizzo claims currently has…

4.30.12@1:29 PM
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“I would not say that I have any real advantage over Fedor. The man is…

12.23.12@5:00 AM
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