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Another episode of Mastering The System” from BJJ expert Eddie Bravo. It features Cole Miller,…

9.24.12@9:31 AM
Full Story » friend Eddie Bravo’s “MASTERING THE SYSTEM” episode 43 (feat. BJ PENN & VINNY MAGALHAES)….

8.26.12@7:40 PM
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Combat Grappling is making a surge. It is a combination of striking and grappling disciplines…

8.8.12@6:21 AM
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An uncensored Eddie Bravo responds to Royler Gracie’s rematch challenge, Joe Rogan getting his black…

8.1.12@6:36 PM
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  Eddie Bravo’s on again, off again attempts at a jiu jitsu¬†rematch with Royler Gracie…

7.31.12@7:30 PM
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By Jamie McAllister UFC commentator Joe Rogan has been awarded his 10th Planet Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu…

6.27.12@3:41 AM
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Second Degree Black Belt and jiu-jitsu ace Eddie Bravo analyzes Alan Belcher’s unexpected attempts at…

5.8.12@6:21 AM
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